TITEX, an IT and Telecom Exhibition, Announced

2Milestone Events today announced the launch of TITEX 2012, an IT and Telecom exhibition focused on real industry challenges and the utilization of technological means available in the best possible manner.

The first TITEX will be held in Islamabad at Pak-China Friendship Center from 10-12 May, 2012. High level conferences, workshops as well as various activities will also be held concurrently with the exhibition.

These conferences and workshops are designed with continuing approach towards building up national competence in the variety of fields ranging from game development to apps development and 3G value-added services to emerging trends in mobile banking.

“The dwindling exhibition industry needs complete revamp. We’ve got to provide returns with real objectives set in mind to flourish the overall industry growth. TITEX is therefore crafted with four unique pillars i.e. Trade Fair, Consumer Digital Playground, Thematic Workshops and Smart conferences. Each of these pillars is aimed at engaging audience at all levels and attract a large number of visitors from cross-industry platforms” said Mr. Amad Aslam, Director Projects at Milestone Events.

“We believe that TITEX will be a new top quality exhibition and conference allowing Pakistani and International IT & Telecom professionals to network, discuss the latest innovations and do business together – And Islamabad, as the capital territory and telecom hub, is the perfect place to organize a new exhibition for Pakistani IT and Telecom industry”, says Mr. Amir.A.Khan, CEO Milestone Events.

TITEX is the blend of integrated concepts that really transform the exhibition services in IT & Telecom. It’s the first ever exhibition in Pakistan with Consumer Digital Playground, a show within a big fair providing opportunities for consumer brands in IT and Telecom to set the stage with unique offers and presenting state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Salman

    Finally I assume something different is coming in to the telecom industry. I like the workshop ideas, never tried and unique. God knows what’s next but at least from an IT sector, I would be the first one to join this show hopefully. Can you share their contact details pls?

  • Gistics

    Have had a chance to meet them in Lahore. Ideas are good. Visit the website http://www.titex.com.pk for more details.

  • Pakistan Classified Ads

    looking forward to it.

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