What is This Poker Ad Doing on Daily Times Website?

If you are an expert on search engine optimization then you will probably know that official website of Daily Times has got most authoritative domain name in Pakistan, after Dawn.com of course. Yes Daily Times domain authority is higher than Tribune, The News or Daily Jang for that matter.

Domain Authority predicts how well a web page will rank in search engine results. It tells about the strength of a domain name in comparison to other domains. The higher the domain authority is, the more likely it is that the domain will rank high in the search results.

Such a rich domain like Daily Times is considered as a gold mine in internet world. People will pay you thousands of dollars (per month) for a text link on your website, because a link from high authority domain can bring you tons of search engine juice. A site wide link will translate into even higher payouts.

Just imagine, how much rich you can get if you get the control of such a high powered domain name?

This is exactly what Daily Times is doing. They are selling site-wide text links, with which I am fine – if they sell links, that’s their decision. But selling a link to a poker and Casino website is something I would not expect from such an organization.

If you don’t believe me than have a look at following screen shot. Or go to dailytimes.com.pk and check yourself.


Just to clarify, this act (of selling a link to poker website) could be from the webmaster only, and not from the organization. But who knows?

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK