How to Keep Hackers Away While Shopping Online


By Irfan Siddiqui

Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues to buy movie tickets or go store from store to get the apparels for the birthday bash of friend. The cyber world has brought along with it, great sense of freedom and comfort.

But at the same time, it has opened up new gateways for hackers to enjoy a treat in the holiday seasons.

The perfect targets of the hackers are the guys who know the least about internet security and rather turn up becoming the victims of the worst scams of the online world. Here are some smart tips to keep the mischievous cybercriminals at distance and ensure a happy, blissful shopping experience.

Stick to Updated Software for P.C Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. This popular one-liner suits well in the context of internet security. Don’t compromise in P.C security and adhere to impenetrable firewalls. This will not only prevent the hackers from entering your computer, and would also check any possibility of the theft of your crucial personal information like credit card details, bank statements and passwords.

Keeping an online backup of these passwords is never a good idea. Norton, carbonite or MS security essentials could be good choices for antivirus and anti malware programs to ensure high security. You can always make use of discount coupon to capitalize the cost issue.

Going for a Pattern of Passwords – Think Again

I found my friend crying last night of despair, as his Gmail and yahoo accounts were hacked. The reason was simple: he had followed a pattern for all the passwords. And once the witty hacker cracked one, it was a piece of cake for him to unwrap other passwords.

Please don’t do this! Moreover, don’t note down your passwords online, like in your mail box, online backup notes etc. This will ease out the whole process of spamming and we would end up making the hackers rich through our hard earned money.

Social Media Fans Ought to Observe Extra Caution

Often, there are pics, comments or even links to unknown sites on fb and twitter. Clicking on the links leads us to nowhere. Do not worry; the virus has already entered your computer in this process of seconds and ready to take charge of your personal data.

The special deals become so special that we end up giving access to our personal information without even knowing. Of course, a good antivirus will help in this step, but why to make it spend extra energy, when you can check the entrance of spammers at first step.

Deal Only With ‘The Reliable’ and ‘The Reputed’

Some standard organizations are made to authenticate the online dealers all across the globe. Always check the certificate of authentication, so that you don’t entangle yourself into the impossible looking offers. Make sure you get good internet security.

One last point to mention is that don’t participate in the offers that make you spread the word and share them in order to get free gifts and even online recharges. It will only make your friends fall prey to the hackers’ naughty tricks.

While taking care of the these points, you can ensure an enjoyable holiday season for yourself and 100% PC protection. Make good use of promotional coupon code and offer code to avail heavy discounts on your purchases. Have an enjoyable holiday season!!

Irfan Siddiqui writes for a website features norton antivirus coupon codes and carbonite offer code. You can get great discounts offered by Norton and Carbonite to protect your computer. Except writing, Irfan is a Freelance Graphic & Logo Designer.

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