Punjab Youth Laptop Goes on Sale on OLX

Just in case, if you weren’t bright enough to win Punjab’s Youth Laptop, or maybe you had graduated a year ago but still desperately want to have that sleek book in your hands – here’s the chance for you.

Just head towards OLX and search for youth laptop and bingo!

Following is the one of search result we got. The machine is available for Rs. 30,000. Users suggest a little bargain can bring the price down to 27-28K mark. Not a bad deal I would say.

We are also told that same machine is available in Lahore (Hafeez Center to be exact) at much lower price. They are talking about 20K or even low.

What I can see from here is that there gonna be plenty of such offerings in coming days. Just imagine, over 100,000 machines given away – an ultimate killer market gonna arise out of it. Nevertheless, laptop deals won’t be happy with all this.



According to the undertaking, selling these laptops to anyone is not allowed, and if anyone found in violation of undertaking can become under the hammer of legal and administrative action from Punjab government. More details here: Selling Punjab Youth Laptop is Illegal

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Xahid

    that’s sad, they need to catch those scumbags !

    • Exactly how can you catch them?

  • naeem

    in ko is liey diye thay laptop ? uff

  • It’s not the negligence of the government as many of the political workers will start shouting in it now. It’s the publicj who came out to be an ass and did this act. The government gave it to you for the hard work you did in your studies and boost the morale of students to make them work harder to get a gift, but shame on whoever the seller is.

    • Jibran

      Seem like not more than a fake ad

      User is anonymous, didn’t share his/her contact number. You can find many fake ads on OLX.

  • Faisal Raza

    Lanat hai aise logon pe jo dosre ko haq maar k pehle laptop hasil karte hain aur phir sale kar rahay hain. Yehe ager koi needy student ko milta tu kitna he acha hota.

    • Muhammad Waqas Inam

      Wah G wah. Sahy kaha aap ne. Aisay logon pr Lanat jo dosro ka hk martay hain. Kia aap UET Lahore se ho?

      • Faisal Raza

        Nopes from Khi-PK :)

    • Needy Mean?

      Its was a certeria who have good marks, got the laptops.
      Now this person may have another laptop earlier. I dont think so any thing wrong in selling that laptop.

      • Faisal Raza

        @Hamza, o bhai ager pehle se laptop tha tu volunteer drop kar daita na nahe laita k kisi aur ko dae dain jis ko zaroorat ho. I guess yeh un logon k lye nahi tha jin k PAIT already bharay huay hain.

        Jo students kuch karna chahte hain lakin funds ki kami ki waja se laptop nahe lae sakte unk lye yeh scheme thi probably. Ghairat bhe koi cheez hoti hai.

      • Muhammad Usman

        I agree with you! even if he don’t have laptop, he is owner and its their decision that he sale it or keep it.
        BTW i don’t got any loptap. (Yea its sad but its true)

      • khan


        Agreed. I personally know a brother and sister who both got laptops in this scheme however both already have laptops of higher specs (i5). Now they were wondering that what they are supposed to do with these laptops. Of course they will end up selling those.

        Criteria was merit and not that if that person already have a laptop or not. I guess cash prize could have been a better idea to avoid this. The prize winner then can buy notebook or whatever they need.

  • pyari

    such a shame :S

  • ahmad waqas

    First of all this laptop scheme is just a political tool just to give sympathy of students in the next election . They are trying to buy the student vote.

    Each laptop cost govenment 100,000 and its market value is round about 20 to 25k .

    if govenment is playing with us they how can you expect a student can’t do that.

    • Tanveer

      Dear Ahmad,
      We should also think that who is getting the 70k commission on each Laptop? This is also a game of commission like CNG buses & peeli taxi. CM & team is making good profit & also fooling us….

      • Muhammad Ahmad

        Dear Ahmad

        Kindlky give comments based on facts, Actually the tender price of these laptops are 37K not 100k and If the government is doing this for vote, then what is big deal in thing.Political parties in any part of world do such typle of welfare works such for sake of votes and who is the ultimate beneficiary in this laptop i.e Student like you and me.

