Warid Offers Unlimited Mobile Internet

waridWarid has announced new GPRS/EDGE packages for its prepaid customers, including unlimited bucket with daily subscription. Keep reading to know more details.

There are two internet buckets that Warid is offering:

Unlimited Bucket:

Unlimited Bucket, which is capped at 50 MBs per day. Meaning that 50×30 = 1500 MB a month, a fair deal I would say.


  • SMS “Daily” to 7777 to activate 50 MB bucket
  • Daily activation is required
  • Validity expires at 12am daily


  • Rs. 12 per day  – No tax to be deducted for GPRS Usage
With Rs. 12 per day, this unlimited bucket gonna cost a customer Rs. 360 per month. Which is best deal for Mobile Internet for unlimited data speed.

Terms & Conditions: 

  • This Bucket is for all Warid prepaid packages
  • Limited time offer

2 MB Bucket:

  • 2 MB, i.e. 2 MB of data per day.
  • For activation SMS 2MB to 7777
  • Charges: Rs. 2.99 per day
  • Terms are same as for unlimited bucket

  • Not a nice offer but at least all operator are in, for offering GPRS/EDGE packages

      • Ever checked out Zong’s internet packages?

        And why is the author claiming it’s the best deal for mobile internet? There are better ones by other networks.

        Rs.360/Month for 1.5 GB sucks imo + it will cost you around Rs.500 with Zardari tax.

      • Zong offers 2 gb for a month for Rs.200+tax (Rs.286 approx).

        and btw,”With Rs. 12 per day, this unlimited bucket gonna cost a customer Rs. 360 per month. Which is best deal for Mobile Internet for unlimited data speed.” this needs to be revised “there is no such unlimited data SPEED”

        • Lolzz…Zong’s charges of Rs. 200/month for 2GB is including all taxes, i am subscribing to Zong Internet since 2.5 years now, they are providing it for 200 rs thats it, don’t have to worry about taxes anymore.

          • How’s the speed, I don’t know about your location but in Hyderabad both rural and urban areas speed of zong is pathetic.

        • hey are zong does not charge any tax on 2gb package. Exact 200 rupees will be the deduction when you ‘ll activate not 286 rupees . Thanks.

      • @admin
        you sounds like a company’s representative. don’t you?
        c’mon man, don’t you see ufone new 4gb package or even zong 2gb package?

        • I agree with Admin..

          The difference between ZOng and Warid is…. Warid package is daily base ..If you use internet for 10 days of whole month,than why pay for whole month?

          120 for 10 days,and zong have 200 for 10 or 30 days :)

        • Sory, Mr Imran, here all customers are happy. Either they are happy with zong or happy with warid package.

          Be positive, especially when you pointing the whole country,even your own country..


      • bhai admin u “just curious, how can they get it nicer for you
        than this?”
        simple all operator give us “* =fair usage ” but where is fair price?
        Wasay mujhay zong zaida pasand hay kam say kam zong walay yeh to nahi boltay umlimited internet package or us per volume laga diya
        They say 2GB for 200/m, 4GB for 400/m, (i think yeh package khatam kar diya hay) unlimited for 999/m
        i personally use zong 2GB package

  • Gud but for those who download ringtones or walpapers, my dialy mobile download limit is 300 to 400mb, so 4 me its useless

  • what about speed some one tested? if warid give better speed than I will go for warid and yasir what is bad in this package you can’t see differens between 2mb in Rs 3 and 50 mb in Rs 12

  • es m unlimited wali kon c baat hay? 50mb limit he tu hay !!

    aur ufone 99 paisa m real unlimited de raha hay 4gb for 14hrs.

  • Crap package..only 50mb..it should b unlimited like mobilink..or they should give 500mb pr day..zong and mobilink r still strong in giving Gprs packages..Mobilink is better c0z they r giving unlimited in 10rs n warid is giving in 12rs n only 50mb, which can b consumed in no time on downloading nfs shift for android :)

  • Warid is coming up with evolved EDGE in 2 months which 4X faster than standard EDGE very near to 3G even video call and mobile is not a problem in evolved EDGE. Warid’s data is best in the market. Just one request to those who r comparing Zong with Warid is like comparing donkey with Arabian Horse.

    • And are there any extra hand set requirements, other than edge, for this “evolved EDGE”????

    • waqas tum ne yahi bat ak or jaga pe b ki ti magar March ka btaya ta, its march now, u luk lier

    • hi, waqas kya ap bta skty hu ky main warid ya jaz sy kis trha apny laptop py net chala skti hu plz

  • I don’t know why do people demand for UNLIMITED data plans for their daily use. 50MB is enough to download some audio songs, videos or surfing the web for whole day.

    I appreciate Warid, they are giving what people are asking. Such offers will help them to gain customers! :)

    • Mama bohta syana na bn tano net da pata v a k nahi. UC browser ker tay jiniya marzi filma download ker. her film approximately 150 MB di hondi a.

