Faisalabad Mentioned as Best Mapped City on Google Maps

faisalabadFaisalabad has been mentioned as best (user-contributed) mapped city on Google Maps, thanks to millions of inputs from enthusiastic mappers from Pakistan.

Pakistan has been featured many times before as an example of user-contributed mapping, but Faisalabad has now been termed as best mapped city on earth.

Google (naturally) couldn’t reach whole of the earth to map it at street level, hence in 2008 Google introduced a way for users to contribute to Google Maps through Google Map Maker.

Brian McClendon, VP of Google Maps, during a press event this week said that Faisalabad is so well mapped that it is now more detailed mapped city than any American city.

You can watch below video of Brian McClendon’s notes during the event. Faisalabad is mentioned at 10:14 seconds.

  • es ka matlb Faisalabad walo ko raasta dhoondnay mein sab se ziyada problems hotay hein, isi liye itna contribute kiya hoga wahan k logo nay… :p

    • Jo bhi hay laiken ab ap bhi kabhi Faisalabad ao to har shop per ruk kar jagah ka naam nahi pochna parday ga :P aram say purse say Google offline maps nikalo aur map dekho ya online maps say apni location aur directions feature say madad lo.

    • shahid

      g Nahen , Faisalabad is first planned city of Pakistan.

      • umer

        haha :p

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    This Is great Stuff, This shows that we are best at of taking advantage of the latest technology offered

  • Imran

    Thats nice contribution by peoples over there, good work. Everyone should contribute in this so any one can get the best of technology.

    @Mehwish: nothing to say else, hahahahah.

  • Ali Amjad


  • Sound clear, our youngster are doing Brilliantly workers in IT industry.

    Hopefully our youngster will change the label of Terrorism states, INSHALLAH

    • Excuse me!!
      We are not a terrorism state,,,We don’t care what others says about us.

      • khalid riaz

        That’s why we known as a terrorist state. Because we don’t care and don’t want listen to what other’s views are about us.

  • Khiz

    2 he te kum ne faisalabadion no. Jugtaan marnaa te tasveeran khichna :D

    • map tasverain khenchnay say nahi banta na jugto say, yeh Faisalabadio nay kuch aur he kar dekhaya hay.

      bus ap jealous mat ho :P

  • Yaaay!

    Faisalabad, Samanabad, Novelty flyover and surrounded area is edited by me (can check my name). With ATM locations, Pictures of buildings and phone numbers of important buildings :)

    If all of us edit their at least home town then it will make all Pakistan map best.

    • Muhammad Zohaib

      Leave home town
      apna area hi(Housing society) sirf map karlo with detail(address of commercial buildings websites etc so can google them easily just by name) and its done! because no one will know your area better than you.

      Moderators thora jaldi bas approve kar lia karien :P

  • Mudi

    *Big Round of Applause for people of Faisalabad*
    ~from Karachi

  • Nanna Rahi

    Bohat wailay hien Faisalabadi :P

    • khalid riaz

      Bijli jo band ki huee hai hamari aap logon ki waja se. hamara 9% electricity line loss hain phir bhi 18 hour se ziada loadshedding nay wailay bithaea hua hai.

  • MyOpinion

    Well Done, Faisalabadi’s…………….
    Now it’s the turn of every citizen of Pakistan to take full advantage of technology and turn their country a role model in the field of IT.

  • mhassan

    Though google maps is very useful service but we should be very careful in updating location data. Geogroghical maps are always considered confidential information as they are equally very important for terrorists and enemies of the state. For that reason all counties have disignated authorities to decide what to publish and what not. But with the introduction of Google Maps things never remain very much in their control. So in that sense responsibility has now tranfered to common citizens.

    • Faizan

      Yes te*rorists are planning everything through google maps now days and w/o it we will all live in peace. /sarcasm/

      If someone hates you enough to B0mb you, not able to find your house will be least of their concerns.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Every time someone writes a comment like mhassan’s, I KNOW they have never visited a Western country and looked at their published maps. In any city, you can go into a supermarket or some place like that and buy a map of the city. For cheap. All the major places listed.

      Yet, when we want the same kind of map for Pakistan, people start shouting “security, terrorism, India, US, spies, bombers, blah blah” It’s so bad that I have to depend on GOOGLE MAPS to locate streets in my own city. Have you no shame???

      — For that reason all counties have disignated authorities to decide what to publish and what not.

      Please show me the LAW or REGULATION for countries in the West. You are simply making this up.

      • Umair

        Don’t be so confident for your argument
        without research.

        Sometimes there are NO official authorities to censor things but their are always covert powers that do that job all over the world. Every country hides/censors some information

        Read here about censorship on Maps here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satellite_map_images_with_missing_or_unclear_data

        There are place censored in US. Remember these are the ones that public knows. US authorities who censor things know how many more things are not appearing on Maps and other mediums.

        • Shahid Saleem

          — Don’t be so confident for your argument
          — without research.

          Well my friend my “research” involves living in the west before web era (before Netscape got famous in 1994, 1995) and having to purchase maps to find my way around.