        • Ahmed

          very well said Muhammad Ahmed.
          Tanveer and others! So any service a government does is for the vote? So they shouldn’t do this? What makes you happy? Inability of PPP governemnt not doing anything for people or Punjab Government doing anything for people is your problem ? What is your criteria? Are you people confused?
          Majority of our fellow citizens talk baselessly, there was open tendering for these laptops, it wasn’t a restricted procurement process, process was opened to public, anyone quoting higher prices and still selected? Not possible as other tenderers can sue if they had quoted lower price. So don’t raise fingers on anyone before your update your knowledge.
          Bro, if government offers free medical to poor of Pakistan, our people will find way to do corruption in that too, offering free medical treatment to others on their own cards…Should government stop such things then?
          We blame Zardari for everything, but we are corrupt in our own capacity.

    • funkymonk

      lol @ 100,000 per laptop

      exaggeration at its best ..
      you must be from PTI

      • Javed

        do u know how many laptops were distributed in in Punjab university and how much cost that ceremony?
        Correct me if I m wrong it was 30 million Rs. now see if it could be 10000 or just an exaggeration?

    • Baaghi

      @ahmad waqas
      You have the mind and sense…
      You really got the point…
      This was just a scam to get the so-called sympathies of students, but you see they provided the machine worth 20K to 25K and they ‘earned’ about 80K against each machine, in return……..
      This is called ‘politics’…….

  • Mani

    shameful act

  • Zohaib Bashir

    13 Billion is being spent on laptops scheme but 84,000 schools of Punjab without boundary walls, 18,000 without buildings…

    Merit ka khayal rakhna GOV ki zimadari thi, aisi reports pehlay he mojood thi k merit ka hargiz koi khayal nahi rakha ja raha… Punjab GOV nay youth ki attention hasil karnay ko ye lollypop diye thye aur jaldi mai sub kaam kia gaya, corruption ki gayi aur ghareb awam ka paisa pani ki tarah bahaya ja raha… is scheme ka haal aisa he hona tha, mazeed wakiyat be ayinda suennay ko aye ge…

    • Nasir

      Its for 4B not 13B, please correct ur info. 125K laptops for 4B.

      • Zohaib Bashir

        The price of the laptop is one thing, but the money spend on personal projection on the back of this Laptop Scheme has already surpassed a BILLION mark.

        For moths we have seen quarter and half page ads in all news papers about Laptop Scheme even though the registration process has nothing to do with Ads.

        Lavish and extravagant distribution ceremonies were held in different cities costing tens of Millions rupees, the partial details of PU ceremony revealed the costs to be above 3 Corore (30 Million), seeing the Videos of other ceremonies that were held before the PU one, there is no reason to doubt that they must have cost more or similar amount, about 25-30 ceremonies will be completed by the end of next week (16-17 already done, and as per DAWN 14 planned for this and next week), So even by Modest of Estimates the total amount spent on distribution ceremonies is no less than 60 Corore (600 Million).

        And from last week a 2 minute Ad of Laptop Distribution scheme is running on most TV channels, the rates for Government departments to advertise on Geo are 200K per minute (with 30% discount), So if the Ad is run on 25 channels and let’s say only 8 times a day and considering an average rate of only 100K per minute; the cost can be calculated as

        Rate x no. of channels x no. of iteration x duration of Ad
        100000 x 25 x 8 x 2 = 4 corore (40 Million Daily)

        • Nasir

          India give PCs and laptops to their students in 1998 to 2003 and today india is a Giant who rule the world IT market. Total indian annual foreign revenue from IT is 32B$, engaging millions in jobs and so on. World largest companies have their production houses in india just bcox their public is IT literate. You cant worth a laptop, but i can , as i badly needed in my last year of engineering but i can’t afford that. Today my poor IT students from rural punjab have laptops with them at PU. Is it a bad step by govt Punjab??

          • Zohaib Bashir

            You still not understanding dude, Its about GOV intention and their priorities… Nobody is against laptop scheme, but the thing is how they doing it how much beneficial it is… Punjab GOV is just trying to impress youth by giving lollypops, and looking for another term…

            aap ki daleel aisi he hai jesay Gali ka Gutter banwa dia jata and vote khareed lia jata and koi daleel mai ye kahay k “Gali ka gutter banwana kia ghalat hai” common yaar, ab nahi samjho ge to aur kub….?

          • Muhammad Ahmad


            India is generating billion of Dollars through outsourcing. Almost 95% of IT related work in word is outsourced to India.

            • bablu

              Almost 87.3% of the statistics are made up at the spot.

  • Weblobby

    “Lanat hai aise logon pe jo dosre ko haq maar k pehle laptop hasil karte hain aur phir sale kar rahay hain. Yehe ager koi needy student ko milta tu kitna he acha hota.”

