How To Remove LOGO from Shahbaz Sharif Laptops?

logoShahbaz Sharif’s 100,000 laptops for glowing students, announced by Punjab Government, are seeing a lot of controversy lately.

Ranging from the (buying) price of laptops to the humongous money spent on giveaway ceremonies to availability of Punjab Laptops on OLX, it appears that free laptops are being taken seriously by the (provincial) government and those who are opponents.

Today we are presenting a video, posted by someone on YouTube, that’s making rounds over internet. Its in fact a tutorial on how to remove the logo from Punjab Youth Laptops that are being given away to brightest of the students in the province.

Video shows that it hardly takes couple of minutes to get rid of Shahbaz Sharif Logo from laptops. I am not sure this is something legal or not, but many had already anticipated that this was bound to happen. Its kind of sorry state, but that’s how it is

Rest you can watch the video to know it better. Do comment in the box below to share your thoughts.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • aggreed……who so ever got the authority in any field of life for any tini mini position, sooner or later he/she will starting misusing the given authority.

    • Strongly Disagree…….
      By commenting in this way you want to put all “Malba” on the whole community, instead of pointing towards the culprits.
      Where every person knows that the people sitting on higher positions are ACTUALLY destroying the nation.
      A State or Leader is at the place of FATHER and an individual is placed at level of SON.
      Then …..A SON learns from FATHER …. and FATHER can force a SON to behave properly, …… Other way A FATHER is not necessarily be learning from SON and a SON can NOT necessarily force a FATHER to behave what he wants to ………
      Think Again…….

  • We do illegal activties and label us:
    PROUD to be a Pakistani.

    We must care that we are muslim and muslim doen’t do deception.

    We have to face one and only Allah one day…
    What we’ll reply if question will be asked on the day of judgement?
    Think before we die…

      • So people will be punished for removing a lame Logo from personal Laptop?? Which Religion are you talking about Please??

        • Tariq, I think we are talking about the attitude as posted in original text of Umer, attitude to deceive as a nation. IMHO what is logic behind removing the logo? to sell it at better price, may be to deceive someone else that this is ‘not’ the laptop given by punjab govt. If not then why not leave it as it is, everything boils down to the attitude.

          • — IMHO what is logic behind removing the logo? to sell it at better price, may be to deceive someone else that this is ‘not’ the laptop given by punjab govt.

            You’re speculating uselessly and how do you know that’s the ONLY reason? When I got a something with a similar logo for a university I did not attend, I removed it. That was not to make it easier for me to resell the item, it was because I didn’t want to advertise the place.

  • if we hate so much shahbaaz sharif’s name then why we took laptops from him ????? coz we are selfish in nature

    • cuz shahbaz shareef is not doing us any favour….we r getting laptops from our own money….shahbaz shareef is not paying from his own pocket…

      • then how would you differentiate between zardari’s scheme and nawaz’s scheme, and then may be after imran’s scheme? Agar koi kuch na kare to fazul log, koi better kaam kr de to our own money. Kabhi appreciate na krna kisi ko, Okay? Always non satisfied :p

  • Hi @all

    is that really a crime or something bad if someone want to remove shehbaz sharif logo ?

    what if someone dont like dell logo and if he want to remove that, is this will be a crime ?

    if so, then seems we cant upgrade this system, even we cant repair as we will be called as doing something illegal, isnt it strange ?

    • everyone has a right to do anything. You got it, even you have a right to throw away in the dustbin and can make vdo of that, but afsos that people dont want to get appreciate in addition to any appreciation for any govt. :p

  • Hello,

    You should not post these kind of articles/ tutorials which you also think that ” I am not sure this is something legal or not”.

    • legal or illegal ???

      bhai jaan its pakistan. yehan itni legality mein tu khud qanoon aur qanoon k rukhwalay nahi chaltay

      jitna app humain chalwana chahtay hOO

    • Yes, I would also like to extend the same question to the author. Though I am not a Pro PML(N) but if someone has done a good deed then I really don’t think so its just normal to promote. Seriously I wasn’t expecting such a post atleast. Sorry to say; moral standards need to be raised [seriously!].

  • Aamir, i have shared a news through email for publishing it on Propaki. waiting for response from your side.

