SAP to Arm Pakistani SMEs with Real-Time Analytics

sap_logoSAP AG has announced two new offerings that will deliver the benefits of the SAP HANA™ platform to small businesses and midsize enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan.

With analytics powered by SAP HANA for the SAP® Business One application and SAP HANA, Edge edition, SMEs will be able to leverage powerful in-memory technology from SAP.

By helping organizations act on information as it happens, SAP HANA revolutionizes decision-making, dramatically increasing the speed of existing processes and accessing large amounts of data in shorter periods of time.


“Analytics powered by SAP HANA for SAP Business One will offer customers the flexibility to create interactive reports and run ad-hoc analysis faster than before,” said Mr. Hassan Jamal, Country Liaison Manager, SAP Pakistan. “Another major advantage is the access to relevant information in seconds with freestyle search, with the ability to navigate through various business objects from SAP Business One without having to move from screen to screen due to it all being included in the current cockpit. We expect that customers will benefit from tremendously improved productivity.”

Further on, Hassan stated, “SMEs in Pakistan can make use of localized data which will be available to them at all times. Recent trends in comparison to past trends can greatly aid SMEs to plan their strategies accordingly and make the necessary budgetary decisions.” Emphasizing on the importance of SAP HANA’s implementation in the market, he said, “Pakistan is a developing market where SMEs are playing a pivotal role in its economic development. Hence, it is imperative for them to organize their business operations and digitalize them for better efficiency and productivity.”

For a quick and predictable implementation of SAP HANA, customers and partners can use SAP® Rapid Deployment solutions, including the SAP® ERP rapid-deployment solution for operational reporting with SAP HANA. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions delivered by SAP partners include preconfigured software, partner implementation services and end-user enablement resulting in fast time to value with easy-to-deploy and integrated solutions.

Another offering is SAP® CO-PA Accelerator software, which allows significantly faster processing of complex allocations and essentially instantaneous ad hoc profitability queries. It belongs to accelerator-type usage scenarios in which SAP HANA becomes a secondary database for SAP products such as the SAP® ERP application.

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