          — Read here about censorship on Maps here

          You are very funny. Do you think having 10 or 20 or even 100 blurred images in a country is the same as not providing maps for all cities??? Of course some installations will be hidden or not named but you will still find STREET MAPS. There is more to maps than satellite imagry.

          And honestly I don’t know about you but I would be very upset to find secret or military installations in the middle of the city I live in. In the case of a war, the civilians living around such secret installations will beear the brunt of warfare and it won’t be their fault.

      • mhassan

        @Shahid Saleem, just for your information my whole childhood and schooling was abroad :) I had also worked with one of the pioneer GIS (Geographical Information System) company in US during 1990s, long before GoogleMaps came into existence. Hence, I’m fully aware of mapping policies and standards followed in US and other counties. Please never underestimates others!

        • a khan

          sorry but this debate is irrelevant here. The question of confidentiality in aerial or satellite mapping might arise but in user sourced street digitization, civilians like you and me will only be able to mark what we see on the road – ie public information. I dont see threat here.

  • WOW
    More than just Awesome.

  • funkymonk

    wailay baithay hain, lighthotee nahi hai hai … factoriyan chal nahi rahin to yehi kerain gay ..

  • Simply excellent.

  • agreed to Mehwish :p

  • Sumair

    Can anyone post a detailed article on how to edit and make maps???? I want to edit and add many places in my locality!! It’ll be appreciated! :)

  • mosab

    Faisalabad Rocks:
    Why this happen because:
    Faisalabad is 2nd planned city of the Pakistan (3rd is Islamabad)
    Its also called Manchester of the Pakistan because the geographical mapping is same like Manchester of UK.

    I think its positive use of Technology.

    Pakistan zinda Bad

  • waheedtheone


  • Iss ma itna khush honay wali kia baat ha jo tamam Pakistani0 k sar fakhar sy buland hogay han!!!!:P

    • GorayaTiger

      ap kyun jeleous hu gaye hu MR.

  • osama

    Chaa gaye ho tum log!!!!

  • Zaki Uddin

    Awesome Work Faislabadians !

  • ابرار احمد

    فیصل آباد والوں کو مبارک ہو کہ انہوں نے اپنا نام پیدا کیا اسی طرح پاکستان کے دیگر شہر بھی کافی بہتر ہیں۔
    Good luck Pakistanis.

  • Sikandar

    I am very happy to know this. Great work Faisalabadians!! Congrgulations

  • Shahid Saleem

    The big problem now is keeping the maps updated. People need to organize in teams to confirm that the data does not become stale.

  • To all the haters, We the Faisalabadies produce most of the cotton products and 2nd highest economical growth of Pakistan. Hence, once again we are at the top of all other cities, so stop being jealous and accept the credibility.

  • Moeed Amjad

    Masha Allah. Good job.
    But, I always feel in-secure regarding these Google Maps. Why they want to Google whole world at that micro level?

  • zafar

    nice information about city of Faisalabad in Google map.Thank you.

  • Faisalabad is the Best City Dear

  • iRfaN

    pro pakistani ap ny b 3 din choti kar le……

  • Qasim

    g irfan bahi ya acha nai hay for future of propakistani

  • Aqeel

    Its really nice .

  • We r getting very happy on it..
    But keep in mind Google is US company and is collecting view of each street of the world…
    Imagine how easy it becomes for US to undermine any country…Think abt it

  • GorayaTiger

    Faislabad People hardworking and intiligent as in textile business and now in IT

  • waqas

    Because its a hub of business in Pakistan. Since pakistan is dealing with great recession so our businessmen are not only using social media for promotion but also the services like google maps. now almost every upper and middle level company have added themselves on the maps. Its great to know but it is a great surveillance as well :)

    Since the satellites don’t mark the name of building and detailed information about locations. so google has done this.

    Congratulations you’re being watch at every step.

    But you know I will not say that google maps is useless thing but its and amazing thing for those who really need it.

  • momers

    Nice spin on the story! He did not DECLARE anything such! He was pointing out that Google Map Maker enables countries without digital maps to be extensively mapped and hence accessible.

    There never was or IS a competition! And the US maps contain a lot more information than our existing maps of Pakistan, so i doubt we are beating them anytime soon!

    Though as a major contributor to these maps myself, I was pleasantly surprised at this mention and this goes to show the excellent work that Pakistani mappers continue to do on Map Maker! and THAT contribution is what we should be celebrating!

  • Great great great all Faisalabadin’s you again prove that you always produce intellectuals.


  • Mani

    becoz it was desinged by British People in back 40s..


    Tremendous Work I REALLY Appreciate. . .

  • Yasir Irfat

    Great Work, and shows how people do adapt to technology in our country, sometime it becomes overkill but it is refreshing that after so much load shedding and problems to run their business they are keeping up with best in the world.

  • Faisalabad laptops

    Faisalabad is best is some area after textile boom and decline.

  • Adnan Niazi

    Faisalabadi rocks big time :)

  • Good effort by Faisalabadians :)

  • blueraheel

    Well its nice to see that Faisalabadies are throwing away the label of paindu..
    Faisalabad rox..nice work