Selling Punjab Youth Laptop is Illegal

youth1After we did yesterday’s post about individuals selling their laptops on OLX that they got through Punjab Youth laptop program, Junaid Munir, a ProPakistani reader pointed us out that selling these laptops in open market or to anyone in FnF is not allowed.

Junaid’s claim is backed by an undertaking that every student has to sign before receiving the laptop.

According to the undertaking, selling these laptops to anyone is not allowed, and if anyone found in violation of undertaking can become under the hammer of legal and administrative action from Punjab government.

Following is what the undertaking reads exactly:

I, __________________S/D/o ____________________CNIC # __________________
R/o __________________________________________________________________
understand that Government of the Punjab is giving me a laptop computer as a gift, in recognition of my academic achievements. I do hereby undertake that:-

(i) I am eligible as per criteria specified for award of laptop, and accept the gift of laptop from Government of Punjab.

(ii) This laptop computer shall be used only for academic research and improvement of my IT skills.

(iii) This laptop computer shall NOT be sold to anyone.

(iv) I am not employed anywhere and not availing HEC scholarship (for Ph.D/ M.Phil students).

I also understand that in case of any misuse of this laptop or any attempt to sell it to any other person, Government of the Punjab reserves all rights to take administrative / legal action against me.

Undertaking is available here for your review:

This undertaking also serves as a response to those who think that gifted laptops are students’ property now and they can do whatever they want to, which is of course not the case.

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  • Shining_Virgo

    those people are shameless whom selling the gifted laptop to other.

  • M.Aswad Mehatb

    ofcource it is illegal …they signed an undertaking …those who have second thoughts about it , please at-least give a read what you have signed…it is written there…

  • If they are mapping the receiver names with some unique identifier on the laptop (bios id etc.) then it should not be too hard to buy back all the laptops from Hafeez Center and get to the people who violated the terms.

    • admin

      I am not sure if they mapped the laptops. Hence, those gone are indeed gone now…

      • Zeeshan Zafar

        I think the mapping has been done.. If you go through the undertaking. in bottom a field of laptop service tag is present. So service tag k through it can be tracked the real receiver of the laptop. Now it depends on the Punjab Govt if they really care for the value of money they had spent on the laptops. its a shame because i believe that expense incurred on purchase of each laptop is far more than 20 to 25K .

  • maham

    within 6 70% students month sale karenge then 70000 student par action loge? Laptop kambal hogaya. mai to kambal to chorna chati hon but kambal mujhe nahi chor raha. Laptop purane honge to zahir show peace bana k to rakhna nahi hai other hands mai jayga or jab jayga agreement ki khilaf warzi hogi. Hona ye chaye tha k 1 year tak kisi ko nai dena na sale karna us k baad aap ki marzi. ab thousands students khilaf warzi karenge aaj nahi to kal gale mai haar bana k to nai rakh sakte hamesha kabi na kabi to kisi ko denge ya aag laga do simple.

    • saqib

      sham on you people. really. really sham on you people.

      and especially people like you MAHAM. and i m sure this is a fake id of a girl.

      you people dont deserve anything

  • maham

    guys aaj 5 date hai i think jazz ne net band kardia hai mene check nai chal nai raha aap log btainge k chalra hai k nai.

    • net band nahi kea, muft khata band ker dia.

      aur opar dekho laptop ke baat ho rahi ap jazz mufta cherd ker bethay.

  • A for Apple

    Admin are you sure you have sane people approving the comments? what does jazz net has to do with the topic. Please ensure quality!

    • admin

      Sorry for an off-topic, maham was probably exploring pages and thought this to a Jazz internet post… seems mixed up, let’s keep it, some might hear it.

  • kashif

    (Off topic) Yup! 5th was the last date of free internet…

  • Faran

    gift detay huay undertaking b nahi letay, lolz :p

    • bs

      lol true :P

  • maham

    Sorry admin n all yaad nai raha topic se hat k baat ki I’m sorry. I say jo agreement hai laptop ka uski koi to limit hogi Q k khud sochen laptop labi na kabi to change karna hoga ya kisi ko dena hoga after 1 year etc us waqt agrement ki khilaf warzi hogi. Hona ye chaye tha k agrement mai likha ho 1 saal tak na sale kar sakte ho or na kisi ko de sakte ho ajeeb baat hai.

    • anne

      I agree with you maham!. wasa in laptop ko hum sir main mari jb lite ha nai or ya laptops sirf 3 hrs ka backup datain ha or lite to 6 hrs tak jati ha. humain is ko sirf haar bana kar he rakh saktain ha or kya karin is ka chala to saktin nai hain….

  • Vicky

    After sign this undertaker students cannot watch movies, listen songs and common chat etc on that laptop as this line

    (ii) This laptop computer shall be used only for academic research and improvement of my IT skills.

  • saqib

    their are many studetns whom i know, who have sold the laptops in around 20 to 25k

    we as nation are corrupt.

    we dont deserve anything.

    aur especially for admin. JAB HAKOOMAT kuch kaam ka krti hai even then we criticise by saying that the ceremonies were so lavish……


    • Pakistan Classified Ads

      we do appreciate the good works that are undertaken by the Gov.