  • i m using zong internet and it is best because of data in less price per month and good speed. . ie 2gb for 200 rupees . . no extra charges . . in browsing i haven’t experienced any lag . .it loads pages with picture quite fast throug out the day . . and downloading speed varies according to time . . in peak time i gets 3-6 kbps otherwise i gets 12 – 18 normally and sometimes even 20 . .
    i don’t know warid speed so can’t compare it with zong but data volume offered for price is best in zong. . i m satisfy with it and i m using it in mardan . . the speed might be better in big cities

  • This package is great, but i am not agreed with your logic where you are counting it as 1500mb per month, it’s 50mb/month, because 1500mb/month might be enough, but 50mb/day can’t be enough for most users, one day you can’t use even 20mb but next day you may need 100mb, so package should be given as 1.5gb/month, just like zong is providing, no worry about limits on daily basis, person who use mobile for surfing on daily basis can pay this amount for entire month like 1.5gb/month, but will not subscribe to 50mb/day on same amount.

  • Totally Agreed with Rizwan! Be Realistic guys! How can you consume 400-500 MB a day using GPRS/EDGE.

    I like doing Math and here I did some for those who claim their daily limit is 300-400 MB.

    Let`s suppose:

    Average Speed (Through out the day) = 7 KB/s

    Time You will spend using Internet: 12/24 Hours i.e half the day.


    In 1 Hour you will consume 25200 KB or 24.60 MB

    In 12 Hours:
    25200*12 = 302400 KB: OR 24.60*12 = 295.2 MB

    So the Maximum you can Download in this case is 295 MB.

    My highest limit for download cant ever cross 150 MB although I spent almost the full day on it.

    Finally Its a fair deal by Warid and manual activation method is also good. As you guys all know that Moblink charged its customers at the end of day and if they dont have balance charging attempt is made after 96 hours. As a result many of you know people who are using Jazz Internet without any balance for long time.

    • average apeed on edge is 20 to 25kbps. please correct your calculations accordingly.

  • Good initiative by warid this package would have been great if they increased the limit to 100 mb cz my iphone sucks data 50mb is consumed in no time.

  • lolz @ all who craving for this so called unlimited pkg..

    I am using ufone from 5 months (free trick) and even i get speed of 20 to 32 kbps around the clock.

    And i even downloaded Mission impossible dvd pack (2.5 g) from symtorrent in 50hrs max.

    And i consume around 300mb daily and without any lag.

    So admin you should stop advertising warid..ehe

  • im using mobilink free net 1 year ago on my bb curve 8900 on laptop via bluetooth raat 2 k baad 22kb speed milti hai normaly pichle 7 roz se problem kraha hai i thing 3G kelye network upgrade krahe hain or mene ufone zong ka net bh use kia hai par mobilink best hai 2nd ufone ki browsing bhor smooth hai zong bh thik hai par mobile kelye pc par speed nahi aati…

  • WoW there is more just seen, Amazing really… http://wap.glow.net.pk/tariff/surf-twilight.php

    [email protected]
    Twilight GPRS package aims at giving Prepaid customers the facility to use unlimited* GPRS
    from 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. (One day validity)

    SMS Twilight to 7777.


    SMS Data to 3283.

    Activation Charges: Rs. 20
    Rs. 1 + Tax will apply on all SMS sent to 7777.
    * As per fair use policy the data limit per subscription is 100MB.

  • very well said admin.
    ALLAH PAK Sab ko Sahi raah per chalne ki Taufeeq atta farmaye.
    anyways .. this is really a fair deal by warid.
    and if we compare
    then i have all the 5 connections present and in last few days i loaded a little credit to every connection and tried checking the quality and performance of gprs/edge for every connection for 1 hour each
    results in my point of view
    # 1 = warid ( great speed [ 35 kbps)
    # 2 = telenor & ufone (very good speed) 25 to 30 and sometimes more than 35+ kbps
    baqi honestly no comments for zong and mobilink
    warid aur baqi telenor and ufone me faraq hai signal strength ka
    drop hote hein to speed bhi down hoti hai
    baqi warid net and connectivity and stability is best
    daily 50 mb limit may be good for some and bad for others
    im using ufone monthly 1.5 gb package for Rs.500
    and also warid this package. Rs.12 daily
    baqi jo log afford nahi kar sakte to wo chori na karein atleast
    and aesi gprs ka kia faida k aap Rs.200 me 2 gb to le lein .. per sara month use karne ki kohshish karein to 300 ya 400 ya max 500 mb se zyada use nahi kar payen ge .. and slow speed really mood kharab kar deti hai.
    khair .. low end sets k lye ok hai per speed is most important. im using android phone and jab wifi on hota hai to ufone internet off kar deta hu warna ufone net on hota hai and i can easily use skype and other applications
    and i use voip softwares that offer free call for us and canada completely free and i can also recieve calls
    everyone can get a free us fone number and u can call and sms and recieve calls
    so for that a good connection with speed is really good
    mein sirf internet use karta hu mobile me and honestly all the calls and sms etc ussi k thru use karta hu wo bhi worldwide.. technology ka positive use karein ye aap ko positive response de gee trust me.
    be Good and u will get good.
    imagine karein .. sab tax mila k bhi just Rs.599 per month me app worldwide sab networks pe msg and 45 countries including pakistan free call karein
    500+ minutes any network in pakistan to me net k thru use karta hu
    all u need is to utilize ur talent positively
    if u need any assistance i can guide u with guarantee
    and in the end always remember this quote
    “The Highest Result Of Education Is TOLERANCE”
    apni zaat me bardasht peda karein.. kamyab rahein ge.