  • if Aamir pro pti? agar nahi hain to hojao pro pti ve r pro pti nahi huy to pakistan ka ALLAH HAFIZ. or mai to currupt nahi hon coz mujhe moqa nahi mila. Wohi currupt nahi hain jinhe moqa nahi mila. Now 1 paki going to uk on airport checking us k pas drugs th hath main. or baig mai hot kutti ka urine now dogs attack on baigs pure airport par afra tafri phel gai or wo admi drugs hath mai rakh k aram se chala gaya kutte har us baig par attack karte rahe jahan urine laga tha ye in period urine tha u desiboys know about this

  • Whatever happened to sensible & socially responsible journalism?

    I do something unethical & you end up promoting it, are you not a partner in crime?

  • People should be ashamed when they say; “Laptop Shehbaz da Vote Imran da”

    We all know Shehbaz Sharif doing a lot more work in Punjab as compared to other provinces. He announced laptop scheme to encourage Students to work hard in order to get reward.

    • So if Someone Gets Laptop on merit, PMLN has Bought his Vote as well??? What Awesome logic you have got my friend…. This country will sure prosper if even educated people like you think like this…

      • you think that only ik supporters are educated? Please mister, grow up. No one is saying to caste a vote for N but atleast appreciate if someone is doing good. Harr waqt complaints hi complaints…. Ufff…..

  • wow, a chor is stealing and he’s proud of it. I was a PTI supporter but guess what Imran, you just lost a vote because of a Troll.

    this video shows, what kind of harami and baygarat nation we’ve become. Govt gave this guy a laptop with tax payers money and he’s stealing it and proud of it.

    A nation who don’t have money to eat, yet ganja played stunt to gain votes with poor nation’s tax money and a more baygrait(s) misuse that laptop and proud of it.

    My friends, this is what we’re today, a shameless, coward and crowd of thieves.

    • I’m sure you didnt get the laptop, if you were then you would have done the same..
      so shut your mouth and dont say such words to others !!!!!!

    • — Govt gave this guy a laptop with tax payers money and he’s stealing it and proud of it.

      Do you even read what you write? If the government gave it to him, how is he stealing anything?

      Try to make sense.

    • im sure u and ur family are one of them
      whom yew are talking about.
      those shameless and cowards and thieves.

      app ki rudeness and arrogance. zaroor haram ki kamai ka nateja hai.

      else my nation have plenty of pplz jo
      daman nichor dain tu farishtay wuzu karain
      alham du lil laa hay rab il aalameen.

      theek hai buray loog bhi hain zaroor hain.
      laikin pori nation ko hi app nay tu mujrim qarar day diya.

      is such a disgrace for u to b pakistani.
      then u can become whatever u like
      like u can afford a laptop of ur own
      den u can also afford to have a visa and get the F outa here.

      ur welcome

      i think isreal will b the best for u.
      it is full of arrogant and rude pplz like y3w

  • but there is no sense to remove the logo of shahbaz sharif because it will do nothing for any one. speed and other specification of laptop will remain same. so i dont think any one need this trick.

  • Amir Atta! What a pitty! You just know how to stir things in cheap manner. You want to educate people in this way or what? What’s the point in this? Don’t reply, because you don’t have an answer except rubbish justifications. Hats off to you.

    • @Kashif

      Kashif yar this was already on Youtube. Not sponsored by ProPakistani.

      Thing is, if its already there, then reproducing and reporting it here make no difference. Labeling this article as ‘Pro PTI’ or ‘Anti PML N’ won’t be a justice.

      ProPakistani or Aamir never, in first place, supported Punjab govt to distribute laptops and endanger small shop-owners who are in laptop selling business. (Question Punjab govt decision).

      ProPakistani never ask students, who benefited from these laptops, to go and sell it on OLX (Question their intention and ethics)

      And ProPakistani also never encourage anyone to put a video on Youtube and show how to remove the logo (Question the person who did this).

      Kashif, my point is, don’t you think questioning the intention of author is a bad idea instead of questioning those who made us report these events?

      • @ Ali Ahmad
        I’m not saying that Amir Atta is doing it for or against any political party. It’s just that this blog doesn’t have anything to do with telecom or IT news, in a positive manner specifically. Secondly, even if this video is everywhere, posting it here gives it more exposer. Anyway, thanks for your comments.

  • you put things here and star justifying things which are illegal, like you blamed pml n by saying that they went for lavish ceremonies, now come on admin. i m not wd pml n or any other party. but if some one did a good job we must appreciate and discourage these things. you should have not put ths on your blog. is this an it related video??????????? this is video of removing a logo. next time you post a video how to remove apple mark on the back side of an iphone or an ipad. that what left for IT…….and that tooo in PAKISTAN.

  • kindly remove this third class post from your prestigious blog.

