4 Time-Tested Health Tips for Productive Bloggers

blog_wordcloud_healthBy Irfan Siddiqui

As bloggers, we often visit different health blogs and read several tips here and there. But are they all effective enough? The answer is certainly not. So which ones to go for? Simple! Go for the ones that work for you.

Seeking expert advice like that of Medifast and Nustrisystem is highly recommendable.

So, coming to the point, here I list top tips on how you can boost your fitness with no or little extra efforts, as I very well understand how easily the rankings of your blog can fall, if proper attention is not paid.

Allocate Extra Time to your Wellness

We bloggers do have lunch breaks, don’t we? So, why not convert them into a work-out break and make the most out of them. We have a tendency to stick to our online ventures with the food plate still on table. Hibernate (rather shutting down completely is a better option) your system and move a little.

If you work for an online company, take your colleagues to dine at a near by place on foot. This way, you can serve dual purpose: one is to control your weight and other is getting along well with your business partners.

Get Going with a Group

Group activities are often more productive. Last time I started a blog, it was in partnership with a client and it got huge success. Same applies to your weight loss regime.

Individuals in a group have healthy competition spirit that takes them on the path of achieving the goals more easily and effectively. Even if you are shopping for health equipment online with coupon code, do this with your friends, so that you also bring a change in someone else’s life along with yours.

Bring More Activity in your Daily Life

Movement is in the very nature of human being. Get company of active people, who push you forward towards achieving your plans. Healthy friends will instill better health and superior diet habits in you.

I have experienced it personally and would like to leave a line of recommendation for all my blogger friends. Having my closest friend so fit and active, I feel boosted all day long and you can do so as well. My favorite health programs like Bistro MD and Diet to Go also serve as helping hands most often.

Be Innovative in your Choice

I believe that same fitness activity can make you feel bored, whatever be its scale of productivity. Jogging few kilometers daily is a good idea, but it is a better idea to mix up the things a little and concentrate on different activities. Rafting, horse-riding and bungee-jumping are my favorite fun-time activities. However, feel free to try the ones you have always liked.

Nothing is Impossible

There are live success stories online, which prove that nothing is impossible, if you have the passion and determination in right direction. A lady weighing 140 Kgs (isn’t that huge?) lost 50 kgs in mere 5 months, as I recently read on a health blog. Same applies to each of you. Be it getting on the first page of Google, or getting on top of your health, everything depends upon your mindset. So, refresh yourself and get ready for a healthy and successful journey.

IrfanSiddiqui is a blogger who likes to share his views on fitness and health for bloggers. Another big chapter of blogger’s health is diet and nutrition. Irfan recommends you check weightlossdiets4women.com, for the best weight loss diets. You will benefit from various diet reviews, such as Medifast and food supplement reviews like the one of Nutrisystem.

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