Shayan Anique, Self Proclaimed World Record Holder, Turns out to be a Fraud [Updated]

Shayan Anique AkhtarIt is unfortunate to report that Shayan Akhtar, the self proclaimed world record holder for Youngest Microsoft professional, is a fraud told me officials from Microsoft.

Shayan Akhtar, a student from Okara, recently claimed that he has set a new world record by scoring 998 marks out of total 1,000 in a Microsoft Professional Certificate programme.

Furthermore Shayan had claimed that Bill Gates has invited him for one to one meeting in July 2012.

Microsoft officials from Pakistan as well as United States, who wanted to remain unnamed, confirmed ProPakistani that Shayan is fabricating facts and communication records to gain popularity for reasons not known to them.

Shayan Akhtar was never invited by Bill Gates, commented company officials.

Microsoft officials also maintained that Microsoft doesn’t keep track of age for its certified professionals anymore. Hence there’s no point of claiming being youngest or oldest certified professional.

When we asked from Shayan about the same, he said that Microsoft could be lying to ProPakistani, and that he was indeed invited by Bill Gates for which he is visiting US in December 2012. He said he could show us the email invitation as well. (We will update this post, when and if we get the scan of invitation)

He also claimed that his name will appear in next publication of Guinness Book of World Record, for his extraordinary achievement. He was of the view that his certification (in November 2011) was a recent record that is why his name isn’t appearing in online search for world records on Guinness website.

Shayan’s father didn’t take our call.

Microsoft didn’t comment when we asked if company is considering any legal action against Shayan for the propaganda.

It merits mentioning here that Punjab government was considering to honor Shayan by throwing a ceremony which of course isn’t happening now.

It maybe recalled that Ammar Afzal, a student from Okara too, was involved in such kind of fraud as well. He had claimed similar kind of records in various certifications, which were later found out to be fake.


Shayan has tried to fabricate emails, exactly like what Microsoft officials claimed earlier. Just five minutes ago, I received an email from “Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation”. Here is what the email reads:

We’ve just contacted Shayan Anique to confirm his Bill Gates Invitation. He is invited by Mr Gates to visit Microsoft Corporation in November because of the work he had done in the field of Microsoft Technologies like ASP.NET, MVC, .NET FRAMEWORK and WINDOWS PHONE.

He is also a youngest MCPD in Windows Phone and Web Development 4. Although we have sent his world Records Documents for Verification to Guinness. We have also verified his MCP Transcript from Microsoft. It is totally valid.

We will inform you as soon as we receive reply from Guinness.

Your’s Sincerely,

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Main Office
PO Box 23350
Seattle, WA 98102

Interestingly, the header of email suggest that this email was sent to us using a proxy email sender.

Check below screen shot of email header:



I feel pity for Shayan.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Let’s change the corrupt leaders!!!! They have made the whole nation corrupt….

  • چیتا لگا ایں استاد
    ایسے کنجر خانوں سے “پاکستان زندا بات” نی ہوتا
    پٹھا ٹانگ دینا چاہیے اسکو اگر فراڈ ثابت ہو جائے تو
    اس بات سے اندازہ لگا لو کے بے ایمانی اور بے غیرتی کس حد تک رچ بس گئی ہماری کرپٹ سوسائٹی میں
    شیم آن اس اینڈ آر کرپٹ سوسائٹی

  • The ghairat brigade was sharing his story of success like mad.I think now they’ll say ‘ye sab aik yahodi saazish thi”

  • WTF!! i seriously was feeling good about this kids success and he being Pakistani….. but sadly, now i feel like we Pakistani’s are bunch of lairs and our innocent kids have learnt a lot form our politicians..

    really sad :(

  • تھوڑے دنوں بعد عوام کہے گی کہ یہ بھی زرداری کی وجہ سے ہوا ہے۔ایک ہمارا میڈیا ہے جو ماننے کو تیار ہی نہیں ہے

  • Look, one person’s fraud should not be used for generalizations like “Fraud mein Pakistan sab se aage”. There are many youth who have made world records as a real fact. There are all types of people in every nation, good and bad. And when the leaders of a nation are so corrupt, we can expect such things here and there. Overall, this nation has lots of khair.

  • Its really Sad to hear this all stuff,if its true then he has made himself looked cheap in the eyes of whole Pakistani nation. i hope its not the case.

  • So he is a fraud in the perspective that he fabricated the communication with bill gates. Your title gives the idea that his numbers are falsely fabricated. In ways your story is fraudulent too..

  • aamir atta, you should post an authentic link to prove your claim than saying “sources”, although i am not disputing your story but a valid source or link would be nice.


  • I refreshed my browser, and BAM, ProPakistani finally came up with the true story of Shayan Akhtar from Okara.

    As for as Shayan’s response regarding Guinness Book is still not valid. I contacted Guinness Book of World Records few months ago about my record of achieving 100+ official certifications from Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle and Zend but they refused to add it due to following rule:
    “We do not accept records regarding qualifications, as it is difficult to quantify. Each country and each academic institution has its own methods for awarding course credits, degrees or qualifications and therefore no standard can be drawn on which to base a record.”

    You will not even find Ali Moeen Nawazish and Arfa Karim in the Guinness Book of World Records because Guinness do not accept qualification based records.
    In short, He is lying.

    Secondly, There was not even a single news from any Non-Pakistani source. So dont expect to receive email from Shayan along with a Genuine invitation from Bill Gates.