    Guys you also ask mr admin to remvove this post. this is no way relatted to IT yrrrrrrrrrrrrr come on, this is a what you call PROPAKSITANI, MEAN A PROFESSIONAL PAKISTANI?????????????????????????????????????????????


  • yes we a are creative people and we should invest put time in doing other creative work, this will not give us anything.

  • Intriguing discussion Indeed…
    Firstly its Gov Punjab Money , not from Shahbaz Sharif’s Pocket , So he didn’t need to put his name on it,
    Secondly Once Given away on merit basis, The user should be able to do whatever he wants to do with it, Would you like to also give him guidelines on which sites he should visit?
    Legal or Illegal? You Gotta be Kidding me?? How is removing any logo from anything under personal use comes in this category?

    • mr tariq for your kind info, govt of punjab asked each and every student to fill a performa that the condidate shal only use it for research base, now if you dont agree with it then you ill not be taking laptop.

      and here it comes the thoughts of this nation through your genuis mind that the candidate can do wtever he wants to, thts not the case bro. first you take the laptop because at that time it looks a charm to get free laptop. and you fill the the undertaking form happily not even bothering wt is writen on it. you gotta be kiding me.
      and it does not even matter that if you are doing one wrong thing, gives you the license to do all other odds as well.

      and no one is praising shahbaz, yup its govt money. but what we are doing with govt money?????
      when we our selves are so corrupt how can ask your govt to not be one.


      • So, what does removing a logo have to do with using it for research? Absolutely nothing. In my experience, such logos vanish on their own by rubbing against laptop bags or just normal use after a few months.

  • In the same country where 4 Million (40 Lac) Youth needs Jobs every year , which i don’t see being generated anywhere , Where People are doing committing Suicides because of hunger and poverty, You launch foolish schemes such as spending Billions in distributing laptops just to get some extra votes??
    Most of us did our degrees without Laptops and we did it perfectly Fine… The Youngsters who are taking laptops should also ask “Khadam-e-Ala” Sir what are your plans for Jobs Creation for us?

  • I am a PTI follower and find this post disturbing ethically and morally. I appreciate Shehbaz Sharif’s effort for people of Punjab and won’t remove that tag from back of my Laptop. Period

    • I respect your ethic values, and down with crooks who are supporting this act of removing logos or selling laptops.

    • Please describe exactly how it’s disturbing “ethically”? Is it unethical to remove a logo that’ll rub off anyway after a few months of use? Explain.

  • If your price is a laptop then wait till you graduate and then try to find a job, Tell me then how you feel about it….

  • If educated youngsters who have access to internet Google, Facebook , Youtube ,don’t realize how lame punjab Gov Schemes are, Then iss mulk kaa Khuda Hafiz….

  • Energy Shortage , Joblessness , Worsening law and Order situation , doctors, Nurses , teachers , Clerks on strikes one after the other because of pays… And you think distributing laptops is a brilliant idea .. If its about grabbing whatever you can then farewell to “Justice” , And don’t blame Zardari….You are educated and you will go silent on getting a Laptop then who will stand up for the rights of Poor of this country???

    • no one is shutting their voices down for one laptop.
      its just your own thought which is so negative that instead of appreciating you people are taking it in opposite side and ultimately to a wrong way.

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  • it is a very bad news for me that pro pakistani is now another paid media for pti.
    is propakistani is a sister of
    har jagah politics ghus gai hai aur wo bhi gair

      • please remove this post. is this the IT you are promoting?????

        you are running your blog so good, then why this kind of non sense, i thnk jst increase the visiting and ratings???

        • We all have the right to see what’s happening out there … to enlighten everyone doesn’t mean it is being promoted deliberately.

          But yes I and along with me many others totally not approve such cheating / non ethical acts!

          Do something which can make ur Nation Proud. :(

      • Yes its good to have freedom of expression. I do agree! But every talk minds its limits as well…..Anyways let me be neutral, I’ll ask my students to argue on this (I guess MS students are enough mature to decide whats acceptable and whats pathetic).

        P.S No offence!

        • I can agree to your thought that this post is pathetic, anyone can have his/her own thoughts. In my opinion, there was a happening and we reported it. That’s how we do our job.

          But it isn’t paid, i can confirm you. In fact nothing on this website is paid except advertisements.

          • OK so for the sake of argument it isn’t paid. But Aamir don’t you think, if someone initiates a good step that directly [or indirectly] benefits the general public shouldn’t be appreciated at all just because they come for a political house. If public can appreciate IK for Shoukat Khanum Hospital or NUML, then why SS can’t be acknowledged for his Laptop scheme, Ashyana scheme etc. And if you find it hard to acknowledge then al-least don’t harm this. But sadly the title and the embedded video does it so.