    Absolutely right, we agreed with Faisal Raza comment…
    where we are going…!!!

  • In k sharam ani Cahiye…

  • Shame on you

  • samz

    shame ki kya baat hai? find the reasons behind this…

    aur wese bhi 100,000 machine dene kay bajaye… itnay students ko tech education dete tau woh khud is se ziada machine produce kar lete….

  • Nasir


    Don’t talk crap on PTI agenda, 125K laptops for 4B rupees, you can calculate how much each laptop costs. Don’t talk shit before making confirmation.

    • Dumb

      This laptop drama was all shame….
      Poverty rate is increasing like never before…

      Millions of children are deprived of basic education…. Millions are jobless…… Millions are not finding food twice a day…….

      We The Nation dont even have a “Language”………..(No Urdu, No English, No Punjabi, No Arabic, No Persian)….(We had 3 national languages of “Muslims” about 100 years ago Urdu, Arabic & Persian)…..
      And now… wasting our “precious little money” on “Laptops”….

      Go To Hell King of Buttistan. (Think straight if u can)

      • Nasir

        India give PCs and laptops to their students in 1998 to 2003 and today india is a Giant who rule the world IT market. Total indian annual foreign revenue from IT is 32B$, engaging millions in jobs and so on. World largest companies have their production houses in india just bcox their public is IT literate. You cant worth a laptop, but i can , as i badly needed in my last year of engineering but i can’t afford that. Today my poor IT students from rural punjab have laptops with them at PU. Is it a bad step by govt Punjab??

        • Dumb

          Have you seen Mr. Beans wearing underwear over his pant………..in hurry.

          Leagi brothers look like Mr. Beans to me whenever i see them.

          Instead of helping a brilliant student like u and millions yet to learn basic knowledge….
          what the hell will i do with my laptop…? where is the electricity? where is the internet? where is infrastructure? just look around you and realise that you are in PAKISTAN and not in INDIA.

          • Muhammad Ahmad

            @ Dumb

            Tell me who is genereating revenue from this electricity scandle and who is responsible for this electricity issue, By the way we have capacity of generating electricity more our demand. However, i think PML N is inevitably investing billion of Rs in Infrastructer in Punjab.

            • Dumb

              “U think”……? “I Doubt”

          • Kisi GhareeB sy ja kr is laptop ki Qadar pocho..
            Tum log to sirf batain kr sktey ho.
            PML N ka kaam sirf laptop provide krna tha. electricity pe to PMLN agay e protest kr rahì hai.
            Per Aap pakistan main ho aapko pta ho na.
            aap to shayed india main ho..
            Sharif brothers itna kuch kr rahey hain. woh tum logo ko hazam nahi ho raha aur zardari jo quom ki dolat ko dono hatho sy loot raha hai. woh tum logo ko nazar nahi ati.

            • Dumb

              App Jesey Log Gardan tak seylaab ke pani mein doobey howey….apna sub kuch ganwan ke…. aur masoom family ko pareshaan haal chor ke…. sirf aur sirf naarey laga ney ke liye…. Zalam Sharif ko deykhney aatey ho… Jo helicopter pe aya aur helicopter pe chala gaya….lol.

              Abey???? Jitan kharcha aaney janey mein laga….utney mein poora Gaon (village) rebuild ho sakta tha…?

              (please recall the story of a monkey “banadar ki aaniyam jaaniyan)

        • u r absolutely right,

          • Shahzad Salfi

            I want to purchase youth laptop if any one sale laptop please contact me [email protected] phone#: +923136621774

  • Shahid Saleem

    As always, the commenters here (and maybe the author of the article) miss the point. If you are given something, it’s yours to do whatever you want with it. Keep it, use it, give it to a relative, sell it, WHATEVER. Anyone who tells you otherwise has no say in the matter AT ALL.

    • admin

      You can leave the author, he didn’t comment anything on the decision of sellers. I just reported a thing that’s it.

      Though I believe that a prize shouldn’t be sold like this. But on other hands, what good a prize is for if i don’t have anything to eat?

      • samz

        sorry shahid saleem but i disagree with you… if one is given aur woh jo chahe kare… tau is se better tha kah pahle wohi students short listed keye jaate jin ko laptops ki zaroorat thi… baaqi students ki kisi aur tarah financial help ki jaasakti thi…

        • Shahid Saleem

          Giving them to the right people is a different matter. ONCE THEY HAVE BEEN GIVEN they can do whatever they want with the laptops NO MATTER WHAT THEIR INCOME LEVEL IS.

