wi-tribe Introduces 3 New Packages

wi-tribe has announced three new packages, specifically tailored for students, parents and small to medium sized businesses.

Check below tariff for details:


Terms for Student and Family Package:

  • Student package: Add-ons and services available: Upsize GBs, Parental Control and Anti-virus.
  • Family package: Add-ons and services available: Upsize GBs, Happy Days, Parental Control and Anti-virus.
  • Desktop modem available at activation charges of Rs.1,000, for instant connectivity to the wireless broadband world.
  • Wi-Fi modem available at activation charges of Rs.1,500, enabling greater convenience for connecting all wireless devices in your home or office.
  • 2Mbps endless package comes with  activation charges of Rs.2500, for both desktop and Wi-Fi modems
  • Pocket Modem is available on 512Kbps, 1Mbps and Family package at an activation price of Rs.1500, for complete broadband freedom on-the-go. Not available on the Student package.
  • Upon purchase of any device, you will be required to make an advance payment of refundable security deposit equal to your monthly charge, along with activation charges
  • Excess usage will be charged at Rs. 0.10 per MB
  • For returned Desktop and Wi-Fi modems, Rs. 250 will be charged for missing adapters
  • Data limit for Student Package: 34GB
  • Data limit for Family Package: 40 GB

Terms for Business Package:

  • Add-ons and services available: Upsize GBs, Parental Control and Anti-virus.
  • Business hours: 9 a.m. to  6 p.m.
  • Valid through Monday to Sunday
  • Desktop modem: With activation charges of Rs.1,000, the desktop modem allows for instant connectivity to the wireless broadband world.
  • Wi-Fi Modem: With activation charges of Rs.1500, the Wi-Fi Modem provides greater convenience for connecting all wireless devices in your home or office.
  • Wi-Fi router comes with one-time activation charges of Rs.1500
  • Initial refundable deposit is equal to the monthly charge, along with activation to be paid in advance
  • Data limit: 50 GB

    • moreover it should less than Rs. 949/- of ptcl broadband.

      after then they will get the pure attention of the market.

      • dude r u forgetting the Rs. 280 telephone line rent? so 949+280=1249…i think wi-tribe’s student pkg is pretty decently priced – looks like they’re turning up the heat on the competition

          • to tell u the truth…i personally think realistically 34-40-50GB etc is enough download limit if u’re a home user…but if u’re a movie/song wala CD maker/shopkeeper then u shud go for PTCL 8-10Mbps Unlimited (300GB Cap)…statistically speaking i believe the 80-20 rule applies here –

  • Again with the stupid offers. Wi-tribe is only used by shops or older people with no apparent net use. If they wish to gain any momentum best idea 2mb unlimited for Rs.2000(no more).

  • Saddam – maybe a relevant comment would have been useful. Zong is a GSM operator and offers products that are not comparable with broadband services. If you think Edge services from any GSM can compare with broadband provider services, then buddy, stop using dial-up and get yourself a starting 256 speed connection.

    For years ppl have been asking for student packages and here it is. Folks need to complain less and pick a product that suits them. That is, even though it’s always easier for us to just criticize without really thinking about the feedback we could give to help operators consider public input.

  • to tell you truth these package sucks big time data limits and in this price and we need to give feedback to them that they better change price to get more customer nobody like me who uses wateen will go on wi tribe for such packages

    • haah Ali i’ve used wateen n they’re the worst – with their hidden charges n all – phelay Rs. 1500 de k device lo phir every month 99 more du coz its a rental…wat BS!!

  • kya jahalat ki intha hai bhai, student package ki timing tu daikhay koi, raat 12 se subha 6 tak ager student net use karyga tu class main sota rahayga kya? it should be from 6pm to 12am

  • Bogus! It seems Witribe has no more option left except being in the headlines by offering similar useless packages that are of no use for the masses. They should concentrate more on improving their bandwith so that they can offer some appropriate data limit to its users. They are doing business only due to people who either do not have other networks available or do no know about them.

  • student package useless at all

    students use internet only from 6pm to 12am while which is out of package and students don’t need unlimmited package

  • If any of the above package suits you, and you want to go for it, contact on the following direct number for Karachi only.

  • I Think Wateen z batter than wi.tribe, wi..sucks da time nd AlsO rates…i HatE WI.TribE ..Itz jst wana 2 improve her statis in markEt ..bull shit

  • the student pakage must be unlimited bcause student have todo much thing and one thind more the bill should be around 750 because most of student pay thier bill from therer pocket money that,s y

  • one thing more the signals of witribe internet is rubbish if you take 1 mb pakage the speed would be 512kbps the witribe internet is like a……………….

    IS A DAM SUCK……………………

  • assalamu alaikum janab m ne apna pekig 512 se 1 mb karwa liya he par koee improvmint nahi he vidios wese hi bufring kar rahi he.m pehle wateen use kar raha tha 512 par us m videos bufring nahi hoti thi ab ap batayen m kiya karon.

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