Telecom Sector Revenues Swell to 197 Billion in 1H 2012

Half yearly revenues of the telecom sector have reached to all time high of Rs 197.68 billion during the first half (July-December 2011) of current financial year.

Second quarter revenues for telecom sector stood at 99.4 billion, that’s all time high in a quarter, registering a growth of 9.1 percent over the corresponding quarter in previous year.

Stats, revealed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, said that this growth in telecom revenues, despite declining ARPUs and stiff competition, is due to higher usage of telecom services in addition to service charges that telecom operators have been imposing over last one year or so.


The revenues of telecom sector can be divided into voice and data. With the increasing use of data services in the country, estimated data revenues of telecom operators are on the rise and have reached Rs. 25.9 billion during July-Dec 2011.

Overall, the share of data revenue in total telecom revenues has reached 12.4 percent in Oct-December 2012, up from 11.1 percent an year ago in Oct-Dec 2011.


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    And thats the reason the Gov has imposed a Tax on this sector. The Revenue is growing and the services are diminishing.

    • Furqan

      to tax laganay say service kaisay achi ho gi???

      Govt tax laga dy gi, teleco will start charging users.. to is main service kahan say achi ho gi?????

      the best thing is ky Govt koi laws banay for betterment of service. Govt say abhi tak 3g license ki auction to hui nae…

      TAX WONT DO ANYTHING GOOD!! tax will only make ppl pay more and more to govt and nothing good will happen in quality of service !!!

  • service ghatiya hoti ja rahi hein
    or ye or paisay kamaatay ja rahay hein
    ye agar kama rahay hein tou kucch accha kion nai ker rahay

  • Saeed

    see this report and every time some peoples on this forum wants to increase the taxes.

    Actually, Doulat ke laat par gaye hai kay paisa paisa aur kuch nahi.

  • Nadeem

    @ Admin..Pls recheck your figures..Revenue for 6 months cant be that high..and also is this the revenue for H2 2011 or H 1 2012..??

    • admin

      These stats are for July-December 2011, that’s first half fiscal year 2011-12

      • Usman

        But Admin you have written in the second line:

        “the first half (July-December 2011) of current financial” year.

  • Nadeem

    i think you are also includig taxes in revenue..right??

  • Stone

    “in addition to service charges that telecom operators have been imposing over last one year or so.”

    With refernce to the specific point above, please share the link where PTA has claimed this….or the report where they have done so

    • admin

      You are trying to imply that addition in charges had nothing to do with revenues?

      • Stone

        Your claim that PTA told you services charges had something to do with the revenues is utterly false till you can provide specific proof of the same……. just becoz u pulled a fast one and put it in one sentence along with the word revenues doesnt make it the truth… that is what I am trying to imply

        • admin

          First thing first, i didn’t prepare this report. Having said this, the commentary statistical reports doesn’t need to come out of PTA’s mouth.

          • Stone

            If you are quoting PTA then it does need to come out of their mouth….you should either post the original report itself or not bother at all!!

            • admin

              This is probably a new rule that hit your mind recently. We, at ProPakistani, have been doing what we did above for last four years.

              • Stone

                You mean the rule of manipulating news and putting it forth with falsified facts and associating them with a third party? Keep at it man…I only spoke since I saw no such facts or news from PTA itself

                • admin

                  falsified facts? Didn’t operators impost additional charges in last year? If so, then what’s wrong in mentioning it?

                  • Stone

                    Falsified fact here refers to you mentioning it as a source of heavy revenue which is compeltely baseless and unless you provide proof from your so called PTA report, this is a falisified fact….. now stop trolling!!

                    • admin

                      Mobile companies made at least PKR 4 billion in six months out of these 2 percent charges (I am not considering 5 percent charged they had imposed earlier). Only graphs and stats are sourced and attributed accordingly. Thanks.

  • UmairrSario

    Nice …. thanks for the knowladge

  • telecomguru

    friends. i believe all of us are sensible, educated, technology savvy people visiting this site. Furthermore I am sure we are responsible citizens. If an industry does well we should be happy that at least one industry in Pakistan is doing well despite the law and order, energy, and business challenges. Secondly, this industry contributes significantly (approximately 30% of its total revenues) to the govt of pakistan which is close to bankruptcy. This is the second highest contributor to the national exchequer in a country where no-one really pays taxes. Thirdly, you would also be aware that the tariffs in Pakistan are amongst the cheapest in the world.

    We should proactively and aggressively ask for the introduction of new technologies in pakistan like 3G. Furthermore we should get the telco’s to improve their services. But we must be mature to recognize that better service (more investment in equipment and infrastructure) comes with higher costs. Are we willing to pay for that…?

  • Abeer Hamid

    There is the mistake in graph. 197.6 Billion is the figure for first half (Jan-Jun 2012) Not for Jul-Dec 2012 which is still future :)