32 Players Complete Their Dream Journey – all Thanks to Zong

MUSS-Pic-1The 32 most outstanding players of the ZONG UNITED KICKOFF’ Football Tournament returned from their dream journey – a weeklong training session at the Manchester United Soccer School (MUSS) in Abu Dhabi.

It was a life changing experience for these young players exclusively provided by ZONG – the digital partner of Pakistani nation.

During the week, the players had an extensive training schedule spanning over 5 days which primarily focused on things like; physical and technical skills, nutrition and diet, player’s attitude on and off the pitch, what to do when sitting out, warm up skills, dribbling, shooting, passing and ball control. The young players were also provided with training in other fields, such as tactical understanding, and mental, physical and social growth.

Two dedicated Manchester United trainers were assigned the task and both were extremely impressed by the talent and prowess of the players with the ball. The trainers paid extra attention towards highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and helped them further improve their game.

Andy Dixon, Head Coach/Project coordinator of the Manchester United Soccer Schools program in Abu Dhabi praised the young players in these words, “I am impressed with the immense talent that these kids have. All of them have unique qualities which will help in bringing them to the international football scene one day. ZONG has done a tremendous job by providing them this matchless opportunity and I am confident that this training will be the first step of the exciting journey that lies ahead of these youngsters.”

The MU legend, Dion Dublin was also present at the activity and stayed with the children till the presentation ceremony on the last day of the activity. Due to his charismatic personality and his approachable demeanor, Dublin really connected with the children and helped mentor them throughout their sessions.

Usman Ishaq, Executive Director Commercial of ZONG said, “We are glad to have done something which will help these talented children further refine their talent. Being a China Mobile’s brand, ZONG has an emotional relationship with the Pakistani nation. Like any good friend, ZONG also wants to promote the talent of Pakistan and Manchester United enthusiastically facilitated us achieve this target. We are thankful to them, the players, all those who participated in this campaign and the Pakistani nation for placing their trust in us.”

The players were really excited on their way back and could not wait to try out all the new techniques and skills that they had learned at MUSS and were thankful to ZONG for providing them with a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Zain-ul-Abdeen one of the boys who got special plaque from trainers excitedly informed, “I had never ever imagined in my wildest dream that I would be able to meet Dion Dublin and receive training at Manchester United Soccer School. I still can’t believe that it has happened and I am grateful to ZONG for not only providing us access to amazing content of MU but also making our dream come true.”


Besides arranging the entire training session, ZONG took care of all their accommodation and other needs throughout the week. They also arranged fun activities and took the players for sightseeing to various places including the Ferrari World Tour.

  • Lucky guys to be trained by MANU trainers, and i hope some of them to make way into Pak national team.

  • Nice, it’s good to see someone promoting talent here.

    Just one question, who made Zong the digital partner of Pakistani nation?

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