Qubee Brings Triple Dynamite in July

qubeeQubee has launched this promotion in July 2012, named as the Triple Dynamite offer. The campaign provides all new & existing customers with three times the volume of their chosen package.

It should be noted here, the broadband service providers traditionally offer double volumes to their customers, however, this is the first time that a service provider has changed the practice and offered triple volume.

On the occasion, the Chief Executive Officer of Qubee, Mr. Jamal Nasir Khan said “Qubee is a customer-centric organization with a focus on rewarding users for their loyalty. Therefore, this summer, we have offered all new sign-ups to Qubee with triple volume in July & August, whereas for our loyal customer base we have already given them triple volume on their current package free-of-cost”

As per the rules of the campaign, the promotion is valid from 1st to 31st July 2012, where triple volume is awarded to customers irrespective the package they sign-up on.

  • Love Qubee for their generosity in awarding volume.
    I believe this is the only company which has a proper loyalty program in place which actually rewards customers every month with additional volume. The longer you stay, the more volume you get. I believe they give up to 40% of additional volume of one’s package limit per month free of cost.

    Also on timely payment, 2GB extra volume is awarded.

    They also have one of the highest FUP limits in the entire industry & they dont even block customers upon crossing their volume limit.

  • Yup now this is called an offer. where you can use and surf net to the maximum.

  • Qubee bias clearly visible…what will it be next month Quadruple Volume then Pentaplex Volume then…. oh bhai wesay hii UNLIMITED KARDU…sakoon du ppl ko! tarsa tarsa k maar rhay ho!!

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