IT Industry Tops #Pakistan100 Company Index

Pakistan100 CompaniesPakistan’s IT industry has been showing a tremendous performance in terms of fastest business expansion, revenues growth and employment generation in the short period of time.

This is evident as number of companies offering software services and products, computer networking and development solutions are leading the #Pakistan100 business index.

These companies have gained a limelight and secured positions in recently announced #Pakistan100 index of AllWorldNetwork for year 2012 showing high revenue growth potential with constant success and recognitions at global platforms in the recent years.

Software Services and Products

According to the research report released by AllWorldNetwork, there are 12 companies categorized under software services and products that have been listed and ranked in #Pakistan100.

The software companies have generated total revenue of US $46.491 million in last year and secured sixth position in terms of turnover among different other sectors.

The fastest growing IT companies were:

  • Arbisoft (Pvt) Limited with 385 percent growth;
  • Expert System with 148 percent growth;
  • Tenpearls with 126 percent growth

Computer Networking and Software

There were four emerging companies in this sector with total turnover reached at US$19.64 million registered in 2010.

The companies naming Confiz Solutions with 90 percent growth; Mushko Electronic with 40 percent growth; Mustang Security Services with 28 percent growth and Ideal Distribution line with 10 percent growth secured top positions in the category for year in 2008-10.

High-Tech and Telecommunication Sector

There were four companies qualified in the #Pakistan100 business index including i2c with 217 percent growth; Nayatel with 173 percent growth; Multilynx with 76 percent growth and Corvit Networks with 14 percent growth in 2008-10.

The overall revenues of these companies stood at US $41.06 million during last year, with constant growth in revenues and operations forecast in the next two years.

E-Commerce and Web services

There are four companies indexed in the #Pakistan100 which are expected to show outstanding growth in the present year.

These prominent companies are Jaangda Agencies, A2Z creators, Bramerz and Webiz Media. The overall turnover was registered at US$ 6.92 million in previous year.

These companies have continued to impart a remarkable contribution in the economy with introduced advanced solutions and applications in services and different business. The companies have not only created direct and indirect jobs but also allied businesses, shaping growth and trends in the market as emerging potential companies in the country.

Other IT Companies in #Pakistan100 Ranking:

  • Rozee.PK secured 12 position in overall ranking under the category of Recruitment and Training. Rozee’s growth rate was recorded at 304 percent during last one year.
  • Folio3 stood 27th in the #Pakistan100 ranking in the category “Professional, Scientific and Tech Services”
  • Tradekey was ranking 31st in over all ranking under the category of “Professional, Scientific and Tech Services”

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