Nokia to Hold a Global (Handset) Launch Event in Pakistan

nokia-logoNokia has finally selected Pakistan for a global launch event for two of its handsets, most likely to be feature phones with mid-range specs.

More details about the phones are embargoed but we can tell you that these two phones will have internet rich features specifically aimed for emerging markets like Pakistan.

Event is scheduled for May 15th, 2012 in Karachi.

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Nokia has said that they chose Pakistan for the global launch of its upcoming devices to demonstrate the importance of Pakistani market for Nokia.

An invite sent to media men and bloggers read:

“Nokia envisions is to connect the next billion people and the first ever announcement from Pakistan of the upcoming devices have been planned specifically with this goal in mind.

Keep a watch here to know further about new Nokia devices that are going to see a launch on May 15th, 2012.

  • hahaha. Launching crap from Pakistan. What else could it be? Would blogs like Engadget pay a visit? They wont even make a blog post about that.
    Sorry NOtanKIA. No one is going to keep their fingers crossed.
    And lol@ the three line invite.

  • jab her banday k pass nokia tha to in ko khayal nai aya, ab khayal aya Pakistan ka jab saree dunya me pit geya :) ider bhe pitay ga ab

  • Because nokia developed countries main completely fail ho chuka ha. most of the customers samsung smart phone jou k same price per best function or quality per available hai move ker rahy ha . ager Pak main 3G tec hoti to aj Nokia Pak sa be end ho chuka hota.

    • Nokia is again becoming popular in US and other countries.
      After several years, for the first time, Nokia Lumia 900 is the Nokia handset that has gained lot of popularity and has got good sales. –Nokia fan.

  • The Nokia 808 is scheduled for launch on 15th May. And quite unlikely that there will be two sets on the same day.

    However, its nothing more than the same Symbian phone with an steriod-filled camera.

    Launch the Lumia 610 or something closer. Provide Nokia maps for Pakistan (does not exist)

  • I think Nokia has lost its market in view of smart phones, now a days HTC, Samsung and iPhone much popular then the craps.

    I will go for HTC not for Nokia. If Nokia want to gain its market then they must reduce the price of their products about 50%.

  • Why cant we appreciate anything? Its a good step, atleast some recognition for pakistan.

    • Yes, exactly. We can’t reach the heights in one day. We will have to cover a long journey. So let’s appreciate taking first step towards the destination.

  • I think its because Nokia has probably one of the strongest customer base in Pakistan in the form of old school Nokia phones.

    Good luck Nokia.

  • فیچر فون کو اسمارٹ فون کی قیمت پر فروخت کرنا نوکیا کی تباہی کا اصل اور واحد سبب ہے.
    پتا نہیں نوکیا کی کھوپڑی میں یہ بات کیوں نہیں بیٹھتی.

    نوکیا کو اب یہ بات ماننی پڑےگی کہ اب موبائل منڈی پر اس کی اجارہ داری مکمل طورپر ختم ہوچکی ہے، اگر اپنی ساکھ واپس حاصل کرنی ہےتو اسے اب اپنی نہیں بلکہ صارفین کی مرضی اور علاقائ ضرورتوں کے مطابق چلنا ہوگا.‎
    درحقیقت نوکیا حفیہ اندرونی سازشوںکا بھی شکار ہے. شاید اس میں مخالف کمپنیوںکا ہاتھ ہو کیوں کہ ملٹی نیشنل کمپنیاں اس طرح کےکالے دھندوں میں شہرت رکھتی ہیں. بعض مشہور ٹیکنالوجی ویب سائٹوں پر نوکیا کےذمہ داران کو اشارے بھی دیےجاچکے ہیں.

  • guys for God’s sake 808 is not going to be announced. thats a FLAGSHIP phone. these are going to be two low range phones which will probably run on meltimi, an enhanced version of the N9 meego OS

  • nokia lost its market for smartphones because it stuck to its own os symbian and didn’t go for android . . android smartphones are getting popular day by day . . as it is open source so development is going on from all over the world . . and different custom os emerged which is a good thing . .
    another thing is prices of nokia . . there basic feature phones are costly than low end android smartphones . . that’s the point where samsung and htc grab the market and screw nokia . . as said above in comment if nokia decrease their prices then there is chance that they will survive otherwise if their behavior is same then in next few years they will loose most of market . .

    • Low end android smartphones perform so poorly that you can’t call them smartphone. It’s a mis-conception amongst the mis-informed people like you who are under the illusion that if the phone has X number of features, and if OS is open source, then it must be good.
      In reality, it is not true. You have to be open minded and read the tech news and reviews attentively to figure out what is good and what is not.
      Nokia’s low end windows phones are quite good and much better than similarly prices android phones.
      Android is like older windows-buggy and laggy and slow.
      New windows is like mac os-smooth and stable.

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