Qubee Fires its Entire Sales Staff

Qubee-LogoQubee, Augere’s WiMAX arm in Pakistan, has laid off its direct sales staff in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad amid possible change in sales strategy of the company, we have confirmed with multiple sources with-in and close to company.

We aren’t sure of exact number of employees who were impacted by this massive layoff, however, it is said that at least 100 employees were immediately fired.

Though we were unable to confirm this officially but sources close to company suggest that Qubee is going to revisit its sales strategy, which is likely to be based on commission model, instead of having in-house sales staff.

You may remember that Mubashir Naqvi, former CEO of Qubee and considered to be a sales guru, had employed direct and door-to-door sales staff when Qubee commenced its operations in Pakistan, that was unlike other WiMAX and broadband operators operating in the country which operate through franchises based on commission model.

In a related news Qubee recently lost Mr. Hashim Shaikh, the head of Marketing along with Mr. Zuhaib Ahmed from Marketing department too. Qubee is yet to fill both the positions.

It maybe recalled that Qubee announced the landmark achievement of 75,000 subscribers in Pakistan for its WiMAX business at the end of March 2012, which were 55,000 earlier in July 2011.

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    • Its unfortunate that your statement is very true. Things must change, firing people like this is just unacceptable!!

  • May be Qubee has some new sales strategy. they will generate sales through Franchise and dealers now. Private sector is reluctant to pay for insurance, provident and etc for permanent employees. “Jub doodh milta hai to Bhens paalnay ka kia faida.”
    And all the Private sector orgs are now following this. and the Govt is still Sleeeepiiiinngggg…………..Huh!
    Long Live Pakistan !

  • Qubee has terrible sales and after sales services …they will drive you Absolute insane !!
    They have to hire some educated people which at-least know how to deal !!

  • in ki device purchase karne par agar pasand na aay to wapis karte hain? means paise hame wapis

  • their customers are growing and more then last year then what is the reason for firing out its employees.

  • I have had a horrible experience with Wateen Wimax. The staff showed a (tricky) smiling face when i bought the device, but they did not guide me properly about its range and coverage area etc. In the result, I was unable to connect to internet. I waited and submitted complaints. They told me that an Outdoor antenna will be provided to me. But they made me to wait for three more months, but all in vain. After-all I had to return the device. And Wateen Staff refused to refund my advance deposited amount.

    So, Moral: These people are merciless money grabbers. Don’t Mercy on these people.

  • Same is the case with me i am using Qubee WiMax device and the service is extremely low the sale staff even unable to tell the area of coverage. i am fed up with Qubee……….

  • Qubee is reliable brand like wi-tribe. Only difference is Qubee works on business ethics. In future there are only 2 competitors Qubee and just Qubee. As wi-tribe head of customer care has also resigned so things are alarming every where.

  • Very interesting news. And this afternoon qubee was not working for me… I wonder if the two events are related.

  • Yup…. this is totally insane….. The services of qubee are pathetic and same goes for their after slaes service.. Islamabad team was initially supposed to reach a figure of almost 75. over 40 ppl were already onboard in their sales team but their recent liquidity crunch have led them to downsize to 14 only.. other than this their coordinators also lost their jobs. Their distributors were complaining that the company has introduced a new system of saving money by charging claw back on sales and thus the distributors were left crying on meagre commision cheques…….. the company is bound to be dooomed… i wonder what their plannning department and arketing department is doing… its worth mentioning that qubee had recently opened their new office in I8 markaz which is also closed with in a month…

  • I have come across the sales staff of Wateen, Witribe and qubee. They all are very clever rather call them crooked. They give u an evil smile while sllingl. Once you bought a device and then they will forget u. While the engineering staff in these companies are struggling.
    Qubee is doomed.

  • … and once again a priv company just plays with the life of hundreds of people and there is no check on them or policy that makes the people of Pakistan have secure job rights.. this is so lame and pathetic… they jus fire people to save few corrupt top management fellows along with themselves and yet no one is there to safeguard employee’s rights. sad news :(

  • Its not like that.. things have been changed now.. reality is different. see people who are performing and giving their best are still working and with the company.. its all about the qualitative & quantitative results one should produce at the end of the day. people who can do multitasking are in demand and will remain.. this is not only about QUBEE, its about every company.

  • ppl who were performing were also fired. at present not even a single person in qubee has job security as there are rumours that the company is about to close its operations. Augere group has stopped the funding for qubee Pakistan. qubee highups are howver still earning so they wont get hurt. such massive layoffs for a tiny company like qubee is alarming. we are not just talking about hundreds of ppl who lost their jobs but also about the families whose bread earners have lost the jobs. by the way qubee is not and in fact never was a good pay master… they even hire ppl by saying they are being hired as permanent employee.. but after a month they get to know that they are contractuals. qubee’s outsourcng agency is HRSG.

  • Sales GM should be fired ! why doesnt the top managment take responsibility when things go wrong !!
    It is a top management’s stunt to save their own A___

  • Qubee employees deserved to be fired. They don’t even bother to pay a visit to customers who have poor coverage or misadjusted external antennas. I had the signal dropping problem and they came after 7 days

  • How many of you got a call from qubee employees saying we are offering you a connection? :p

  • Good show all of the above…. At one end u all are saying the sales force at wimax operators are thugs and on the other hand if action is done you are concerned…. Such contradicting hypocrite you all are. Without knowing the shit you all are uttering shit…..

  • Direct sales wasn’t a good step when distribution channel was working fine. Direct sales staff were highly paid yet they didn’t produce the desired results (No Targets).

    If someone paying you more than your capabilities then be ready for harsh decisions if you are not performing.

    Good step by Qubee. Appreciated.

  • even those who were not part of qubee sales force also lost their jobs cuz the company had no funds to keep them… there are also some ppl who were about to get promoted bt thn had to do stuff that their juniors were doing.. qubee sucks

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