Online Vehicle Verification System for Karachi / Sindh Launched

Excise and Taxation Department of Sindh has launched an online portal for verification of vehicles in Sindh, including Karachi. Tipped by Asad Memom, a ProPakistani reader, it appears that portal is just launched with no official announcement.

You can access the online vehicle verification for Sindh / Karachi here:

You may call it bad SEO or bad URL naming, but that is how it is.

You are suppose to enter the Registration No of your car/vehicle and portal will return you with sufficient information about your vehicle. Which, according to some, is privacy invasion. They believe that such information shouldn’t be kept online – just because it can land into wrong hands for misuse.

Let’s take an example of of this advert for a Honda Civic car on a classified website, which has pictures of the car available as well. We got the plate number from the pictures and entered it into online vehicle verification system.

Here was the registration number: AB-3243

While below is the information returned by verification system:


As apparent from above screen shot, Some vehicle owners, may not want to get their information displayed publicly on internet – while others may find it a good, easy and timely solution for verifying the status of their cars.

It merits mentioning here that there is no personal information provided by online vehicle verification system, rather it displays only the necessary information about the vehicle and the owner’s name.

It maybe recalled that Punjab has online vehicle verification system as well. It can be accessed here:

  • Shahid Saleem

    Looks like Punjab’s system has the same security flaw.

  • Zia Imran

    A better way would have been to use the Vehicle ID Number as a starting point and then ask for the vehicle reregistration number as a second step. Third parties usually have no information on VIN. That would allay the privacy concerns.

  • Buy and Sell In Pakistan

    Its a nice move, making online will definitely solve different problems for all the vehicle purchasers.

  • M. Amin Patel

    God Job done subject to smooth availability of round the clock smooth service. This should also include status of encumbrances / mortgage details, if any.

  • Arman

    What about Bikes? This system can not tracks Bike.

  • Shahmir

    Dear ADMIN, I didn’t understand why you have written “karachi/sindh” at many places in this post?

    If you write “sindh” it is obvious (including karachi) one doesn’t need to mention it.

    I’m a big fan of propakistani and it is a humble request to kindly edit this post at the following places:

    1. Heading => “Karachi / Sindh ”
    2. Line No.2 => “vehicles in Sindh, including Karachi”
    3. Line No.4 => “verification for Sindh / Karachi here”

    Thank you!

    • as there is difference in punjab and islamabad

    • Hamid Mehmood

      Well-said, Mr. Shahmer !®

  • post

    this database is incomplete , older vehicles are not in the data base,

    this is invasion of privacy ….

  • Akhtar

    Wow Karachi and Sindh..
    It means Karachi and Sindh are separate?
    I would rather suggest to change this heading. There is already lot of controversy on the issue.
    I never seen a term, Lahore and Punjab or Peshawar and KP or London and England.
    what an ignorant…
    Please change…

  • Raja Aslam

    Karachi is a part of Sindh like, Lahore is a part of Punjab. 20 people have been killed in last 3 days included women and children because of this issue.
    I am going to complain that Pro-Pakistani inciting ethnic conflict. Idiotic headline.

  • syeduzair

    @all people blaming propakistani for Karachi/Sindh..for your kind info..there r two types of number plates, Karachi Reg & Sindh Reg..isliye Sindh n Karachi likha hai..Agar Sindh likhte sirf to iska matlab hota k Karachi Reg Cars k liye nai hai ye service sirf sindh reg cars k liye hai…bilawaja issue bana lete ho har bat ko..

    • Shahmir

      Sorry to say sir but the system ur talking about is MORE THEN ONE DECADE OLD.

      Actually according to old system every district has it’s own number plate. Like I remembered we had a mehran with karachi number plate, and my uncle had a car with nawabshah number plate.

      But now ONLY AND ONLY Government of SINDH and text SINDH is written on the yellow number plate.

      So yes I blame propakistani for karachi/sindh. If the author/admin meant what u are saying. Then the heading should be:

      “Online Vehicle Verification System for SINDH/NAWABSHAH/LARKANA/HYDERABAD/SUKKUR and other districts Launched”…

      • syeduzair

        I dont know about nawabshah plate..:S mene ajtak karachi ya sindh number plates dekhi hain..hyderabad n karachi dono mai.. :S hosakta hai ye meri knowledge mai na ho..

    • Siddiqui


    • REHMAN


  • Talha

    Joomla :/

  • faraz

    is it also working for motor Cycles in Karachi???

  • dear admin please explain me that how to show my blog in search engine results

  • thats a nice step by GOS…

  • It doesnt give the information of transferred to owners. If a car has been sold multiple times only original owner first time registered is being shown on both punjab and sindh portals.

