Telenor Offers 3 MB Mobile Internet for Rs. 4 Per Day

telenor_logoTelenor has announced this new Daily Mobile Internet bundle for its prepaid customers, in fact its for Telenor Talkshawk 63 and Din Raat Jagtay Raho package holders only.

In addition to usual internet bundles that Telenor is offering, Telenor Talkshawk 63 and Djuice Din Raat customers can enjoy 3 MB mobile internet in Rs. 4 per day, which is offered for Rs. 10 per day for other packages.

Activation: Dial *345*900# for activation.


Telenor Internet Packages

To switch your prepaid to Talkshawk 63 or Djuice Din Raat, dial *345# or call 345

  • Price of this offer is Rs. 4 including taxes
  • Datalimit per day for this bundle is 3 MB
  • For this offer daily manual activation is required by the user
  • This package is only for Talkshawk 63 and Djuice Din Raat customers
  • Package expires at midnight (12am)

To check your remaining Telenor Mobile Internet package quota dial *999# (10 paisas + tax charges)

  • Kashif

    faltu packages hain 3mb ziada se ziada 2 minute chalega kia fayeda is package ka

    • OMG

      TELENOR walaon ney halkay halkay poora naqaab utaar diya ,ab ye dil khool k lootey gay pakistanio ko.Ab kahan gaya KHAMOSHI KA BOYCOT aur KARO MUMKIN wali daramey bazi?lol

      • cric

        QASAM KHUDA ki kia loot rahay hai TELENOR walay.
        har cheez main charges barha rahay diye hain telenor ney.

        • Shahid Saleem

          — QASAM KHUDA ki kia loot rahay hai TELENOR walay.

          One day you will have to account for those words.

          • cric

            :@ Shahid saleem tum kia telenor k chahay mamay lagtey ho jo itni fikar ho rahi hai? 3 mb ka internet 4 RS main expensive nahi hai kia?
            Shahid tum sirf us k against comment kia karo jab koi porn block karney ka keh raha hoon ,bilawaja reply nahi kiya karo.
            SENSELESS bandey.

            • Shahid Saleem

              One day you will have to account for those words, too.

              • cric

                Aur tumain bhi SHAHID SALEEM porn block karney k khelaaf bolney pe kiayamt k din jawab dena ho ga.
                I m not taunting you but jab tum ghalat baat kartay ho tu agay se jawab dena hi parta hai.

                • Shahid Saleem

                  — I m not taunting you but jab tum ghalat baat kartay ho tu agay se jawab dena hi parta hai.

                  When you learn to read what I write (and you know, maybe improve your English so you UNDERSTAND what I write, too) then you will be worth listening to in response. Until then, you are just hopeless noise.

                  if you suggested destroying computers to “block porn” and i was against it, you would blame me, too. That’s exactly what you want to do with the internet blocking system: ruin the experience for everyone for the sake of an tehnological unsolvable problem. social problems do not always have technical solutions.

                  • cric

                    aap ko sirf itni si baat samjh nahi ati porn block karney se bhot se bachay is burai se bach jai gay.ab ye nahi kehna k proxy use kar letay hain sab. sab ko ye nahi pata hota.Aur porn k block honey k baad aap ko kon si bari parishani hoi zara ye tu batana ??sirf apna nahi soocho ,doosro ka bhi khayal karo.

                    • Shahid Saleem

                      — Aur porn k block honey k baad aap ko kon si bari parishani hoi zara ye tu batana ?

                      Like I said, you have nothing intelligent to add to the discussion because you CANNOT understand what you read. I have said AGAIN AND AGAIN that if you want to filter sites, go ahead. Search older posts here if you want. You will not find any place where I said porn should not be blocked. It won’t solve the problem, but I have no issues with sites being blocked.

                      What I am against is giving the government tools and power to watch my internet traffic and THAT is what your “blocking” solution will do.

                      Learn to understand what you read.

