Subscribe Shahbaz Sharif, Unsubscribe PTI: Letter Was Faked to Defame CM: Punjab Government

A reportedly fake letter, allegedly from Chief Minister Punjab Secretariat, is making rounds over internet, which directs various Punjab government departments to subscribe to Shahbaz Sharif’s official twitter and Facebook pages.

This letter also directs the Punjab government officials to immediately unsubscribe from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf pages of Facebook.

When ProPakistani contacted Chief Minister Secretariat for verification, it said that letter is not only fake but those elements, who tried to malign Punjab Government, miserably failed to copy the original format of Chief Minister Secretariat letters.

Check below fake letter that asks Punjab Government officials to subscribe to Shahbaz Sharif’s Facebook and Twitter accounts:


Asad Ibrar, director co-ordination at Chief Minister Secretariat told me that this letter is fake. He explained that someone is tying to defame Punjab Government by faking official letters, which is criminal offense.

Mr. Asad maintained that original format of CM Secretariat letters is different than what is produced by opponents of his government.

Flaws in the letter:

According to Chief Minister Secretariat, the letter circulating over internet has following flaws:

  • Mr. Nadeem Hussain Asif is Principle Secretary to Chief Minister, unlike mentioned as secretary to Chief Minister
  • “Chief Minister Secretariat” on legitimate letters is written between letter reference number and date.
  • Official letters don’t contain phone and fax numbers.
  • Phone number mentioned for Mr. Nadeem Hussain Asif is not correct.
  • Legitimate official letters are addressed to one individual with possible copies to several persons, unlike in above fake letter.
  • A copy for CM secretariat isn’t sent when CM secretariat is itself writing the letter.

Chief Minister Secretariat has launched an inquiry to find out who had originated this fake letter. CM House said legal action could be taken against the culprits.

While Googling ProPakistani found two official letters of CM Secretariat as following:

14141 001



Letter head and letter format of Chief Minister Punjab is as following:


It is feared that more photoshopped letters are likely to surface as political parities are quickly embracing internet and computer technologies. However, they should keep in mind that technology is usually the most transparent form of transaction that humans do and that get caught easily.

It merits mentioning here that Express Tribune published a story on June 5th, (probably based on above given fake letter) alleging Punjab Government for directing its officials to subscribe to Shahbaz Sharif’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Interestingly, this story has been removed now from ET website but a Google’s copy of cached page can be seen here.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • read above again.its NOT true. its another move by imrannazzi’s on internet. I swear i am getting sick of this imran campaign being run by 12 year olds on internet.

      • Why complain? If you have become so sick, why don’t you stop using Internet or just avoid what you don’t like.

        Also, PTI media officials has already issued a press release of clearing themselves out that they’ve no links/contacts with these fanboys whatsoever. So take a chill pill and let the kids do what they want.

        • wow. so my option are, live without internet or live with this political garbage. Sorry but i will take third one, which is stay on internet and call a spade a spade.
          And this trick of press release of no contacts with twitterazzis, while begging them to help get more members is not fooling anyone. Imran khan himself keeps mentioning his twitter army in his tweets and keeps instructing them the next steps all the time.

  • whatever … PML-N MUNAFIQ . ZARDARI PASSAND NAHI LAKIN ………. 4.5 saal us ki madad ki GOVERMENT CHALANAY main ..

    and tell us ” why this KOLAVERi to AWAM ”

    and you ” Aamir Attaa ” who told you to defend the PMLN ? does he give you laptop ?

    • again typical PTI mentality .. immature and puerile
      when you can’t answer logically take it out to the admin ..

      PML-N is munafiq .. AGREED

      then PTI isn’t ?
      Why they changed stance on MQM ? why Imran Khan took dogs as a gift from Musharraf ?

      where is the million march ?

      dude all here are Munafiq .. its just that your little mind is not able to comprehend that

      • PTI stance not change on mqm.
        Dogs are not gifted by Musheraf,see IK latest prog with maher bukhri.

        Its not a pti vs pmln debate issue. Supporters of all parties using such tacts now a days. Rather than blaming each other party… We must condemn the fake stories belong to any party.

        • dont believe on contoversies against IK, do some research u’ll find the answers. who is better.
          Imran love.

          • true its not PML-N vs PTI debate ..

            however, since you all are so knowledgeable ..I will ask you to show me one statement in Karachi Jalsa related to Target killing, Bhatta against MQM .. like he used to do that earlier ..

            • Dear, Karachi Jalsa was for Unity, not for criticism .

              And also for your information, according to Court decision all major parties, PPP & ANP & Mqm are inolved and they have political influence on police.
              IK talked about independence police system….

              This is the simple thing, Pti & IK views about Mqm are clear, no alliance with a party having “militant wing”, clearly saying that mqm have militant wing… This statements repeated many time by IK after Karachi jalsa!!

              • @Hamza ..
                so Karachi Jalsa was for unity and Lahore one was for criticism ???
                your statement itself prove PTI double standards ..
                everything is clear .. PTI is not different than any other party ..

                • Sory bro, you again mix the things.

                  The main parties policies were discussed in both Jalsas.

                  In Karachi jalsa, local parties were not discuss, as not only one(mqm) , different other parties were also the culprit and bias & political police is responsible of that… Which was also mentioned.

  • Who knows Aamir Attaa got only a lptp or something else but they way he is providing information is really really great. From where you can say that above post is in favor of PMLN…?

