Microsoft Disowns Shafay Thobani, Yet Another Self Proclaimed Youngest Microsoft Professional


The above pictured kid is Shafay Thobani, who is yet another Pakistani boy to claim as being the World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, even when Microsoft has said this officially that they don’t keep track of age for its certified professionals.

It appears that this has become a trend in Pakistan to get noticed by claiming oneself as being the world’s youngest professional in one thing or another. Probably because it can bring them fame, attention and money, that too without much efforts.

This is happening even after Shayan Anique’s episode, a self proclaimed youngest Microsoft professional, when we saw him producing communication that was forged and faked.

Unlike Shayan Anique, Shafay Thobani’s certification is legitimate, we have checked with Microsoft, but his claim of being youngest certified professional in the world could not be verified for the fact that Microsoft doesn’t count age of its professionals.

In case of Shafay Thobani, he (I mean his father or guardian) went a step ahead. They hired a PR agency, organized a press conference in a five star hotel in Karachi yesterday to announce his heroism in front of media. So instead of pulling the media, they rather contented with pushing their son to media to get him the coverage.

Jus t to mention, Shafay has a page on his website that reads: “Hire me as a Brand Ambassador”, while ProPakistani has learned that Shafay Thobani is going to become brand ambassador for a brand or two in addition to getting sponsorships from government and private sectors. Which is fine, in fact not. Let me explain.

Frankly speaking I am impressed by the skills of Shafay Thobani. Since he is legitimate certified professional at this age, which is something to be praised and lauded about. But the problem occurs when he calls himself “World’s Youngest Certified Professional”, which is a fake claim. Since Microsoft can’t verify this we are in no position to assume that he is indeed world’s youngest certified professional.

This problem will get only worse when we will see more such claims in coming days and also to mention that such claims are either cooked, not true, unverifiable and hence are falsified.

Microsoft is somewhat worried of these self proclaimed child prodigies, who keep on surfacing every other month now. Microsoft as a technology company doesn’t want to get named with these kids, who mostly fake their looks and skills (Ammar Afzal for example).

When asked if Microsoft will disown such youngest certified professionals an official told ProPakistani that they already did so by announcing that Microsoft doesn’t keep track of age for its certified professionals.

We hope that Microsoft will not ban kids from Pakistan below 18 to appear in certifications because of these self proclaimers.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Toufiq

    Dear Admin,

    I dont get your point. If a pakistani child at the age of 8 has really achieved some thing and has became the microsoft certified professional, we should appraise him, rather than discussing about his claim of youngest professional. I understand that microsoft dont keep track of ages now, but that doesnt matter at all. We should be pround on the young boy and should encourage him and other young boys.

    • admin

      I have said, I am impressed as far as he doesn’t claim to be youngest. Since Microsoft will disown it then why claim such a thing, it will rather spoil your chances to stand noticed.

      Plus this trend will never stop, and you will never be able to differentiate between legitimate and fakers

      • But your head line is different, like Express tribune.

        You should mentioned that only Age issue.But you mentioned as whole attachment is fake :(

        • Omar


          A microsoft certification is itself a big thing. Hand it in with your CV when applying for job at age-20 and mention the year of receipt of certification. It will give you the big boost you need at interviews.

          But projection? making a record? hiring a PR agency? For god sake this FALSE sense of competition is destroying our kids morale.

          Answer me one thing … is a Microsoft Certification at age 8 marvellous or is one at age 9 marvellous? Why all the PR and media coverage for age 8?

    • Izhar

      I am a microsoft certified professional at age of 27 and and it took me 2 years to complete the exam its not a child play. And i bet that all these kids can not even understand most part of that book.
      Certification first reason is self confidence not the media fame and i have prepared the book with this perpestive.
      Many kids who do it just for fame gets dumps and do the certification with out even understanding the questions.
      Every professional knows this and thats why when some one claims certification we ask full length of book chapters basic question and in 5 questions its becomes clear he is a dump ass of a true professional.
      I bet here if any of such kids come to you take the book and ask only question and answers mentioned in book itself and they will definitly fail.
      Avoid short cuts and also discourage such thugs.
      I hate such parenst who put their childern in such a fame phobia and ultimatly got killed after getting brain hamerige

      • Finally. Someone with actual certification can tell the difference. I get you brother. I have no doubt that these kids are using dumps to pass the exams. I seriously can’t understand why these people don’t see this. If these kids are THIS GENIUS. Where the fuck do the disappear after doing this certification? Why don’t they do phenomenal stuff after this! And why only microsoft? Why won’t anyone try CISCO or Linux Certifications?

        • Rizwan Shakir

          Nice comments. I agree to ur comment. I also want to ask where do they disappear after having this certificate. why don’t they create something meaningful which brings the value. People should also realize the huge importance of other technologies like aforementioned Cisco, Linux/Unix, Oracle, ERP(SAP) Adobe etc.etc. Having a knife in ur possession and u can’t cut a rope with it is useless and wastage of metal.Regards.