                      If you think I said “don’t block porn”, PROVE IT. I never said it. Again, search older posts.

                    • cric

                      You indirectly support porn .and u have never said porn must be blocked.never

                    • Shahid Saleem
                    • cric

                      WTH, You must be PSYCHO ,tum ney takreeban har comment main filteration k against main baat ki hai. aur main koi naya nahi propakistani main ye comments main phelay bhi parrh chuka hoon aur jis tarha “Pappu ” nami banday nay tumey samjhanay ki koshish ki hai itni himmat meray andar nahi bhai.maaf karo .tumain kisi Psychologist kis zarorat hai ya phir tumain “SAFAID JHOOT” bolney ki adaat hai.

    • 3G


      • Faraz

        3 MB offer bhi bekar
        internet bhi bekar
        aur telenor network bhi bekar.

    • I am campignas telenor. 1gb ka pakeceg

  • Warid

    3MB is a joke really!! With 3MB you can open full site and then search and connect to a wifi network and Enjoy unlimited usage whole day :-D

    On a side note, I got this message from Warid this morning:
    “Dear Customer, to maintain network quality, now enjoy Daily Internet Bucket in Rs 10 only and get 15MB daily. This will be applicable from 26th April.”

    So bad news for Warid users, guess they are going to end daily 50MB data bucket.

    • Azeem

      could you pls confirm how to connect with WIFI via

      • Warid

        LOL, engadget doesn’t provide a wifi network ;-) what i meant is that 3MB data is only worth loading a single media rich page (engadget/verge) once page is fully loaded on your browser 3MB is gone, now you can connect to wifi AROUND you and do the rest of your work. :-D #Sarcasm ?

  • RizwanYaqoob

    Warid has revised its daily mobile internet from 50MB to 15MB as per fair use policy for Rs.10 per day :-/

    Zong hi best hai =D

  • siraj

    lol 3mb is nothing but only a joke

  • Muhammad Anas

    When will Telenor grow up??? What about smartphone users 3MB is nothing for them!!

  • Buy and Sell In Pakistan

    Yes, 3mb is nothing.They should really come up with new packages.

  • farhan

    it to b fun hahahaha telenor give us a joke

  • farhan

    telenor also increase its default internet price from 15rs to 18rs only …….

  • Chaudhry

    yah hai pakistani ki 2sri bari mobile company :-P

  • maham

    5 din huy zong ka package kiye net bilkul nai chalra roz 310 par cal karti hon par thik nai hora 250 rupe zaya huy pehle thik tha helpline se kehte hain k hamari services rural areas main garanted nahi hain agar ye bakwas hai to kam se sim voucher or media advertize main mention to karna chaye k public g hamari services rural area main granted nahi hain apni zimedari hai. ghatiya log in par to case karna chaye. harjana 5 crore ka.

  • kamran khan mohmand

    Threeeeeeeeee MB heheheeheheh

  • hassan00107

    this package is not for internet use this is only for weather update by itself mobile..lollllllllll

  • Saad Tariq

    Telenor walay cahaty Han keh hum youth ko achi tarah loot lain tabhi tou telenor aur Mobilink duno lotny lagy vy han aur Warid ka I was never been a Internet user so I hated him already…ab Zong walay kab Hamara internet ka huqa pani band kerty han Dekho…
    Main zong k franchise Gaya tha woh keh ry thy k bachy chuti karo iPhone py net Nhi chalata…Maine kaha dil
    Tou ker ra tumhara mu tor dun…but phir Mai dil Mai bura Bhala keh k bahir nikal aya…so sad na…hmm

    • Zeeshan

      Yar zong ka internat free chalta ha kaya agar nahi to is ka packege he bata dayn

    • Love life aur telenor internet

  • Zeeshan

    3 MB :S
    Bheek bhi isse achi hogi.
    2 takey k packages de rahe hein aur 3G services auction horahi hein… WAHHHHH…….!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aesthetic

    Previously Telenor was giving 3mb in 10Rs now same amount of data will be given in only 4 Rs. So they have reduced the price. how could you guys says its a bad offer???

    to me this offer is for feature phones not smart phone users whose usage is too high, they need to buy a bigger bundle. I am not sure what else Telenor offer so you can refer to for a bigger bundle offer for your phone.

