Importance of Facebook Engagement for Pakistani Brands [Infographic]

Pakistani brands can’t ignore social media engagement anymore. With over 6 million people on one platform, Facebook, for instance, has become a goldmine for marketers looking to reach out to the increasingly social media savvy demographic. The latter in turn are no longer using social media to just connect with friends and kill time but are actively interacting with brands through these networks.

A recent survey conducted by B Solutions, a social media marketing company, reveals astonishing results regarding levels of Facebook engagement amongst shoppers frequenting the most popular shopping malls in Lahore. For instance, the survey says that 2 out of 5 Facebook users interact with brands; while one out of five Facebook users made a purchased influenced by Facebook.

Check out the more details in infographic below to see them yourself. (Click to view larger image)

Importance of Facebook engagement for Pakistani brands [infographic]

  • What is the source of this infographics? I doubt on its credibility until they reveal the source of this information to general public.
    Aamir will you please specify the source of this infographic.

    • admin

      Asif, its mentioned at the bottom of the graphic.

      • Yes I now it but why they didn’t make it public. Not many of us try emailing them to find the transparency of this infographic. They should public this on some open platform.

        • Fazal Ashfaq

          Hi Asif,

          The source of the infographic is our own primary research. We went out and hired people to conduct surveys in person, over the phone and over the internet. The primary data was then collected and analyzed by us. We allude to this in the first line of text in the infographic but noted your suggestion to make this information clearer.

          Hope that clarifies the query!

  • Red

    Great to see pakistani companies churning out infographics.
    I believe the sample used here wasn’t diverse enought, 51% female users is statically wrOng…other data is generally the same all around the world for fb.

    • fatima

      I think they probably took a random sample of shoppers and since shopping malls usually have more women than men it follows that there were more female Facebook users than male ones.

  • Fazal Ashfaq


    My name is Fazal Ashfaq and I lead the team at B Solutions that made this infographic. Thank you ProPakistani for featuring our infographic and thank you to everyone who appreciated the work the team has put in.

    We welcome constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. We’re a small Pakistani company trying to make a difference and welcome positive words. :)

    Thank you,

    • Hi Fazal nice to hear you. I am SEO Analyst work with UK based company. No doubt! You did a good job but what if you make public source of this infographic. It will create more impact than this one.

      • Fazal Ashfaq

        Hi Asif,

        Thanks for your reply. Have answered your query in detail above.


  • Ali

    really nice article. creative & informative

  • Muhammad Harris

    Very informative !

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  • hasan

    nice work @ Fazal Ashfaq and B Solutions. This research is very informative and in our country people and companies like you need to do more.
    Hats Off to you guys. Well Done!

  • Muhammad Anas

    Dont anyone think that Facebook in Pakistan is mostly abused.

    I mean not only the children but elders also wasting their precious time in playing games,(Famville, Poker,etc)

    Its mentioned there that 43% of useres (Pakistani) are less than 25 years, and I bet you 35% users out of 43% are those of below 15 years of age.

    Facebook can be used for variety of things that can be good for users, If you don`t think you can use facebook like that, just dont use it.

    • Shahid Saleem

      I wasted 15 seconds reading your post.
      do you understand?

      What is a waste of time for one person is useful for another. After all you didn’t post that to waste my time, but it was wasted.

      another minute wasted writing this reply.

  • zain

    don’t agree
    it’s all scum

  • Buttling

    “location of access”
    90% Home + 21% School/College + 19% Office + 17% while travelling = 147% total

    What is this??????

    • Shahid Saleem

      People use the internet from multiple places. Why is this a surprise?

  • Fazal Ashfaq

    Hi Buttling,

    The location used to access FB adding up to more than 100% is due to the fact that people tend to access Facebook from multiple sources.
    So for example most people tend to access FB from Home and work, some from home and college and some only from home. Hope that clarifies your query.

  • Atif Yaseen

    There is no need to go in depth of Source! I think that it is much enough to show the mood of Our Shopper whether they are online or on the road.
    in short, its clear that There is change in the regular trend of Marketing as well as awareness in the pakistanis.
    Now you are one step closer to your buyer or vice versa.
    Good job B Solution.

  • I’d prefer people also use Facebook for good purpose rather than just wasting time ..!

  • Fazal Ashfaq

    Thank you Atif Sb!

  • and this is growing…..

  • good survey conducted.

    • Fazal Ashfaq

      Thank you Abdul Qadoos :)