Remittance Services From Saudi Arabia to EasyPaisa and Banks Introduced

sa_enXpress Money has launched two services for its Pakistani customers in Saudi Arabia:

  • Direct to Mobile Account
  • Direct to Bank Account

Xpress Money has tied up with Telenor Pakistan for the “Direct to Mobile Account” service, while its “Direct to Bank Account” service will be available through 17 leading banks in Pakistan.

All Telenor mobile account number holders can avail the “Direct to Mobile Account” service. New customers who wish to remit money using their mobiles can sign up with Telenor to obtain their personal mobile account numbers.

During remittance, senders in the Kingdom will be provided with a unique Xpress Personal Identification Number (XPIN) that they need to share with the beneficiary in Pakistan. Beneficiaries can withdraw funds from more than 12,500 agent network locations of Easypaisa/Telenor franchise or Tameer Bank branches on providing his/her original XPIN Number and Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).

The “Direct to Bank Account” option takes the convenience level one step further and eliminates the need for a recipient in Pakistan to visit an agent location to collect the money. Using this service allows funds to be transferred into the beneficiary’s bank account and withdrawn from an ATM or used at a shopping outlet. This service extends over a network of 17 banks in Pakistan including MCB Bank, MY Bank, Tameer Bank, and Summit Bank.

Funds transferred using either service take about 12-24 hours to be credited into the recipients’ account. Once the amount is credited, the sender in Saudi Arabia receives an SMS confirmation.

How to Send Money

  • Visit any Xpress Money send agent
  • Fill out a send money form
  • Make sure that the beneficiary’s name is spelt correctly
  • Hand over amount to be transferred and transfer charges
  • Give the beneficiary the unique 16 digit XPIN number

How to Receive Money

  • Visit the Easypaisa agent
  • Hand over official photo ID 
  • Present 16 digit XPIN number
  • Money will be paid out

Note: If funds are transferred to your bank account, then you can get them in your account, conveniently.

You can locate Xpress Money agents in your country by clicking this link:

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