          • Fahad

            I would agree, m not one of the recipients of this , but well these students were awarded on their good grades , so its their gift, If they already have one they can always sell it to redeem their reward, its just like gifting 20K , the price is so low due to the machine being so poor on configuration , you can get an exterreme machine for 100,000, These are mearly crap if compared with a 100,000Rs Machine. Punjab govt thought that they can fool the youth , well it seems that they had their own agenda. :)

            and a 20K system is good for someone who is low on cash and hasn’t performed that well .so its better this way.

        • Muhammad Usman

          sorry samz , magar short listing kon karta? is sy mazed shakok pada hoty. Laptop marks ki base par mily hain na k needy bases par. and i think that its a standard way. kamazkam yeh siraf N leag k workers ko to nahi mil ray (like Banzer income scheme)
          ab agar kisi ko zarorat nahi hy to wo sale kar sakta hy.
          is sy market main laptop ki prices bhi kam hon gi and jis sy neady peopels ko bhi fida ho gay ga.
          and laptop scheme is much bettor to give ads on newspapers and all other this kind of schemes.

          • khalil ahmad

            I agree with you. laptops with these configuration are enough for students requirements. I also get laptop at King Edward Medical University Lahore. Just think that earlier students get cash rewards on their positions but now get laptops. they may be needy or not, its not a matter.

    • Farhan Janjua

      Yes, even if it is given to you with taxpayer’s money! Even when those funds could have used to put to school the under-privileged children, plenty of them who have never seen the inside of a classroom and perhaps never will. The already privileged class on the other hand has its hands full.

      • Shahid Saleem

        Let’s perform a thought experiment:

        replace “students” with “government employees” or “military members”
        replace “laptops” with “plots of land”

        Now, is there anyone in the world who says government employees who are given plots of land (using taxpayers money) SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED to sell the land???

        No one says that. Why not?

    • Faisal Raza

      @Shahid, apki mentality bilkul match kar rahe hai us banday se jo OLX pe sale kar raha hai laptop. Mufte main tum jaise logon ko JOOTAY bhe ser pe maray jaingay na tu woh bhe khushe khushe kaha lo gay. Yeh log revolution laingay lol :p

      • Shahid Saleem

        I’m sorry but you simply DO NOT GET IT. If I give you something, I no longer have any control over what you do with it. AT ALL. I have NO SAY in the matter. You can use it, abuse it, sell it, throw it away, I HAVE NO SAY IN THE MATTER.

        You understand that. Yet, when it comes to these laptops suddenly your brain short circuits and you must blame the students.

        Now we know that they have signed an undertaking not to sell the laptops, and according to that agreement, they should not. However, if there was no such undertaking, THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT WITH THE LAPTOPS.

        • khalil ahmad

          you right. faisal jaise logon ka masla ye hai k unhe mile nhi tu jailse feel ho rhi hai. zardari banazeer suport program, petroliam, electricity pr kitna kha rha hai wo ksi ko nazar nhi ata, ager ye pakistan per lagaya jata tu developement na hoti. laptop scheme shows that sharif brothers logon ke liye kuch kerna chahte hain. ager un ko hakumat mili tu zror krein ge

        • khalil ahmad

          Don’t sale these laptops because this is a reward/gift. It will be the Glorious memory when you think about your student life.

  • Raheel Hasan

    How sad :(

    Is there any level of cheapness people of this country wouldnt go to?

  • Asad Jamal

    Com’on people. The guy selling it might already have a better laptop. Who knows may be he is selling it to get money for charity. Its his now and he can do whatever he likes. You make issues out of non issues!

    • Dumb


      Thats why i am CRYING…


      • Asad Jamal

        Yes your money was used to get a deserving student a laptop. If he doesn’t need one then he can sell it and he will get “money” which everyone “needs”.

  • Paktutorial

    Yar Tum log kisi Haal mein Khush nahi reh saakte.

  • Multan

    Idhar Evening walon ko tou miley hi nahi han Multan main :-( Aur Log tou Sell bhi kr rahy han Laptops!!

    for the 20K its very attractive to bought xD

  • hamza Humayun

    Strange,in U.E.T students were required to take undertaking that they won’t be selling their laptops….Apparently every institution devised therir own terms?

  • In GC Faisalabad, students are asked to return the laptops after graduation.

