Rozee Gets a Mobile Friendly Website

rozee.pk_logoRozee.PK has launched a mobile version of its website that will let Rozee users search and apply for jobs more conveniently while on the move.

Mobile friendly version of Rozee.PK will also let users set up job alerts and let them match jobs according to their interests from their mobile phones.

Commenting on the application Chairman and CEO of ROZEE.PK Monis Rahman said,

“More and more of our interaction online occurs on mobile devices these days and the user’s experience will be greatly enhanced through this application. Introduction of this mobile application will allow ROZEE.PK users to avail from our services on the go and will enable them to be constantly active in Pakistani job market.”

This web application is supported by all HTML5 browsers and all the users have to do is log in to and access their account from their phones.

The mobile version of Rozee contains all the major features of the website itself and will allow job seekers a platform to try and attain a job that matches their ability and interest.

  • Furqan

    I visited on cell browser yesterday. It was amazing, such a friendly and simple interface.

    Well done ROZEE well done.

  • Usama Siddiqui

    Main ne to ye website he pehle baar daikhe hai:)

  • Nanna Rahi

    I know that its a monopoly but Rozee needs to work on their web interface as well. Website is full of clutter and looks really ugly. It is hard to find information for new users and it violates many UI and HCI standards.

  • Pakistan Classified Ads

    Yup at last they have arrived on phones, the Top sites needs to have mobile versions to stay in contact with its users. Congrats to the Rozee Team.

  • Asad

    I haven’t met, seen or even heard of a person who got job through except on their own website

    • Nanna Rahi

      I get calls frequently.

    • Ali T.

      I got a job through Rozee

    • khaboos

      true ..
      i m engineer and have applied for more then 70 jobs and only 3 employers have viewed my CV.. and i have yet to receive any call.. their website is very poorly designed..

  • farhan

    it is a useless website.i have applied million times using it but didn’t get a single reply from the employers :(

    • Raheel Ahmed

      Agree.. I have also the same story.. from past 1 and half year..

    • Sk

      To get a call from a recruiter or a company. You must fulfill there requirements.

      If you do not meet the criteria and applied just to give a try, then definitely you won’t be receiving a call.

      I have applied many times, not always but several times i got a response from the team.


  • Hassan is a useless website with zero response. Complete waste of time. I wish there is some proper website which have authentic job openings and not just wasting our time.

  • ProPakistani User

    Amir – Was this a paid post by CEO to promote his pathetic website?

    • admin

      It was a press release. We don’t do paid posts.

  • Sajjad

    A better option is

  • Asif

    Most of jobs even dont exist. Most companies listed there are fake which have no real office. I applied on a job and somebody called me saying that you are selected and come to marriot hotel for interview but pay 1200 first for interview i pick that thing and know already that was a fraud so such things also happen. If they truly are for a better purpose why they have adsense on their website they are just there to earn money they dont need anyone to get job or not.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Very curious. Do you think it is rozee’s job to make sure all the companies posting jobs are legitimate?

      • Zahid

        No its not. But rozee should mark all those jobs that are posted for free by the employers and they cannot view applicants CVs so that poor applicants don’t waste their valuable time

  • udas bacha is completely dash website, i never receive interview call from Now i am using linkein and receiving interview calls from potential employers as well. Now linkedin is on number 9th and is on number 30th most visited website of pakistan.

    • Shahid Saleem

      — Now linkedin is on number 9th and is on number 30th most visited website of pakistan.

      Prove it.

  • Bilal

    I found my last two jobs through rozee, and while I don’t always get called for an interview when I apply, I do think its worth the time and trouble of applying. One has to remember that there are 100 times more job seekers in the market than jobs available. We shouldn’t be surprised to not always get a response, but it does definitely work in my case. There are far more jobs from very good companies on rozee than linkedin or any other website, which means access to more opportunities.

    • shehla

      agreed. Pakistan has lot more applicants. But website should also not waste applicants time by not telling which jobs are free jobs and their resumes can’t be seen by the employers.

  • Ahmed

    I got a job at UN by applying for it on rozee website. The process was not easy because UN has a long standard P11 form but I received a call, went for interview and was offered the job. It is really very good service to nation of Pakistan giving income to deserving people. I am glad there is mobile version now, good work.

  • navaid

    Main ne to ye website he pehle baar daikhe hai:)

  • hamid

    naukrify is not working anymore,