3G License Auction Delayed Till May if Not June 2012

3G in PakistanIt appears that our earlier reports of delay in 3G auction were substantial.

It is now officially recognized that auction isn’t possible before May 2012 that too if government relaxes Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules to treat this auction as a special case, i.e. to get Rs. 75 billion revenue as soon as possible.

During a senate standing committee for on Cabinet Secretariat in Islamabad, chaired by Senator Shahid Hassan Bugti, it was told that auction of 3G licensing might be delayed till June 2012 if the government does not relax Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rule for the auction.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman Dr. Muhammad Yaseen told the committee that 3G is need of the hour and we have requested the government to wave off PPRA rule for quick transaction of the 3G licensing.

“If the government approved wave off, then it is possible to hold bidding in May 2012 and in case of not granting the facility, then the PTA will try to hold the bidding in mid-June 2012. The government needs to hire consultant for the auction of 3G licensing”, Mr. Yaseen was quoted as saying.

He informed the committee that regulator would monitor the market to ensure that existing players do not form a cartel to bring down the base price of the license and assured the members that the government has been constantly in touch with the best known internationally recognized consultant to get maximum base price for 3G licensing.

PTA is likely publish new finalized schedule for 3G auction in a day or two. We will of course keep you posted with any updates regarding this.

  • Shaheryar

    kbi nai ayega bhaiooo’n….
    intezar me mat rehna ap log….

  • bad news

  • Azi

    HAHAHA, wait more guys…. “sabar ka phal metha hota ha”

  • Imi

    As expected from zardari

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  • Farhan

    abey yaar ajeeb harkaat hai !! =S

  • Actually 3g tech has arrived.. so that’s good :D
    but only the auction for the licenses have been delayed. That doesn’t mean we won’t be getting 3g soon.

  • Kamran Khan Mohmand

    We cant wait any more.

  • Hassan

    actually every network is already upgraded to 3g. ufonw has already launches its test services in ufone office Islamabad!!! companies are only waiting for gov. but N-league is fucking the whole procedure as that want there profit to in auction!! 3g auction in every country is corrupted, its not matter whether it is gov or opposition everybody wants its share!!

  • Abdul Rauf

    kab Zardari hatega kab taraqqi hogi, aik hi tou industry bachi hai us may bhi wahi dramey… ALLAH reham karey hamarey mulk aur businesses per.

  • waqasjutt

    government de laarey vayaey v kanwaare

  • Askani

    Shoooooooooooooooooooot all these politicians….

  • Muhammad Anas

    Be Patient all of You. As patience always gives you good results.

    However, to be truthful, it seems as we have to wait for the Next Govt (Probably Imran Khan`s PTI) to have 3G in Pakistan.

    These corrupts from PPP and PML-N won`t let you have 3G until they have taken their share.

  • Sana Karamat

    Ya to ajeeb ha, kam sa kam Edge he ke Speed ko bahtar kar do Mobilink. Poooorest speed really

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    Nothing new. Definitely nothing new. Absolutely expected. Damn right straight.

  • Shafiq

    Wait for world to move on to 5G and then we may get 3G

  • Salman Abbas

    Great. I wish its even more delayed until Imran Khan takes charge. Zardari is gonna transfer all that money to bank accounts of his own and jialas.

  • Mazher

    Ppp murdabad

  • Mazher

    Zardari ne pakistan ko tabah kar k rak dia ha ham kab tak wiat karenge

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    There were only two sensible people at PTA and now both have joined mobile operators … now PTA is set to be doomed …

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    geay bhutto. Pakistan khappy khappy khappy.

  • Ahmed Z

    We love to buy junk , as it is cheaper . Least 3G systems are not available at ” Sher Shah ” , our decision makers won’t go for granting licences.

  • Imran kundi

    Attention broth.jab zardari aur uske chelon ka naam rahega,tab tak pakistan khaak tareeki kareega.zardari ka pet nahi bahr raha he.ab ppra ko chahaye is auction ko rok de.aur is hakomat ke jane ke bad kare.kaash koi musharaf jaisa band ajaye dande wala.teri yaad ayegi tere jaane ke baad.w.salam