Zong Launches Shadi Portal

zong shadiZong has introduced this Shadi Portal through which Zong customers can interact with each other based on their interests.

Probably a blessing for those who are having tough time in making their match.

Keep reading to know more about Zong Shadi Portal

Service Flow

  • Dial 654.
  • Record your profile in given 30 seconds time period. The profile will be screened and made live after 24 hours and you will be informed.
  • Once profile is live then you can then listen to recorded profiles of other members.
  • Select the profile of member you’re interested in.
  • The selected profile will get SMS notification and if they are interested then all they have to do is call the number they got SMS from.


  • Subscription charges: Rs 1+tax/day
  • Call Charges: Rs. 1/Min + tax

Terms & Conditions

  • Profile uploading will be subject to screening to make sure that recording quality is good and does not contain any obscene language that is offensive to anyone.
  • Customer cannot listen to profiles unless they’ve recorded one for themselves.
  • Only party B (that the subscriber has selected) can initiate the call

  • I am amazed, what is going in their heads… matchmaking is already a “significant” service of these service providers, w.r.t to the number of shadis taking place on the behalf of “mobile phone love”!
    anyways, sounds interesting…

  • i like your lines
    “Probably a blessing for those who are having tough time in making their match.”

  • یہ کوئی چِین ہے کیا؟ جو لوگ لونڈے کنوارے پھریں گے۔ الحمدللہ پاکستان میں جن جن علاقوں میں خاندانی نظام مضبوط ہے وہاں کسی کو شادی اور جیون ساتھی کے انتخاب میں مشکل پیش نہیں آتی۔ اور جو لوگ شادی کے علاوہ دوسرے ذرائع ڈھونڈ کر اپنی دنیا اور آخرت تباہ کرتےہیں وہ زونگ والوں کی 1 روپیہ شادی کو گھاس بھی نہیں ڈالیں گے۔۔۔۔زونگ!۔

  • Hahaha,Nice portal but do you really think this will help the society we are living in. i Dont think so, this is just money making game.

  • Another revenue making strategy from Zong. All similar things result in fraud and waste of time. Best way is only the way how parents find matches family, relative and friends.

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