    BTW I wish that the blog must remain for IT news only instead of messing with politics or dirty politicians…. :D

  • Though I am a PTI follower and not really a fan of PML-N as a whole… but I think whoever did this, shouldn’t have done it.. even if its not fake then it doesn’t suit Punjab Government and if its fake then whosoever did this, is seriously afraid of the fair political game between two parties.. It could be a PML-N follower to defame PTI and it could be a PTI follower trying to defame PML-N OR maybe some third person..but seriously guys don’t be so desperate in politics…

  • What about those hyperlinks? I’ve not seen any official documents with printed hyperlinks. Also, it states urgent means the print was taken in a hurry while neglecting to remove the hyperlinks?

  • ‘The phone numbers are of facebook management team at CM house’. Are these people being paid by public money? I have subscribed to Shahbaz Sharif’s facebook page, all they are doing is promoting PML(N). The letter may be fake but its clear that Shahbaz is using public money to promote his party. Laptop distribution ceremonies and his jalsas where teachers are forced to bring students with them are a perfect example of this.

  • PML N PPP ko jis ne vote dia wo zalil kutta. apne parents ko bh samjha dena ye words sab kelye hain khud bh bachna parents ko bh bachana. or jis ne PTI ko vote nahi dia wo to munafiq number 1 firoon ki nasal se belongi.

  • A Fake letter, i think one should not take these things seriously, people come up with such things over the net very easily. So guys just chill out.

  • PTI we love u this is real letter….
    Ab yai bolain gay ya noora league wally…!!!
    Imran khan <3

  • Laptops diye thay tou un pe bhi Shahbaz sharif nay apnay page ki advertisement ki thi, us baray mein admin nay koi post ki?
    agar waisa ho sakta hai tou aisa bhi ho sakta hai, maybe this time they really sent this letter to gov officials for getting more likes on page, lol

  • well biggest proof of fakness is spelling of Shahbaz.. :P.
    Its Shehbaz with “e”.. and officially it is “Shahbaz” :)

  • Noora League Using Public Money for their Political Gains………
    UNICEF stops funds to Punjab Govt just because they were using it for they personal and political purposes………. another daylight fact…..
    What the hell you Noora Leaguees think that these Darama bazi will bring you votes of sensible people????? Instead Idiots will vote for your Dramay Baz…….. and Idiots are in sufficient number, just your LOOTERS did not promote education, they just give LOLLIPOS to the idiot nation………

  • i don’t give a horse shit about the origin of the letter, my point is that the past and present of PMLN (last 5 years) is more than enough for me to expect any such move from them. They are good or bad is again out of question, point of concern is that instead of doing something substantial in stopping the current govt they have deliberately overlooked/skipped/pigeon philosophy in many things (raymond davis, NRO during the early years of this govt and many more). Which means they have the ability and flexibility of becoming yet another Paid servant to the West which is not acceptable. so Screw PMLN along with all paid pets of West…

  • The thing to be noted here is, a Facebook management team is working in CM house and what actually they do? They might doing propaganda against other parties and definitely other parties will also have some facebook team in their official offices.

    “Phone number Mr. Nadeem Hussain Asif is wrong. Phone number mentioned in Letter is of Facebook management team at CM House.”

  • @Funky MONKEY!

    You better park your tongue and keep your thoughts with you.

    People like you will keep living in 1990s. Such a PARANOID you are like your leaders.

    Paindu leader k paindu followers! Huh

      • Logon kay jootay chaat chaat kay e mar jana…
        Magar phir b nai badalna…

        Tars ata hai tumhari soch pay aur haal pay…

        • Get ready for a slap on ur highly unattractive face…
          1. Asad Umer= Ex-CEO of Only pak MNC having world’s largest fertilizer plant…incepted by Asad umer, Economist journal regarded him as Steve Jobs of Asia…
          2. Azeem Ibrahim= Public policy consultant for UK nd other european countries, grad from Cambridge, UK
          3. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan= Ask ur parents abt him kid, ur absurd mind may not know…

          Even now if ur thinking cant change nd Ask ALLAH to hv mercy on u…Bbye

          (Qouting Nimra)
          Excellent slappy reply. Good work.

          They have illiterate like Abid sher ali, Mushahid Ullah jin ko ghar main koi nai poochta, LOL

    • do I have to ask you before answering anything ??
      living in 1990s .. who are you to say ? a slut from 2012 ?

      and which leader I am following ? I hate all right now .. bitch

  • @nimra
    to ap konsa pti ko follow kar key urban don ban gaye hain,,,stop bulshitting others!

  • accha to yeah tha Inqalab :p Dosroon nay to Iqtadaar main aker fraud shoro kia or PTI nay phalay hi shorowaat ker di :p

    PTI ka inqalab Murda baad :p

        • O which fraud?
          Such a dunce you are..
          They hv never came to power and dunce like you pointing fingers on them for corruption. Let him come in power then criticize which is CIVILIZED way.
          But i wonder if these things affect your brain or just move out through you just like your breath.

          • Power main any say phalay hi drama bazi shoro ker di hay power main agay to kia kia hoga :p

            PTI ka inqalab Murda baad :p

  • @Malik
    Get ready for a slap on ur highly unattractive face…
    1. Asad Umer= Ex-CEO of Only pak MNC having world’s largest fertilizer plant…incepted by Asad umer, Economist journal regarded him as Steve Jobs of Asia…
    2. Azeem Ibrahim= Public policy consultant for UK nd other european countries, grad from Cambridge, UK
    3. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan= Ask ur parents abt him kid, ur absurd mind may not know…

    Even now if ur thinking cant change nd Ask ALLAH to hv mercy on u…Bbye

  • Leader to ap k sare bhi 1990 wale hain. Ab naya khon ai ga jo Pakistan to Bahter banay ga. I pray for God form give us a good and true leader who thing about the Pakistani awam .

    • Han g aur 1990 main IGI bhi bani thi.
      Aur Nawaz Sharif Sahab “Sharafat” election bhi jeetay thay phir 1990s main…

      “Asghar Khan case, in process in SC”

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