URL Filtering System to be Reviewed Again Before Implementation

products-box-url-filteringControversial URL Filtering System that the government of Pakistan is planning to implement (for blocking obscene material on internet) is going to get reviewed before implementation, we have confirmed with sources.

According to details we have got, a committee comprising of various ministries, Telecom and IT bodies, PTA, ICT R&D Fund and others are likely to meet soon to review the entire procedure of centralized URL Filtering System, mainly to bring transparency in the whole system of blocking obscene content on internet.

A source well familiar with the situation told ProPakistani that review process is likely to bring the consensus for URL filtering system to make sure that all stakeholders are on the same page. He hinted that government is aware of concerns raised by stakeholders, especially about making this filtration lot more transparent.

Source ruled out any possibility of not implementing URL fileting system, however, formation of regulation and a proper policy making is in the pipeline before the URL filtering system is implemented.

A source in ICT R&D fund, on condition of anonymity, revealed that RFP might not be floated again. He said that tools are going to remain the same, however, usage will depend on what government will decide in coming days.

Internet activists earlier had opposed the URL filtering system, saying it could pose a serious threat to free accessibility of information on internet. They are of the view that government could block websites based on political reasons in the name of obscene material. They had demanded government to withdraw its plans of implementing centralized URL filtering system.

While others said that URL filtering system needed more transparency. They were of the view that system should be made more transparent to make sure it isn’t used for political reasons.

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  • in my personal opinion – Its not controversial. Although a group of People are trying to make it

    • Why is pastebin.com blocked for some users? Why is rollingstone.com blocked in Pakistan (but not the magazine)?

      If there is no controversy, what is your reply?

      • People from Pakistan (Specially Software Developers Web-designers and Bloggers) Are facing too much problems due to blockage of Pastebin.com…. PTA Should allow access to sites like Pastebin…

        Sir i also want to know that why pastebin is Bl0cked?

  • sare bhot akalmand bythay hway hain. phele hi business ka bura haal hai upar key say IT key be maa _____________________

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  • I was told that the contract was already awarded to some company (as suspected). For a research project, one does not float RFP, they invite papers :)

  • Oh God.

    This is Totally Nonsense. Look who is concerned about the morality of the nation, (The Pathetic Government of Pakistan). Those who can’t provide, food, shelter, justice, better living standards, health, education, transportation are now VERY MUCH CONCERNED about the Nation looking PORN, OH MY GOD. That sound Hilarious to me.

    This & Every Previous & Coming Retarded Government has always done things of their own profit & they got nothing to do with the benefit of this so called Nation. So I believe there is definetley a Political Motive behind this.

    And those who are blaming internet for causing rape, murder, assault, GROW UP Guys. Where on earth are you living in a FANTASY???

    Was there 0 crime on planet earth before the invention in internet!!! Stop being childish now.

    And guys what makes you realize that internet is the only source of promoting porn in pakistan? Its not a long time, since when you used internet for the first time. May be in college, university or school? I used internet for the first time about 7 years ago. And did you forgot? The CDs & DVDs??? You probably have bought/borrowed many cds/dvds from your friends so keep it low & stop blaming internet for it.

    These disgusting governments can’t even stop a handful of shopkeepers selling Porn DVDs/CDs in Hall Road Lahore & Look now they’re talking about buying a $10 Million system to PREVENT THIS HOLY NATION FROM PORN?

    Such A Shame …

    • +1
      Finally someone said worthwhile on this topic.

      The time, energy and money to be spent on content filtering system or whatever firewall, should be spent on improving the police so that much more violent crimes can be stopped.

      How about we spend $1 Billion on a total revamp of our elections system, so that such corrupt parties do not come into power ever again. Thats a much more long-term and productive approach for using the extra funds available for Research instead of wasting it on blocking porn.

      I can bet that this system will be used and abused by corrupt governments to control the internet and hide their own wrong-doings.

      On a final note, I believe & a lot people would agree that; watching porn is an individual act and based on personal choice, but we as a society choose to remain ignorant to much bigger problems by focusing on smaller issues.

  • Isn’t it the same government whose minister was arrested from a bawdy house in Islamabad? So they are done with shutting down brothels in all the towns? or they got some kickback to facilitate the business. Let’s not waste our time watching it online, Let’s get to work already.

  • Probably the points we discussed during our ISOC meeting are considered Amir Bahi … ?

    • As long as its used for blocking porn and anti Islamic content its very useful.. but when its used for blocking based on politics and anti govt then its not good..
      then first website blocked will be geo.tv and so on …. :D

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