Pakistanis to Have Access to Windows 8 Marketplace

Microsoft recently announced the list of countries which can access its new Windows Phone 8 marketplace. There are total of 180 countries in the list, which shows that Microsoft is actively trying to increase its number of audience.

Good news for Pakistani audience is that our country is included in this list too. What’s even more interesting is that all of these countries’ developers will be able to make and submit apps on the Windows Phone marketplace – so if anyone among our readers is a developer, here’s a chance for you.


Currently, only 63 countries have access to the marketplace and only 38 countries’ developers can submit apps.

But this is going to change with Windows Phone 8 marketplace. The new marketplace will also bring the option of in-app purchases, something that was missing from the Windows Phone equation.

However Microsoft has said that this list is still not finalized and some changes might take place. We can only hope the name of Pakistan remains on the list.

Here is the complete list of countries which will get the Windows Phone 8 marketplace:

  • Shahid Saleem

    We can also submit apps to the Android marketplace, but not apps with billing (paid apps or in-app purchases).

  • Zlip

    To me old news since I checked it already few days back.
    It is overall good for Pakistan future and can create chances for Pakistani developers as well and also full time access to goodness.

  • Great Great, been suggesting it to Microsoft at Twitter and more.

    I love their Twitter accounts and Twitter support accounts. They help by replying within minutes.

    Follow @WinPhoneSupport for phone support

    @microsoftsupport for help about any other MS product.

  • Javed

    If Afganistan is on the list, why won’t Pakistan?

    • umair

      afghanistan has 3g do we have???? lol

      • Hasan


  • good news

  • Asad Shamsi

    India not on the list :D

    • India is there since the beginning. Im using my region as India on my windows phone 7.5 as i thought this is the closest to Pakistan.