  • Askani

    It’s the desire of each student what he does with the laptops. If he uses it or throws it in the dustbin, it’s his stuff and he is free. If a nutcase is selling his laptop for that blaming the govt would be a silly act.

  • Anonymous

    ye lanti barey fakhar se bech raha hai , with warrenty 03214841063….

    where is our moral ethics guys ?

  • Hasnain Aali

    I guess its the right of these student to sell these laptops as some of them even cant afford to pay the fees and some may even don’t have the books to study so by selling the laptop they may be able to pay their semester fee or can get extra coaching :).

  • Agar yehi paisa awam ko educate kerne main lagaya jata tou result kuch positive hota.

  • Alam

    i need one :p

  • Fawad Shamim

    it would have been better if govt would have establish a 24hr digital library in the same price……….where high performance computing option were also available to encourage students

  • Dexter

    This is BAD,, but Will the BLOGGER of this Post please PASTE the exact OLX.com link (from where he took screenshot)?
    I searched OLX.com for it but couldn’t find it.. so I guess it’s easy to PHOTOSHOP a picture and then use it for personal publicity :@
    I think such blogger should also be kept responsible for spreading LIES :@
    (At the END I am not supporter of PML N but I hate a lair MORE.)

  • Ali

    ghareeb ka pass khana ko paisa nei jab unka pass asi cheez aye gi to wo aisa hi karain ga…

  • Adnan Hashmi

    Mr.Atta (the CEO of Propakistani),i can make a fake ad just like the way it is shown here and start talking ill about the students. I would have believed you if there was a phone number written in this ad and that number was a working number,i am not going to fall a pray to this stupidity that brings down the name of our nation every now and then.

  • Muhammad Waqas Inam

    Zabardst. Sahy kaha aap ne. Aisay logon pr Lanat jo dosro ka hk martay hain. Kia aap UET Lahore se ho?

  • Muhammad Waqas Inam

    If a digital library of international access would be opened, that would be the best. I was the supporter of MIAN SHAREEF BROTHERS for a long time but now, i don’t because i have realised that they do not depend on their own power and pakistan can not be developed with this thought. Lanat hai un pr jo bgair kisi waja k laptop bechtay hain. Fees wgaira ka bahana bnana sb bekaar hai. I have seen the problems of needy students of my own eyes and i am sure, needy students will never sell this. Laptop distribution is best but the method of giving is worst. And no one can implement objection after that. I am the needy student of UET Lhr and jaso have money problems but i would not sell this. Just think about that students who do not have roofs above themselves in a government school and i experienced it because i am from D.G.KHAN but i am prove that Students of .D.G.KHAN have their own identity as on being the large number of students from D.G.KHAN. Don’t under estimate us. Actually, i realised that Mian Brothers can not run the pakistan in the path of development and success as like that Europe even europe is not good but it is progressing.

  • Anonymous

    ye jis ka add hai , is se contact kar k dekho , jab isey kahogay k laptop kiyon bech rahey ho to ek new story sunaye ga k mere father nahi hain , ma ne next semester ki fee deni hai , ya to muje fee de do ya laptop purchase kar lo , nahi to kehta hia k ma namaz k baad ap ko badua donga k ap k sath bhi aisa hi ho jo mere sath howa hai …..

    Hum log emotions se khelna kab band karein gay , bijaye is k k hum apni galti maan jayein , dheetai se islam k naam pe emotional blackmail kartey hain…

    • AFZAAL

      yar is ko ye sab kehne ki kya zururat ha us ne sale krna ha tu us ki marzi, tum mamay lagtay ho?

      • Anonymous

        ma mama nai lagta , laikain wo mere tax k paisey se laptop diya tha students ko , aur jo is ko sale kar rahey hain , un k liye doob marney ka moqaam hai … agar nai chahiye tha to pehle hi inkaar kar detey takay kisi zarorat mand ko mil jata , is se ghar ki kamai karney ki kya zarorat thi ?

        • AFZAAL

          itne achey tu aap b ni ho k agar aap ko laptop mile aur kho k ni muje is ki zuzurat ni ha, tum kbi ni choro gay laptop ko.

        • Dumb

          I think u should keep sleeping until u die. Only that is the way U can save your tax money….lol.

