Nokia, At Last, Gets its Pakistan Specific Website

Nokia_PakistanNokia today announced the launch of a dedicated Nokia Pakistan website with an aim to provide up-to-date information about Nokia business and key activities in the country, said a statement issued by Nokia today.

As pointed out by ProPakistani earlier, Nokia didn’t had its Pakistan specific website at a time when every other country had dedicated Nokia websites.

The Nokia Pakistan website follows the template and layout style found in the Nokia Global and other regional Nokia websites. Pakistani consumers can now log onto the Nokia Pakistan website and find information about products, apps, consumer support, store finder and Nokia contact information relevant to Pakistani consumers.

The website has cataloged all the latest Mobile Phones that are available in Pakistan; giving the potential buyers the ability to compare a set of different mobile phones to help them choose just the right one for themselves.

The website also offers a dedicated tab for a list of latest applications available on Nokia Store and for the user convenience another important feature is the Store finder, which directs a potential consumer to a nearby Nokia retail outlet/care center based in selected location.

The website also provides support for Nokia devices including software updates, product fixes and a discussion forum where consumers can get answers to their queries and general product/OS specific information. The support section of the website also offers contact details where consumers can raise queries or get in touch with the Nokia team for product related information.

“Nokia’s localized website for Pakistan will aid us in offering enriched services to our loyal customer base that is increasing in Pakistan every day, so every day we are looking for new and better ways to let them enjoy an enriching mobility experience” said Adeel Hashmi, Head of Communications, Nokia Pakistan & Afghanistan. “Nokia is the leading mobile phone brand in Pakistan – while it is a great position to be at, it also brings in added responsibility to constantly push boundaries. In this context, a Pakistan specific Nokia website doesn’t just provide information but brings together solutions that accentuate what we call ‘connecting to what matters the most’.”

    • Too late as always………in dual sim, in reducing pricing, in providing technology at cheap rate………..much more.

    • Why move to android ? They have their own great OS’s. They only have to move back to Maemo/MeeGo and Symbian and bring meltemi which Mr. Elop killed recently for low end phones. And one more android cant even do basic multi tasking. If you want to see great multi tasking then use N9, N900 or any symbian phone and then compare it to any android phone. Then u will know what is multi tasking. Android Multi tasking suks.

      • I also think they should go to android…. Symbian is not even close to android. I used to be a huge fan of symbian and nokia.

      • — And one more android cant even do basic multi tasking.

        Clearly you have no idea what multitasking is.

        step 1. install connectbot
        step 2. connect to local
        step 3. type “ps”

  • Android is best.. Nokia is still using Symbian which is comparatively very ancient than Android!

  • They have made a good move…as Nokia future is in cheap mobiles which they have pretty mature market in Pakistan ;)..
    In my persoanl openion Nokia is all set to be doomed as microsoft betrayed nokia only to get windows 7.x update not windows 8.x.. and Nokias biggest mistake was to move to windows….!!..
    But i guess they didnt had choice as samsung Andriod was really far ahead when they made decision to get windows OS…There was no way nokia could compete samsung in andriod…

  • Nokia, u have lost it now,,, when Nokia was a power, it never cared about Pakistan, now when no1 asks it in Europe then it’s focusing on Pakistan and other asian countries.

  • It is really a sad situation. My nokia phone is dying now (5+ years old, menu keys dont work ok any more etc etc). Yet what can I replace it with? I bought it for 16000 in 2007. I don’t want to spend more than that (maximum 18k). My only choice is Nokia. I could buy a cheap android but I really will miss keypad.

  • RIP nokia . Your days have been numbered. Wrong strategy and lack of futuristic approach has let nokia towards end.

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