    • i want to know that any time you get speed of 35 kbps on warid . . or it is also fluctuating with time . . and let me tell you i m also using android phone and in previous month at 20th day i was left 0kb out of 2gb . . i m using zong edge

      • it fluctuates according to ur usage
        if u use downloading .. it can give u almost continuous stable connection at 30+ kbps
        if u use small app it automatically fluctuates according to the need of application and capacity of your mobile
        in more fluctuation lowest speed bhi 10 to 15 kbps deti hai
        and i travel much inside as wel as outside the city
        so when u have warid u dont have to worry for internet gprs / edge quality
        next stable connection is telenor
        ufone is very good at certain places but not very much reliable
        wo sab log jo internet bina kisi compromise k use karna chahte hein then warid and telenor are best honestly
        and this offer is really excellent
        u can get the package as many times as u need
        i think agar 50 mb kam hai to 100 mb is enough gor a day that becomes 3 gb per month
        and kuch din aese hote hein jis me mobile pe net use karne ka time nahi milta so u have the chance to skip the day
        and u can avail this package multiple times in a day
        agar daily 2 package aik saath subscribe bhi kar lein
        to i think its reasonable and affordable to those people who really need internet on the go
        Rs.12 X 2 = Rs.24 = ( 100 mb / day )
        Rs.24 X 30 = Rs.720= ( 3 GB / month )
        warid se app smooth browsing easy voice call and not fast but also not slow video call through skype kar sakte hein lekin mobile per
        meherbani kar k mobile internet ko dsl k sath compare na karein
        computer / laptop pe windows k softwares heavy hote hein so they require more speed
        take example of yahoo messenger
        pc pe zyada speed chaiye hoti hai
        mobile pe wohi yahoo messenger pc se 70 to 80 % low speed per bhi stable and sahi kaam karta hai
        bcz the mobile software is small and it requires less files to be loaded and work properly
        i hope the information will be helpful to u guys.
        take care
        *GOD BLESS*

  • how in earth its abuse …you know what some apps sucks so much data so how am in control of that…anyway you should be happy with your warid Unlimited pkg

  • bhai warid waloon all network calls kay liay b koi package lao. zem prepaid is very very old package now

  • I am already paying them Rs. 500 per month for 2GB EDGE. Tell me
    1)how can I change my package
    2) will there be any speed difference compared to EDGE?

  • You can get 50mb @ rs 12 as many time in a day you like. Which mean 100mb in rs 24, 150mb in rs 36, 200mb in rs 48 and so on. Dial *200*4# to check your free gprs units without any charges.

  • Youth why r u wasting time in discusing this bakwas ofer frm zardARID.
    I sugest to admin to not to post any ofer news frm zardARID.

  • For Warid and other operators…Define “Unlimited”…if you want to decieve customer calling anytime connectivity with “Unlimited” Internet then don’t talk about 50Mb crap please. I have used GPRS and EDGE of every operator in Pakistan, they are simply worst.

  • ufoneeeeeeeeeeeeeee gprs suckssss so baad i m just using it n its poooooooooooooooooor

    admin which is the best one out there

    • Hey, The best out there is Warid i think as they offer advance gprs called edge, you will notice a sign as E on your mobile screen when using Warid GPRS.

      Try it man, its far better than everyone as i used mobilink, telenor and Zong also.

  • “With Rs. 12 per day, this unlimited bucket gonna cost a customer Rs. 360 per month. Which is best deal for Mobile Internet for unlimited data speed.”

    Really? What are you on, Mate?

    • Yes thats right Ahsan, insted of paying 500 _ tax a month , its better to use Warid on day to day basis and even if use the whole month it comes like 360 with their fair policy.

      • agreed Warid have great offer even u have option not use if you are busy in some particular days.

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  • Why dont all the companies just shut these stupid offers and bring real 3G atleast. The world has moved on to 4G LTE and we cant even get more than 20k down speeds on our ancient EDGE infrastructure.

  • Guyz i’ve read what u’ve all written and I’m a Warid user and I totally disagree with those who say that Zong is best! I use the pakage in a day/week and I use 3 to 4 pakages at once so that I download much stuff in my mobile! I like the packages by warid cuz the speed is about 15Kb/s to 30Kb/s believe it or not and yesterday I had consumed 200Mb in just 6 hours due to the speed of Warid internet!
    So if we calculate my usage than
    200Mb/6hrs means atleast 600Mb/day just because of the speed …….lol! I’m not lying at all! Warid rocks!

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