      • manna

        give me your fb ID

  • media!! media!!

    • pappu

      I read:
      “mafia”, “mafia”

  • It’s all about FAME in Pakistan!

  • Zaigham

    Very valid point. This trend should be discouraged.

    On that note, the talent of boy should be praised and we are proud to have such kids in Pakistan.

  • Jabran

    This time, you got him right on time. Well done. Last lines are the fear that every professional and progressive citizen may have due to such self announced claims.

  • Salam

    Is sari bakwas k end pe ap dekhna Microsoft is gonna ban all pakistanis to appear in such exams and test. Anyone must take strict actions if such claimers are FAKE. At least for the sake of those ppl who get and expect to get jobs on the basis of such certifications. Its like “kare koi, bhare koi”

    • pappu

      These certs dont get you a position at Microsoft. They merely help improve your job application.

  • Capt Munawar Sattar

    It is good that ProPakistani has been trying to establish its place on the news world.

    But I can see that you people are only trying to capture online visitors as you have Google Adsense
    and other paid advertisements on your own website which generates revenue for you and this is your bread and butter infact.

    This is the only way for you to survive and remain viable financially by speaking different and negative, as you being education know the mentality of Pakistani’s that they will be attracted by something new.

    Medial Science calls this abnormal behavior as a ATTENTION SEEKING seeking and thats what you have been doing so far.

    You are right in saying that Microsoft do not keep the track of the ages of their professoinal, but if there is a Youngest in the World he will reveal and appear on the media. However as you said that certification are all legal and correct and legitimate, then what is the point of argument here. You act like a anti-Pakistan organization.

    Let us help the nation by projecting the soft image of Pakistan to the rest of the world.

    If there is a youngest in the world, they will come automatically and that you must understand the trend of how things work in this world.

    Capt Munawar Sattar

    • Nanna Rahi

      DHA may plots ka kya rate chal raha hai?

    • TT

      Dear Captain Sb.,

      I respect your comments and opinion. However i differ with you on the point that we will get to know when someone else will claim that he/she is the youngest professional.

      Why one should claim such thing when he/she is not sure of that? or when there is no data available?

    • pappu

      Mr. Captain

      If you got commission under technical cadet course, thats good. Otherwise, please be informed that technology isn’t really your cup of tea. Your education is merely equivalent to bachelor of arts.

      If someone really is youngest this and that, why didn’t Microsoft announce it? All this circus started after Arfah Karim’s visit to Microsoft HQ. She has gone far away. I will not comment about that. Still, every Tom, Dick and Harry in Pakistan cant demand the protocol which Arfah deserved.
      And please ask your superirors to improve the image of the country. Civilians cant make it soft. Can you make a brick soft? Huh?

      We are fed up with all these attention whores. Remember Mr. Ali Moeen Nawazish? Did anyone bother to ask him about his performance in higher education? Ask him such a question and he will remove you from his friends list. hhahahah

      If you really want to appreciate Paki talent, commend those who participated in reasearch of much awaited Higgs particle. (Use Google to know what that is. After all, its the first time you are going to hear about it).

    • Pakistani

      Captain saab jaane dein aap kisi ko kya anti-pakistani aor jhoota tehrayen ge. Aap logon se to world known terrorist nae pakra gea jo aap ki baghal me aa k betha raha baaten aap aesay kar rahe hen jesay bohat baray maarke maar k bethe huwe hen.
      Aap bs enjoy karen in becharay Google Adsense se pese kamane walon k taxes pe.
      Ab agar kisi ki aankhen kholna Anti-Army hona hay to qabool hay.

    • Baaghi

      Army Culture is the KILLER of Creative Minds. Only principle in Martial Law Administration is to Follow the Senior Idiot Blindly.
      If you are an Army Man then Follow 2 Principles:
      1. Just Don’t Let the Junior Open His Gutter Mouth, and …..
      2. Don’t Let the Balls of Senior Slip from your hand.


      • Captain ki to leni deni ho gayi. :D

    • Baaghi

      Concerns Shown Over Use of Social Networking Websites by Military Men

  • Timmy Chims

    Okay am I the only one who thinks this kid is not 8? Look at his dense arm hair in the first picture : | Could be a midget pretending to be an 8 year old?

    • pappu

      Ops friend. I guess most of us will not notice that unless pointed out. You definitely have an eye for detail.
      However, his parents are the culprits.

  • these kids and their ‘MS’ based records are defaming the name and hard work of Arfa Karim (late) and PAKISTAN.

    Becoming MCP or MCTS is quite easy now a days; thanks to those institutions who magically transform their students into 1000/1000 marks machine.

    Its good to see other organizations (Adobe, Oracle, Zend etc) are safe from this plague.

  • Malik Hassan

    Self Proclaimed Youngest Microsoft Professional is exposed watch his latest video which he claimed him self as youngest Microsoft Professional

  • Marvin Gouse

    Let’s exploit women for spoiled little white kids.