    It is saddened to see guys like Shayan Akhtar and Ammar Afzal bringing disgrace to hard work of other Pakistanis.

    I can see rest of the world laughing at us (Pakistanis).
    Inna lilahe wa inna ilaihi rajoon

  • and what do you have to say about this:
    1- Geo News report where you can see and clearly read the text and the signed certificates and all:

    2- News Tribe Report:

    3- Jung Report:

    I wonder how everybody is blindly entrusting the news which is shared without a single supporting proof. You have 3 more authentic sources compared to a mere text shared by ProPakistani, there is no point entrusting this news. Use your brain.
    And even if the news turns out to be false, i see no point in sharing it, afterall this is not something to cheer about. Yes, in such case culprits should be punished!

    • And what prove Shayan has given? :-) Fake claim of World Record holder?

      Just read this on Guinness website, and you’ll still claim he is a Guinness record holder.
      “We do not accept records regarding qualifications, as it is difficult to quantify. Each country and each academic institution has its own methods for awarding course credits, degrees or qualifications and therefore no standard can be drawn on which to base a record.”

      To be honest, Getting 998 in MCP is not a landmark. It’s just a simple certification. Anybody can do this.

    • And one more thing, ProPakistani is more reliable source for us than Geo or Jang Group because audience of this blog is not illiterate nor the authors like Jang or Geo Group has.

    • Earlier my sources wanted to remain unnamed. but Shayan was too quick to panic. He provided us with proofs that we can produce in court too, if ever required.

    • The signature on the certificate which is claimed to be of Bill Gates, is totally different from the original signature of Bill Gates that is shown on Wikipedia, where it says “William Henry Gates III” and not “Bill Gates”

  • Shabash shayan is bache ko nishane fakhar milna chaye chahe kuch ho MEDIA ko specialy GEO or har samajhdar ko isne ye sabak sikha dia kay bina tasdeeQ k khabar dosre tak nai pohnchani chaye 2nd is ne world record to qaim kia hai fraud ka kamine pan ka pakistan ki izzat main 4 chand laga diye. Acha hua zardari k sath checken with imported marne nahi pohnch gaya. PPP PML N ko Vote do or ZALIL ho k GEO.

    • yar ap har bat mei siyasat ly atay ho … bat ka tou koi link hi ni banta siasat sy ….I feel pity for PTI trolls.

  • you never know, we get this post eliminated due to false alarm. I am confused if Shayan is fraud or this post is based on some disinformation. Typical of our society;full of confusion..

  • @Sohail you r absolutely right

    @Admin you should have quoted some proofs in your post? If your post turns out to be wrong, then it will harm Pakistan even more.

  • why Bill Gates who is already left microsoft chairman seat!!! why Steeve Wollmer doesnt call him…!!!!


  • shame on us ,We are not nation,We are Folks of Fraudians !! including President,PM,Parliamentarians
    & Now these Self proclaimed Genius like Shayan and Amar Afzal.I was wondering what the hell our Cheap Media is doing to make them popular,without viewing any authenticity !!!

    • I’m a Microsoft Certified Trainer myself, and my transcript is completely different than him. I think he made it himself because date of one certification is also wrong /78/ something and i couldn’t find MCP certification in the list as well.

  • I think, Microsoft should take legal action against such frauds (especially agsint Shayan if he did so) to stop these type of claims in future…

  • Regarding the News on aired on Geo, It seems like it was due to political reference. Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo (Federal Minister) also belongs to Haveli, Okara.

  • WTF mean every day we have another person who claims that they have word record and Microsoft’s owner inviting them for meeting
    for god sake can anyone ask these people what the hell?
    or might be the named some academy for FSC preparation named as Microsoft and it’s own call himself as Bill Gates then yes

  • Shayan beta tu ab pakra giya hai, Muk giya tera show. Apni Maa ko bhi le aya TV per :-D Feeling pity for his mother (if she is not involved in this Fraud).

  • Aamir his name is Shayan Anique, not Shayan Akhtar. Please make correction in title and post.

  • Mein bhi kahu k saray Microsoft Certified professionals akhir Pakistan mei he kyn hain !!!
    This guy has disgraced our country’s name & if the claims of ProPakistan regarding Shayan are true, then they should file a case against him & the court should send him to jail. Fraudiya !

  • Why is everyone in Pakistan running after “youngest everything?” Shocking story!

  • stop saying BS about Shayan and Amar Afzal.. they are true genius of Pakistan… 2 bacho ne puray Media ko phudu bana dia… wo genius nahi toe or kia hain…

    actually nikami humari media hai… they dont authenticate the stories before publishing them…

    we become so emotional when we come to know someone from Pakistan break a record in something.. that we just start praising it without any check…

    and then we made out joke globally…

    • So you are actually comparing these two genius with Veena Malik, another legend gis nay media ko phudu bana dia … o_0

  • very sad to see how a young man cheated the whole country….action should be taken against shayan and Media networks too

    • Do you know we can sue him and his family, some how he breach the law of Pakistan… once he got punishment (May be jail or some heavy fine) then no one ever think to cheat the country again1!

  • I run a small web development company. I can confirm that this e-mail’s syntax and the ‘technologies’ he wrote in the e-mail are fake. I mean not fake “fake” but he doesn’t know exactly know what he’s talking about. and wow.. look at bill’s broken english and grammar mistakes :D

    and LOL @ Mian Office! hahahaaaaaahaha

    what a turd.

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