WiMAX Operators Impose Service Charge of Rs. 50 Per Month on All Packages

WiMAX operators are apparently inspired by cellular companies who have imposed several service charges on services.

A notification sent out to Wateen customers reads that Rs. 50 per month will be deducted from all customers on all packages as a monthly service charge.

A note published on Wateen website says:

Wateen strives to deliver best quality and uninterrupted services to our valued customers. To meet the desired satisfaction levels during the prevailing economic situations, a monthly service charge of Rs.50 has been applied on all WiMAX packages with effective from 11th June 2012.

wi-tribe wrote on its website:

at wi-tribe, achieving service excellence is a constant, ongoing process. To ensure we continue meeting our community’s service expectations in today’s economic conditions, a monthly service charge of Rs.50 will be applicable on all packages, effective 1st June 2012

Qubee also said that it will deduct service charge of Rs. 50 on all packages from June 2012.

Such an act of imposing similar service charges with same name in same month could draw attention of Competition Commission of Pakistan, authority responsible for regulating pricing and competition in Pakistan.

    • So Called ‘Service Charges’ are an increase the load on the back of ‘beast of burden’. I mean, the customers(subscribers). And the purpose is to fill the pockets of Corrupt mafia.

      “Every tax is fair in corruption and mafia-ism.”

      PTA is a tool to grab money from the pockets of non-sens donkeys(also known as AWAM).

  • there was no advance notice even for existing customers, and Rs 50 were charged after recharge this months..thats ridiculous kind way to impose some charge

  • this is not complete news, all other wimax company Charged Rs.50, Wi-tribe Starts in 20th june 2012, qubee in 1st july 2012.

  • well analysing the current operating cost and economic conditions i have no issue paying 50rs per month…

        • yr mje 1 bat ki smj ne ati jb diesel mehnga hota ha bijli mehngi hote ha to sb rote ho r bhai in companies k lia b mehnge hote ha…vote da k loteron ko le aie govt ma jo tm logo ko jote mare reha already r baten yahn aa k krte ho…kher being a sensible consumer i left my 1st comment r 50rs k lia ab me rona shro kr do it dosens suits….

          • @ahmar
            Diesel mehnga hota ha bijli mehngi hote ha to hm ny in companies ka theka otha rakha hy, k in ka kharcha b ham othaen? for example, mn ptcl broadband use kr rha hon aur broadband ka rate hy 1200 rs(1mbps) lekin is pr taxes aur duties laga kr bill 1700 ka bn jata hy, to mn already 500 rs extra dy rha hon, why?
            To please companies ki wakalat na kren, aur agar faltoo pesy hn jaib mn to hmary pesy bhi khud dy dia kren.

            • DSL per koe bhe tax nahi hay…aap k bill per jo tax likha ata ha wo line rent aur call tariff pe lagta hay.

            • chote log chote baten…mangtay he rehna sari umar….ne aford kr sakte to na use kro bhai rone ki kia zarorat ha koe b sensible adme ye bat samj sakta ha k company ki cost barhe ge to product b mehnge hoge…lgta h matric ma ho abe jo bzns ka kch pata ne ha…

  • bacha party 18 ghante ki loadsheding ho rahi hai diesel k paise kon dega genrater pani se nai chalte or bijli hogi to net chalega hahahahahahaha.

  • Its a bad thing really that wimax operator also joined the way of telco. I fear if these charges will continue to increase in future. They should increase the package price instead of imposing so-called service charges.

    • I agree. In sub say PTCL behtar hay they increased 1 Mbps tariff by 50 Rs. but have started giving free Wi-Fi modem.

      Prices should be simple to understand not difficult to calculate.

  • Get ready to be looted in another form……

    So Called ‘Service Charges’ are an increase the load on the back of ‘beast of burden’. I mean, the customers(subscribers). And the purpose is to fill the pockets of Corrupt mafia.

    “Every tax is fair in corruption and mafia-ism.”

