Wateen Bags Consumer Choice Award

Wateen Telecom has been awarded the Consumer Choice Award for Best Internet Service Provider.

The award was presented at 7th Annual Consumer Choice Awards, held in Karachi and attended by representatives of the country’s leading national and multinational brands. In total, around 85 awards were presented in various categories, ranging from financial services to FMCG to telecommunications.

The award was presented by Mr. Raza Haroon, provincial minister for Information Technology, along with Mr. Nisar Khoro, speaker of the Sindh assembly, to Mr. Jalil Ahmed Farooqi, Wateen’s head of consumer for the southern region.

The Consumer Choice Award is especially rewarding as the winners are selected by a wide cross-section of Pakistani consumers, who are comprehensively polled in objective surveys carried out through the Consumer Association of Pakistan’s websites.

Wateen beat other internet service providers after being selected by Pakistani consumers as the country’s leading ISP for its reliable internet services and committed customer care.

Over the past year, Wateen has taken several steps to help improve service levels and optimise the network’s efficiency, including the relocation of over 200 sites. The company also introduced multiple payment methods for customer ease, including online e-banking, EasyPaisa, as well as NADRA e-Sahulat Centers. The company has also worked closely with international vendors to improve customers’ browsing experience by installing caching revolutionary solutions on the network.

The company has also seen great support from its principals at the Abu Dhabi Group, which has continued to show great confidence in Wateen and its new management and has provided cash support of over US$57 million in the last 12 months. Despite the recent fire that engulfed Wateen’s headquarters, the company has successfully ensured that customers did not suffer any loss of quality in their services.

Commenting on the award, Wateen CEO Mr Naeem Zamindar said, “To be selected by Pakistani consumers as their choice of preferred and most reliable internet service providing company is an honour and a testament to the improvements brought in to the network over the last year.”

  • nice.. congratulations to wateen but it should be kept in mind that coming as top does not mean one has no issues, there are still many areas where wateen needs to focus and improve.

  • This award is one that you pay money and give add and you get award. The entire award ceremony is a profit making exercise.

  • JAF is the real difference in this success, he truly has led the team from the front…keep up the good work…

  • Consumer Choice Award is a Fake Award,Kaukab Iqbal a professional Cheater,He selling Award for money, who ever give him money he will present him Award, He sold Award to PIA for 10 Lacs ,every body knows every body waching pakistan media about PIA, He bail out Air blue who still in the case of passengers killing in crash ,he has no criteria other then fooling Pakistani Consumers.Since long time this person is looting on the name of consumers, even now he brought his daughter in this field for train loot and plunder, Government should investigate this cheater. People can visit his consumer choice page where only 4 votes shown by servy and these four votes are also from koukab party.People knows that wateen was out of business due to its poor performence and failur of their system of internet ,their devices are still useless in the many homes of pakistani consumers,

  • Yes in the same programe I witnesed people were protesting For some Awards like PIA,Wateen,Air Blue . Even Raza Haroon IT Minister have reservations about Criterea of Selection He said in his speach that what criteria Mr Kaukab Have described, Every body can get this Award. Actualy these Awards are Kaukab’s Anualy bussiness for few crores of Rupees.
    So business is business and he has only this business for his roti rozi ,Every Award sold from Rupees two to ten lacs of rupess. a pure highly profitable business with some big partners ,so Hundred Awards have approx five crores without tax.


    • I am curious, could you please elaborate which ISP you and your brother is using which isn’t sh!t?

      • @anonymous i am using link dsl for 3 years works well, i dont hv any issues i run my online business plus gaming almost everyday (4 to 5 hours just for gaming) no restrictions download+upload and heck the connection is on wifi no lags nothing during gaming even at 54.0 mbps on the PS3. But it is upto the user which service they want to use. Even linkdsl has its issues with network outage and once,twice a month or so but tht is the norm with all ISP’S these days.

  • Consumer choice Award is total fraud, Kaukab Iqbal doing this business since 7 last years with the help of some partner businessmen for loot and plunder. Every year he earns Rs. 5 cror or more by these awards. He done this on the name of poor consumers but he not invite the poor consumers in these programs but to big businessmen who give him money. He is fat heavy man difficult to stand one place more then half an hour and live in A.C ,how can he spent time for consumers.He pay to some journalist money to arrange program tv shows for him and who do this he gave them Award. He wants to show that he is only one consumer champion in Pakistan. Since long time he is looting millions of money on the name of Consumers. I have Purchase NET usb FROM WATEEN THEN i SUFFER BUT THEY NOT HELP ME THEN THEY STOPED AND NOW THIS USB DRIVE IS DUMP ,and I lost my money. Wateen Services are worst but Kaukab Party Awarded him consumer choice Award for only few lacs of Rupees. Alos

  • I am a satisfied customer of Wateen. I am using Wateen since they launched in Pakistan (I got their account in the first week they launched).

    I won’t say that their service was always perfect. There have been ups and downs in their services. But since early 2011 their service has been great and uptime almost closer to 99%. They still have their quirks but that will fall into 1% downtime. Compared to other wired or wireless ISPs in Pakistan. I would say Wateen is pretty much above average and definitely in top 3 slot. Wateen from day 1 focus more on their telephony, which is a total waste. Instead they should focus on internet and just drop the telephony services or split it from internet.

    As for the questionable “Consumer Choice Awards” goes, I didn’t heard that they did any kind of poll of the whole Pakistan for the opinions of consumers of Pakistan and published their poll results. At least, put a website poll (audited by a third-party credible auditor) and publish multiple ads in newspaper and TV, informing consumers to cast their vote in their website’s poll. After that, auditors should publish the results of poll and then they can give “Consumer Choice Award”. It’s 2012, not 1970s to fool general public.

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