    • Shahid Saleem

      I have an Android phone but looking at my usage, it is only 75MB last month over mobile network (almost 500MB on wifi). On my other phone (Nokia) I use less than 5MB a month. I think Telenor has packages to support both kinds of phone usage. I don’t get why people are upset, either.

      • Aesthetic

        Exactly my point.

        I think criticism is now in our nature (including myself) regardless of the fact someone has done right or wrong.. Thanks to the fast growing media who always criticizes on everything they get hold of. We need to change ourselves see, observe, analyze, conclude. Don’t straight jump to conclusions and share whatever rubbish comes to your mind.

        • @ Aesthetic

          awww :@ Aesthetic loyal employee of telenor.Just look at other network’s internet packages then u may come to know why people r criticising.

          • Shahid Saleem

            — Just look at other network’s internet packages then u may come to know why people r criticising.

            You mean like this:

            — Warid has revised its daily mobile internet from 50MB to 15MB as per fair use policy for Rs.10 per day

            Or are you now going to “out” yourself as a Warid employee now?

            • :@ SHAHID SALEEM

              :@ SHAHID SALEEM warid k rates jo diye hain wo bhi telenor se bhot achay hain,kia tumain MATHS nahi ati ya tum nafsiyati mareez ho. telenor main tu paisey zyda hain aur mbs(package volume)kam hai.

        • Jay

          Comments on this forum are now seems to be posted by Telcos own marketing guyz… They have dedicated people for this task to counter packages. Negative aspect of marketing being practiced.

  • Munnu

    Joke of the Year 2012

    3mb @ 4rs

    ha ha ha ha…….

  • Tanoli

    Hi I am using currently zong unlimited to my iPhone 4.zong is
    Cheap @ 400/month but very very slow.which one is the best package?of which network ?

    • Answer

      I guess Jazba 1 GB monthly connection
      Rs 150/month, gud speed

  • Update
    Telenor now offers 12 mb at rs 12.
    Dial *345*905# to subscribe.
    Valid from 12:01am to 11:59pm

  • ali

    4mb ku agay __________.. bunch of __________

    [Comment Edited]

  • guloo

    pata nahi telenor wale khud bewaqoof hai ya awam ko bewaqoof samjha hai .. bus sirf faltu packages bata k khud ki besti kerwate hai .. ..

  • usman rana

    what a speed yaar!
    Pakistan’s fastest mobile internet like DSL. I love u telenor. I convert zong to telenor very soon!


  • khan

    sb bkwas hen

  • Afaq

    Telenore network is so chep now a these days.Last i call on the helpline more than 4o mints they didn’t pick the call and then i disconect the call.
    So cheep for telenore.
    Nd now am tryng to activating *345*900# daily bundle.More then 35 mints i wait they didn’t respond and when i try again nd again.They deduct the mony for requesting charges.
    Thats not fare Telenore.
    Poor service by you.

  • now mobile internet Rs 100/month, Jazba 100 GB gud speed mobilink jaaz apna ha
    baki sub to

  • Sikander Azam

    Sabhi lotte he bt jaz kam

  • Saim Malik

    Yar ufone is the best, 100MB/Rs.4.99 (1am to 9pm)
    and for Rs.10 unlimited with 24h validity, i use ufn net in rural with best sPeed

  • what if we use more than 3 MB , how much will they charge ?

  • GEM


  • saeed

    bahot gnda ha network telenor for net,again and again bnd ho jata ha or extra paisy b kt krty hen q,

  • syeda komal

    how can i get gprs seting on my cell