  • I simply would want to say that this is us… abusing governments for their actions…. whatever they are…. bad or worst..

    But this is we who need to be changed first….
    “Fix your own actions before you point others”

    Tell you what….. we really deserve what we are facing now in Pakistan.. seriously….

    “Aap per wese hi Huqmaran musallat kiye jate hein… jese aap k amal hon..” Remember that?

      • +1 with a very heavy heart – din’t expect this low quality post from ProPakistani (i’m an IK fan btw)

    • Explain what is unethical here. Removing a logo from a laptop…when did that become unethical? When you buy a tv or fridge, do you remove the plastic or logos around it, or do you leave them on because removing them would be unethical?

      I suspect you don’t know the meaning of the word “ethics” here.

  • Pakistani qaum is already notorious for yakees and you are now spreading ways to do yaki. You should know that how many people will try this and remove the logo in this unethical manner. Kindly refrain from posting such things.

    • But atleast it is ones ethical and social responsibility to appreciate the one who is doing something better!. But where are our ethics?!

  • Seems like this is a paid post.No doubt i am not saying i am against PTi or with PMLN, leave these politics behind !!! why the hell this video contains content that shows partiality?
    Strange enough ! A blog like this kidding with its prestige.
    Would like to say no matter the video was nice.But if you address a big audience with name pro”pakistani” then you just disobeyed one basic principle our Qaid told us about.Me blochi sidnhi punjabi ni Pakistani hn, and you people are showing a good form of your partial behavior.No matter keeping your personal opinion is right but presenting it over a place like this is playing with one’s own respect.
    See the comments above, you made some people say LOL, other are burning, and remaining are melted towards the way you represented PTI.This is called cheap advertisement teaser method.

  • Is the post that shoulbe be here?? Kya hogea kay standard ko kay ab aisey post bhe yaha milay gein…

    IT ki news do bhae…!!!

  • Quite impressed with the comments here. Well Aamir this post clearly shows how well you are able to run such content your site. Don’t hesitate to bring the mix of such political poking posts no matter what we youngsters tease you.

    Quite happy to see good numbers getting aware of their surroundings! Jaag rahay hen akhir aik awaz e haq bhi buland karaingy :)

    • It’s funny but also sad to see all those comments decrying the video for being unethical. That word, I am pretty sure most people using it don’t know what it means. There’s a disconnect between what they say is unethical and how they show it to be unethical (which they can’t).

  • Argument: We should not blame Zardari, we are all corrupt in some way…….

    My Opinion:

    Strongly Disagree…….

    By commenting in this way you want to put all “Malba” on the whole community, instead of pointing towards the culprits.

    Where every person knows that the people sitting on higher positions are ACTUALLY destroying the nation.

    A State or Leader is at the place of FATHER and an individual is placed at level of SON.
    Then …..A SON learns from FATHER …. and FATHER can force a SON to behave properly, …… Other way A FATHER is not necessarily be learning from SON and a SON can NOT necessarily force a FATHER to behave what he wants to ………

    Think Again…….

  • @ Propakistani , yar aap imran khan ko dekha rahe ho video mein aur keh rahe ho aap biased nahin ho.

  • Flag this video and this post inappropriate! There are loads of sites that show ‘how to do…’ so many bad things – will you start posting all those one after the other?

    Ofcourse, for us all pti supporters, nothing can be more appealing than defaming other parties. But, a journalist whether of web or of paper, must have some professional ethics too.

    Funny journalism…

    • — There are loads of sites that show ‘how to do…’ so many bad things – will you start posting all those one after the other?

      What’s wrong with removing a logo that will be rubbed out by normal use anyway in a few months?

  • If you think this is sorry state of affairs then why are you promoting it on your blog?
    So our brightest minds are also corrupt. What a shame, and where is Islam in our personal lives? Pakistani’s are ready to kill a person for Islam but won’t change themselves to follow the simple rules of Islam.

  • Well, it is the right of the issuing authority to put logo or marking on the gift but again it is the Tax payers money and hefty expenditure on distribution ceremonies, all on state money. I wish they had distributed Lap Tops from personal account may be equal to 2 days expenditure of their private plane bought recently.
    Brothers, every one is in the same shoes but at least the youngsters got something. Not few individuals like other parties. Good initiative but state money used for propaganda.

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