  • Try the link now (today) and see what comes up :) Even if you try go for from you still get the same page/error

  • a.e. motiwala

    I have paid vehicle tax for 2013 0n 13th july 2012 but on line system still shows tax paid upto june 2012 vehicle no is ASV 288

  • a.e. motiwala

    do u reply to the quarries asked by people then why i m still without any reply.

  • Aatif

    Link broken, website of GoS Excise is down itself.

  • athar

    What exactly is the writer trying to prove here???
    I don’t get it.
    Is it that he is against the online system or pro???
    Dude!! i am looking to buy a car and this online thingi verification will surely act as a god father and first step to my research in order to get a clean vehicle… will it not??
    Of-course i will not get into any car which is not clear from the portal or at least it will be a signal for me and others to have their eyes open…
    We live in a city for full of scammers…
    Plus… it does not give any sort of personal info about the personal…

  • saqlain ur rehman

    aed 419

  • Adnan

    Adnan : Why the Web site : is not working on click page showing hmei7 . Do any buddy know ?

  • helloooo this site keeps given me errors tht ur vechicle is not registered!!!! i tried my car n my dad’s plus other car plates i remember but damn same error!!! wht is this?

  • Afzal Majeed

    kindly say something about

    • REHMAN


  • zulfiqar shah

    I want to know that how much time takes in the changes of owner i sold my car before three months which is still in my name

    • nauman

      it wil take only 2 dayzz…to whome u sold ur car ask him to change the ownership

  • Ali bugti

    please update new vehicle who was registed in nov 2012

  • Ali bugti

    the new vehicles not verified to be this site so please update this months total registed vehicles from karachi pakistan ASAP

  • afridi

    A good site only when its working hope excise karachi will rectify within 24 hours

  • afridi

    I shared it just 1 minute ago it says 13 hours what a laugh hahahahahaha

  • Junaid King

    how can i search the new registeration numbers 2013 ?

  • Junaid King

    why not open the page of sindh taxation online vehicle verification

  • jawad

    Assalam-i-alikum dear sir action ki gari ki agar registion karwain tu kitny mey hoti hai plz kindl send me more deatil [email protected]

  • saboor shah

    how i verify my driving licence

    plz reply

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

  • sir mujha bike apna name par transfer karwani ha letter net sa konsa lu

  • nomi

    online verification site q nai open hoti g

  • Atif

    online verification karty huwy error ata hay. whyyy ? plz help

  • ayazrasool shahzad

    mohbat zindagi he mobat bina zindagi adhori he

  • salman

    how can verify?plz guide me

  • hamid

    i can’t verifies my car.

  • Dani

    i want to find the address of the vehicle owner, how it could be possible and further how to know that the car is the first owner or 2nd or 3rd it isn’t mentioned in it?

  • ali

    Verify All Vehicles Online With Complete Detail tesxt or call 03055561873

  • hasnain khalil

    Chasisi number is missing when we verifay the vehile

  • Faisal


    Dear Admin,

    I have bought a car, Honda Integra 1990, the car is in Islamabad under my personal use. I have already transferred the car on to my name about one and a half month ago and also paid the tax upto next year.

    But the online verification is still displaying the name of previous owner and no updates on Tax Payment.

    Can you please tell me what is going on and what should i do now?

    Thanks & Regards,


  • rahmat din abid

    i have customed my vehicle toyota corolla in amnesty scheme 2013 . still there showing no results about its custom. i have got regestration from abbottabad and they sent a letter for verification to karachi but they didn’t replied still. so plz its be quick.

  • Riazat Rehman

    Good job by Excise Dept

  • Mazhar_Butt

    Can someone tell me what is a ”box file”?? When i enter verification I note that ‘box file ‘ is written there as well as ‘clear’. This is confusing. Also the name of the present owner (as it appears on the Registration card/book) is not mentioned in the owner’s name and some other name ()perhaps the name of previous owner>?) is mentioned. What safety measure do I take before buying such a car and can someone explain why verification shows this anomaly??



  • fahadkalis

    AOA All,

    can we pay Motor Vehicle Tax online?


    any one know about return file fees for bike??

  • king burhan

    I have a car Karachi no non return file I want to check it that its clear the no off my car AA3868 Toyota corcoro89 modle chesies no is Ee 90.0151059 plz give me information on my gmail account plz

  • Amir Syed

    I want to know how can we judge the registration year by seeing the car registration number like AGK. APP etc
    Is there any tariff or have run after dealers

  • Adnan

    can any one tell me if there is any difference between aclc and cplc?
    it’s urgent, please..
    Prompt response will be highly appreciated.


  • Noor karim khan

    Jv3764 Hino truck ….sir please give information about this number

    [email protected]

  • rehan iftikhar

    i want to check my car through online verfication

  • hamza

    kbm 2726 super power bike