    PTA is a tool to grab money from the pockets of non-sens donkeys(also known as AWAM).

  • after using it for 2.5 years. now i am going to return wi-tribe device. enough is enough. first telcos and now ISP’s are looting our pockets.
    i request every one get closed their connection in-protest. i am going to do this today. Inshallah.

    • Phr net kaisay use karay and without internet there is no work at all in today’s life.
      and the operating cost increasing how the company will survive if they don’t charge their operating expense from their customer’s.

      • they can stop having luxurious salaries and luxurious benefits to reduce the fixed cost. salaries in millions, company paid family trips abroad, multiple bonuses etc. what is this for when your are already paid in hundred thousands.
        its customer who is paying their salary. there are alternatives for wi-max based internet as well. PTCL, world call and many more in every city.

  • They have not describe what are their plans and how will they improve services. The more their customers grow the low the quality of their services get. Then why are they imposing such charges.

    • PTCL and LOSS FREE CONNECTION???????????


  • pathetic services and charging that much.saray khaa rahey hain so they thought k hum kyon peechay rahein.wateen ko to ban kar dena chahiyee.pathetic net and customer service.hameesha customer ko blame kartay hain.apna network mara hua hai in ka :@

  • Apni service theek kar nhe saktay bus paisay mangtay hain. In ki example us faqeer jaise hai jo hota tou kaam karnay k qabil hai per phir bhe bheek mangta hai. Dono may sirf farq itna hai k wo Allah k naam per bheek mangta hai aur ye sub service k naam per.

    • Actually, Beggars just ‘beg’ the money, but these ISP’s ‘grab’ the money from your pockets…..

  • bad news for customers…but just look bak 10yrs ago wen we were used to pay thousands of rupess for 20kbps along with bzy telephone line. and now 2000kbps at the same rates…100-times better with no bzy line..if all the companies r doing the same then it makes sense to increase 50 rupees in such economic conditions.we shud be realistic and acknowledge the fact that all these wimax companies helps us to get rid of ptcl monopoly otherwise we’ll hv to pay 1000’s of extra rupees against 50 rupes..secondly, kon se cheez mehangi nahin hoe in last one year..Actually, we as a society hv habits to blame rather than knowing the facts…i think, internet is one of the only product jis kay rate nahin barhay in last 3 yrs rather kum hei hoye…

    • who tell their sales team to do sales sales sales everyday. pressure from their companies upper hierarchy has increased their churn rate. how many sales can be made in a house of internet. only one or maximum two. but every quarter or semi annually they increase sales target to show increased sales to the company board members to get handsome annual appraisal for their own self. while they are already paid millions every year. their business models are based on their personal objectives rather than company or consumer oriented objectives.
      Mr. Paracha joined wi-tribe as CEO with the promise of increased sales and revenue, Mr. Naeem joined wateen again with the same promise. Now they have to show it. for that instead to pushing for new markets ultimately new sales. they are pushing for higher monthly charges. to increase revenue. the problem is with these companies strategies and nothing else. why should a customer pay the price of their mistakes?

  • When we pay amount for availing service, then what is this service charges? Govt. should do legislation on this issue, otherwise everyone will come up with service charges

  • ye apna pet bharne k lia garibon ki jebon pe daka dalte hen Witribe balki sab ase hen. in ko koe samjhae k dunya ki aag se inka pet nahi bhare ga. in ka pet dozakh ki aag se hi bhare ga.

  • They are selling Aluuu , Pyaz before ,, to sale these veggies they charges PKR 50/- imagine the money Rs 50/- from a 1/2 million subscribers so each company make its revenue of 25,000,000 (25 Million per month / 2 caror per month) handsome amount.. I just get rid of Qubee and also want others to boy-cot all these shit services so they get to know power of the users.

  • Not a good step for customers, but we have to see statistics. Regulatry authority allowing them to increase because u can see almost 100 percent increase in all products pricing, but wimax industry is already in price war from last 2 years. So this additional charges make sum sense.

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