    • billabadmash

      JAB HAKOOMAT kuch kaam ka krti hai even then we criticise by saying that the ceremonies were so lavish……


      So according to you Lavish ceremonies are good work of govt????

    • A for Apple

      what if I already have a laptop or a desktop and I qualify for this laptop, my current laptop is much better and I believe this new one will be something redundant why cant I sell it? To my knowledge there is no eligibility criteria on ‘already owning’ a computer – please correct me if I am wrong, but this scenario make perfect sense.

      • Munazim

        You can FOREGO the laptop if you own the laptop already, Its written in the Undertaking. In that case, Punjab govt. will gift that laptop to some other deserving student and you will get a certificate of appreciation plus a dinner from cheif minister.

    • anne

      ha pata ha k tum kis ko support kar raha ho! laptop zaroz do per apna pasao sa agr atna he yoth ka khyal ha to.

      • Anne aap ne bilqul tekh kaha ha …. i like it

  • Sumair

    How many students are they gonna catch?? 70% of these laptops will be sold to other persons. Koi haal nai hamari awam ka. Huh! :@

  • tipu

    those people are shameless who are giving political bribery to youngsters of Punjab and calling it a Gift !!! Shame on Nawaz-Shahbaz

  • zia

    Shahbaz Sharif nay Kaam Puka keya hai :D

  • Kashif

    this is only part of propaganda by PTI, because unn becharon ki politics base hi iss pe karti hia, uss ka prove ye bi hia k achi bhali “Telecom Website” ko apne political interest k liye use kar rahay hain…

  • fashionklix

    bhott bori batt hay Students ko iss tarha nhi karna chyea

  • Hakoomat Laptop Imran khan say muqablay ka liya day rai hay na un ko hamri parhai sa kuch lana hay na marit say usay to bas vote chaiya wo ham na dana hay Imran Khan ko laptop un say la kar sale karna hay phir jo amount aye ge us ka Sticker Print karwanay hain PIT kay………

    • Issac


  • Adeel Ahmed

    Actually this opens up another legal question: if it is a gift, doesn’t it mean transfer of ownership and hence right of the receiver to do whatever he/she wants with it?

  • Kashif Bashir

    laptops Window XP k sath honay chaheyah thay na k ubutu k sath. 99% students are facing difficulties due to ubuntu (as they never used it). XP krnay k baad drivers install krnay may both mushkil hoti ha q k win7 k drivers hain cd may xp k nhe. admin u should write a tutorial for students to tackle this problem.

    • Zubair

      to lower the cast ubuntu was preinstalled on these laptops. Aur choray g ab XP ki jaan chor dain world is moving to windows 8 now

  • Dumb

    This all drama reminds us Sikh Rulers of Punjab.

  • Dumb

    Sharif family’s mental capacity even when combined all is even lower than an average student……
    This is what happens when you give public money in Fool’s hands

  • Sohail

    what kind of undertaking is this? First question is, what is the importance of this? is there any law or justice in this country? so now there is no definition that this is legal or not. one can easily prove this is fine other can easily prove this is wrong. I belive when there is Law there would be no such kind of activities possible, Even our Govt, our PM, our offical and we are all doing this and those who distrubting these laptops are even dont know its use and disadvantages just only for there interest , shame not only for this but to all kind of deeds.

  • zubair

    ubuntu paid high commission to Punjab Govt and peoples needs money to purchase food and other accessories not laptop.

    • Ali

      Why would Ubuntu paid comission? :-) Ubuntu is 100% Free baby.

      • Skare

        exactly! i agree with Ali.
        Zubair, what grounds you have for this statement of yours?

  • sc0rpi0nz

    maham.. i bet tmhain aaj tak koi prize nai mila school se… warna tum isay dene ki baat na krti..

  • i think this seller belongs to any other party and he is trying to humiliate this wonderful giving.

  • its so good work from Punjab Govt. also good for IT in pakistan. I like it very much

  • shabnam naseem

    yes that’s not fair to sell laptops govt gave laptop for study purpose not for selling purpose

  • Khurram

    Laptop seller may belong to PTI and just wanted to embarrass the gift by PMLN punjab govt. If this kind of youth is with so called Tsunami of Imran. Then there is no future of PTI.

  • Ali Anwer

    yaar baat ya hai ka buhat se loog financially weak honay ki waja se laptop sale ker rahy hain hafeez centre per mil rahy hain ab…per yes 1 saal ka greement hona chahiya thaa ya. aur being a pakistani nation hum loog asy hi kaam kerty hain paisy kamany ka lia…sham on all of us the sellers and the buyers too…students ka ilawa buhat loog asy bhi laptops lay gay hain jo students nahi hain….sirf faida uthany k lia kisi aur ka haq marty hain…really sham on all of us….do think about it as a nation what are we doing….?



    • KhurramDBG

      @AMMAR ULLAH, is this just your feeling or do u have any proof of your statement that laptops are fake copy of DELL?

  • Anonymous

    fuck of fake persons…….. punjab government itni gareeb nai hoi hai jo ab laptop sale karegi sudar jaooo….

  • Bilal

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  • Bilal

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  • Abdul rahman