          Mr. your tax money has been misused by Ganja Brothers…..and not by poor students?… wake up? PLEASE…

          Bari fikar hey apni tax money ki to jo fazool kharchey yeh Sharif Family karti hey us ko roko…. TAX MONEY….YES

          • AFZAAL


          • Usman


  • Javed

    Pakistani qoum jesi lanti quom kam he ho ge shayad.. in history of mankind. Even worse than yahood-o-nisra.

    These laptops were given for information and robust education and they already on sale, i am feeling so much ashamed.

    • Dumb

      Pakistan ek ne’emat, rehmat aur ALLAH ka fazal hey. Apni Islah karo. Apni ghaltiyun ki muafi Allah (S.W.T) se mango.

      Pakistan ko bura kehney wala sirf aur sirf “Qadiyani”, “Hindu” ya “Yahoodi” hi ho sakta hey. Please check your software in your ‘Small Head’ may be there is some virus called “Qadiyani Zehniyat”, “Hindu Zehniyat” ya “Yahoodi Zehniyat”.

      Get it Washed with your own “Zameer”.


  • shoaib iqbal

    IT was a fake fucking policy of the government just to gain reputation of youth,you should imagin if this amount is spent on education in rural areas than the govt will be able to build a nation. This amount can be spend on education of girls.

  • Muneeb Abbas

    So they don’t need a laptop and they decided to sell it. What’s wrong with that? Keep the laptop despite having no use of it? Or sell it to someone who might actually use it?

    WTF is wrong with all these people criticizing. You want it, buy it or else STFU as it has nothing to with YOU.

    • Totally agreed.

      And that “needy” rule is not applied here. Students got those laptops on their numbers… Now its their choice to sale that or keep that.

  • pari

    its so sad to see all this :-( i thought that laptops are being given to deserverd people…. but these shameless people are not eligible 4 laptops…….

  • @Shahid Saleem have a look at the Undertaking words signed by receiver students.. “I also understand that in case of any misuse of this laptop or any attempt to sell it to any other person, Government of the Punjab reserves all rights to take administrative / legal action against me”

    • bablu

      Its useless to make him understand something.
      All students had to sign undertaking, which even included the clause that they were not employed or earning anywhere.
      GOP knew that people will try to sell these notebooks. After all, who knows a Pakistani better than a Pakistani?
      If it were me, i would arrest these OLX guys and make them an example of justice.

      • Shahid Saleem

        — Its useless to make him understand something.

        How can I possibly be expected to understand the undertaking when NO ONE MENTIONED IT UNTIL AFTER I HAD POSTED MY COMMENTS?

        Of course if they signed an undertaking not to sell, then they should not sell. Did I say that they should break their contract???

        • pak

          to SHAHID BHAI phelay achi tarah se tehkeek aur sooch liya karo comment se phelay har post pe. NO OFFENSE

          • Shahid Saleem

            You’re confused. Nothing I’ve said is wrong.

  • BloggingBite.com

    well that was suppose to happen..if a student who cant pay his fee, then what he will do with laptop? he will ultimately sale it to get his fee or money for other expenses

  • Rizwan

    Chachu shahbaz agar in brilliant students ko job daita to mujy boht khushi hoti, laptop to usny politicaly logon sy vote lainy k liay deye han,

  • mustafa

    this is fake… where is real pic of laptop? why u r using google pic?

    • clockmake

      yes Dear Propakistani should have thought about it before uploading here.

  • Aamir

    hmm.. it could have been better if they had given choice of getting 30K cash or Laptops as scholarship. This thing would never had happened.

  • Sumair

    hahahaha, i expected that from the beginning!!!

  • lol, there is nothing surprising in it, most of us already new what is going to happen with these Punjab Youth Laptops, they are asking for 30,000 i think they will agree in 25,000 what do you guys say? i am really interesting in buying one for me, but is it worth buying? any ideas?

  • Muhammad Usman

    I don’t know why people cries about laptops. its much much batter than Banzer income support program or giving full page color ads on newspapers on government (imaginary :)) progress. Do you think that how much its cost to give full page color ads and every governments do the same thing.
    Their should be commissions and others factor involved but its also beneficial. otherwise government waste this money on some other thing

    • Muhammad Usman

      and i also don’t understand why people remember their tax now? sunday ko zardari India ja raha hy to wo kia indians k tax k passon par jaraha hy?

      • Dumb

        Its very simple yar.

        Agar Zardari haram khata hey to tum ko bhi khana chahiye…… yeh Sharif Family beech mein kahan sey aa gai?????? lol

  • Amjad Shamim

    Aamir sab! I strongly condenm ProPakistani on issuing this news. We, Pakistanis are neither happy on increasing in petrol prices nor in getting free laptops… how shall we be happy?

    Please encourage good things and discourage bad things. If Punjab Govt has done a good job (and ofcourse), then we must encourage them and should be the role model for others.

    Please note – Neither I am PML (N) candidate,nor I belong to Punjab and didn’t get laptop. Hence I am not talking for my own benefit but for others.

    May Allah give us courage to support good things.


    • Dumb

      Dear Amjad, there is a huge difference between “Good” and “Foolish”. Please check it if you can distinguish between these two words?

  • clockmake

    @Propakistani, i think olx is not an authentic website for sell and purchase. I mean anyone can place an ad on olx and claim for its products(which doesn’t belong to him/her.
    I think the same case is here ,Do you have any proof for its authenticity ?? It may be like someone took the picture and uploaded on olx:)

  • Israr

    Aamir Bhai, you will be surprised to hear this.
    after you shared this post, PTA has blocked http://www.islamabad.olx.com.pk

    Hadhh kar di ab to…

    • Shahid Saleem

      It’s not blocked for me in Lahore.

  • taime

    100% fake.. better not spread fake news… This is what Islam teaches us… Pro pakistani kindly verify before posting (humble request)

  • Mr Comment

    With the level of intellect our laal peela government schools impart,students can use laptop efficiently for just one purpose….porn.

    • Dumb

      well said.

  • Amjad Shamim

    No need to think negatively, not all will use for Porn i believe.. we have many people who will use for research, study, creative works etc.
    Dear Dumb! good means good and foolish means foolish…. but never discourage if any one is atleast doing good for others.

    otherwise, let us enjoy Petrol @ 105; CNG @ 87; Daal @ 130 and stay happy that petrol prices have been reduced, CNG prices have been reduced….

  • Altaf

    A sad aspect of our society. We mis-use every thing. A good initiative is being destroyed by such people!

  • Ahmed Ali

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  • Ahmed Karim

    They could have spent this money on starting new projects of electricity generation. Students in rural areas have the laptops now but do they have the electricity to charge them? Power shortage is cripeling the economy badly, business’ are closing down or laying off workers and staff, in current situation if there are job seekers but no jobs waiting for them, whats the use of making them productive? first support the economy. Fecilatate local production of such devices instead of increasing the trade deficit of the country.

  • fahad

    This is the reason why we should have rulers like zardari on top of us, this is what we deserve as we are corrupt with in ourselves and from the grass root level. I am simply amazed and bamboozled.

  • kamal ashraf

    tabhi to hum pakistani kehlatey hain

  • hussainkiosk

    may they not need lap top but money for serving their education in other way

  • Dumb

    Sharif brothers have tried to do a good thing but naturally in foolish way….

    If you agree then you must accept that sharif family wants to stay in government always only to protect their black money & industrial empires and to enjoy free security…. they are not bothered how foolishly public money is spent and wasted. They just want their own publicity through public money.

  • i think this seller belongs to any other party and he is trying to humiliate this wonderful giving.

  • student

    Please fellows , if some thing has happend please dont politisize it ,

    try to appriciate good things at least,

    always scrutanizing otheer is not a good social habbit.


    try to show your own good things to public for convincing.

  • Osama

    Ufone has an enormous level of association with Golf club of Pakistan and it shows that they have an eager to play Golf at Champions level and to bring bankers from all over Pakistan on a single platform.
    Good show ufone. you once again steel the show. To me Ufone bankers open was a complete success and this success was clearly seen on the faces of the winners. congratulations to ufone and the winners.

  • Hassan

    Wow there horse. 30k for this. Bitch please.

  • This is simply insanity! These emperors are not distributing lap tops from their own funds, they are distributing them from development and education fund just for their own projection. In order to fight recession and generate employment visionary leadership always start mega development projects which gives instant employment opportunity to unemployed. However, unfortunately our politicians are so vision-less and senseless that they misuse tax payers money and divert it to schemes for their own projection. If they are so concerned for youth they should initiate such senseless schemes not by diverting the development funds but from the ill-gotten money they have amassed during the last 25 years

  • its against the wisdom by which Shahbaz Sharif is giving laptops to students. Students should use laptop for their own purpose not for sale.
    very bad.

  • sana khan

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  • Mohammad Baig

    Selling laptop is shame full act.