What is This Poker Ad Doing on Daily Times Website?

If you are an expert on search engine optimization then you will probably know that official website of Daily Times has got most authoritative domain name in Pakistan, after Dawn.com of course. Yes Daily Times domain authority is higher than Tribune, The News or Daily Jang for that matter.

Domain Authority predicts how well a web page will rank in search engine results. It tells about the strength of a domain name in comparison to other domains. The higher the domain authority is, the more likely it is that the domain will rank high in the search results.

Such a rich domain like Daily Times is considered as a gold mine in internet world. People will pay you thousands of dollars (per month) for a text link on your website, because a link from high authority domain can bring you tons of search engine juice. A site wide link will translate into even higher payouts.

Just imagine, how much rich you can get if you get the control of such a high powered domain name?

This is exactly what Daily Times is doing. They are selling site-wide text links, with which I am fine – if they sell links, that’s their decision. But selling a link to a poker and Casino website is something I would not expect from such an organization.

If you don’t believe me than have a look at following screen shot. Or go to dailytimes.com.pk and check yourself.


Just to clarify, this act (of selling a link to poker website) could be from the webmaster only, and not from the organization. But who knows?

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • “They are selling site-wide text links, with which I am fine”
    Why “but”?
    ” – if they sell links, that’s their decision.”
    its their site, their choice, do u have any right to complain?

    • From an SEO or a marketer perspective, there are way too many drawbacks to this link selling schemes. Google and other search engines have clear guidelines mentioning they don’t approve of link buying or selling and if such acts get caught, there are harsh penalties.

      Having that said, DT domain has PR6, which it self is link magnet and their alexa is 23k, these signals do suggest that DT is highly authoritative and attracts fair share of traffic, now if they really want to monetize their website,they should instantly remove all irrelavant sitewide links, i can almost guarantee that their traffic will reach to the levels of Tribune and other major league news networks, or at least close enough and then if they sell private ads or just use google adsense, they will be pretty set, for a very long time.

  • Dailytimes is only valuable if it’s .com
    but u see that it’s dailytimes.com.pk, so literally you can get better domains with better keywords with .pk, it’s not a big deal at all ;)

    And no1 would pay thousands of dollars for a domain ending with .pk

    Yes people would pay thousands of dollars if it would have been dailytimes.com , instead of dailytimes.com.pk .

  • And search engines would give priority to this domain only on google.com.pk, not the international version of google, i.e google’s primary domain “google.com”

    And bro it’s a free market, it’s all about getting a right price for right item!

    If I pay you $10000 for such an ad, I’m sure even you would accept it!
    And dailytimes might have got even more than that! so we shouldn’t complain about it -.-

    • It is indeed a Gold mine, with the amount of traffic it has and sort of page rank it possess and not to mention the total domain authority, i know people would happily pay anywhere between 500 to 1000 dollar a month, there are people with very big budgets on their hands to spend on link buying. However, this is another story that sitewide links are looked down upon by Google, that is an old school SEO.

  • @Jabran: Yes, writer definitely exaggerated it!

    and last thing, Page rank of tribune.com.pk and dailytimes.com.pk is same :), dailytimes is a better keyword but as I said before, it’s a .pk domain so doesn’t matter much!

    @Aamir: I’ve always been reading your articles, I didn’t expect this from you.

      • Ok, I don’t know what you’re talking about, domain authority ? is it same as domain appraisal ? yes that might not be dependent on page rank but out of all the things, you just replied to that page rank’s comment :P ?

          • Domain Authority is combination of signals, such as amount of linking root domains, amount of .edu or .gov sites linking. If the domain authority of sites A linking to site B is extremely high, it will certainly pass its authority to site B, which will give it boost in search engines.

            Your philosophy of .com and .com.pk is utter rubbish and has no correlation to domain authority. Fact remains same whether its dailytimes.com or dailytimes.com.pk and admin is true about this website having more authority than tribune or many other high newspaper websites.

            Lastly, PR can merely be a signal or a factor towards total domain authority, but nothing like what you are suggesting. Its utter nonsense about what you said since its .pk it doesn’t matter much.

            Avinash, aren’t you the link broker?

            • You didn’t write anything which proves that what I said was “utter nonsense” other than you saying that!

              And it’s sad, you don’t even know the difference which .pk makes to a domain! It’s not like I’m degrading .pk domain, khair fact is that any country’s tld ruins the value of a domain. You can get dailytimes with congo’s, botsawana and and many other countries with the standard price..It’s debatable if dailytimes.com carries a tld of USA UK Australia etc but with .pk and .in etc it’s of very little value…

              And just btw, tribune.com.pk is much more valuable than dailytimes.com.pk, in terms of Authority, I don’t know if it’s backlinks which you are talking about, in that case tribune.com.pk is much more valuable than dailytimes.com.pk

              Btw try getting a 3 letter domain with .com and .com.pk and then go on selling them. You will get minimum $10k for xyz.com and for xyz.com.pk you won’t get that much! not even 10% of what you will get from xyz.com
              I forgot to mention that you won’t even be able to find 3 letter domain with .com and .net

              Get your facts right, and yes I’m a domain broker!

  • kisi ki khili urranay main sary pakistani mahir hain kia media or kia awam sab hi kisi na kisi par tankeed hi kartay rehtay hain…

    by the way, I am against that poker link…

  • Well This Seems Quite Interesting! If You Remember that Last Year Google Penalized One of The Largest Online Store OverStock To Perform Similar Sort of Thing. So It is batter approach for Daily Time to Remove this Link on Immediate Basis otherwise they could be penalized by Google!

  • For me if i am getting a link from Higher PR ranked site its worth for me. But if its the Paid link then google will definitely penalize that poker site and it will rank lower in the SERPs. :)

  • aamir bhai this not right

    agar wo sale kren link tab masla na kren tab be :p
    PP main asay kafi post han jis main kuch big websites apny link sales krahi han aap na on pr objection ki ab ya tu again…. yaaar

  • When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Thank you!

  • I am indebted to the author for taking me to the Daily Times site where I found a shocking feature about General Zia’s involvement in dealing with Israel in acquiring weapons for the Afghan resistance against the Red Army. It is yet another eye opener for all of pakistanis while we review the character of our top brass over the decades. While the ideology store run by the high command never runs out of newer versions of justification for taking over the now almost wrecked country, echoes from around the world beckon us to wake up and question the logic of usurping dictators and charge then with treason whether they are dead our alive.
    I may be impertinent here but I believe pro Pakistani readers need to take the news item for discussion so we all could reestablish who are the real pro Pakistani which of course is a term reserved by the gunmen of the dictators for themselves.
    Let us make it clear that pro usurper and pro dictator doesn’t mean pro Pakistani because the usurpers and dictators were and are nothing but pro American and pro foreign masters myopic pygmies.

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