    • Nanna Rahi

      Wrong window

  • A quick question from Pro-Pakistani guys. Why Arfa Karim was invited by Bill gates if there was no such data like age being maintained by Microsoft, What made them invited Arfa if it wasn’t AGE ?

    @Capt Munawwar Sattar:
    Kindly don’t exaggerate too much when expressing your opinion, like calling “anti-pakistan” to anybody. Pro-Pakistani is doing amazing job and putting together the facts

    • admin

      They used to keep track of age, until it went out of their control for reasons we know well. Currently they don’t keep track of age. This can be verified from any Microsoft Certification Office.

  • Proud to be Pakistani. Well Done Shafay Thobani. We are really proud on you..

    • pappu

      You forgot to add, “sarcasm intended”. :D

  • aleena

    i m tired of these cheap youngest drama of Pakistani kids . MS please ban all these certifications for Pakistanis under 18

  • This is jealousy my dear aamir attaa.
    Mehnat kr hasad na kr. hahaha

  • Sumair

    So what about Arfa?? Was her claim to be the youngest MCP not valid? Just asking…..

  • usman mir (@uzman0)

    Only one sentence “Microsoft, Welcome To Pakistan” ;[

  • Saki

    I am from the same industry. Dudes it took hell of time to be expert in this domain, people having Engineering degrees and working experience over many years come on these stages and we Pakistanis this, “WAH BACHY NY KYA AALA KARNAMA KIA HA”. Bro just think about these fake news. Although you can also get a certificate for your child who is in progress :)

  • Please welcome yet another “Hello World!” Microsoft certified professional.

  • title

    Admin! the title of this post looks not fair to the little kid. you should take care of such sensitive things

  • ameerhamza

    I am waiting for the oldest …

  • Imran

    I would like add something.

    All IT professionals know that getting a Microsoft certification is not so much tough. It is totally dumps based i.e (you must know the correct option/answer for a set of questions). I know a person who even never worked on any server class OS by Microshit (oh sorry i was supposed to say microsoft) and he is certified by just using dumps and learning the dumps for only a couple of days. I can’t understand why we give so much importance to microsoft certification even There is another world with open ends i.e “Open source”

  • cybermate007

    HatsOFF to Dumps.

  • Ahsan

    be fair please.

    This post is purposeless.
    aimless, senseless.

    You don’t have any proof that he is not the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional.
    Even if Microsoft doesn’t keep record of age.

  • Greed is curse even greed of fame,knowledge
    I am a microsoft certified professional at age of 27 and and it took me 2 years to complete the exam its not a child play. And i bet that all these kids can not even understand most part of that book.
    Certification first reason is self confidence not the media fame and i have prepared the book many time with this perspective before giving exams.
    Many kids who do it just for fame gets dumps and do the certification with out even understanding the questions.
    Every professional knows this and thats why when some one claims certification on CV we ask some basic question from book in 5 questions its becomes clear he is a dump ass or a true professional.
    I bet here if any of such kids come to you take the book and ask only question and answers mentioned in book at chapter end and they will definitly fail.
    Avoid short cuts and also discourage such thugs.
    I hate such parents who put their childern in such a fame phobia and ultimatly got killed after getting brain hamerige.
    And one more thing 90% or 10 year age kids in Pakistan can get this certification from reading dumps and spending 7200 Rs

  • Oh please atleast you dont say lie. First tell me what proof you have that you have talked to Microsoft? First give your proof then come to others

  • Saba Khalid Microsoft Certificate Technology Specialties

    No comparision with Arfa. She was a real genuine talent:this kid become certificate by Microsoft dumps mean learn dumps learn by heart he is not as genuine as late Arfa was, if you ever have chance to have conversation with this kid you will know and understand that kid is not genuine even not on the level of any regular kid all cover this kid is his father and his richness i meet this kid in a event and understood the kid is noting just a Microsoft dump reader. and all his trainer did is memories this kid Microsoft dumps.

  • Raheel Zia Microsoft Infrastructure Consultant

    Dear All Hi/Assalam -o- Alikum
    Don’t be so angry or emotional.!!!

    I’m a Microsoft Consultant and have 15 years experience as a Microsoft infrastructure consultant working as a lead Microsoft consultant in Microsoft partner dealer company
    I attended and pass over 19 Microsoft certifications.

    If you can buy dumps from http://www.pass4sure in 100$ and hire a teacher whom memories dumps question
    Then your 5 years brother or sister or son or daughter also able to attend and pass certification within few months less than 13months ,but it will be noting but just a paper.

    for example if any one attend Arabic language test and pass with the help of guess papers by this he will get only Arabic language certificate which will be just a piece of paper not command over language.

    In all this story Microsoft is missing when Microsoft office are present in Karachi Forum and Islamabad and their staff member also represent all over the Pakistan.

    In this story if any one realize there is too much used of PR agency because they hired a PR agency, organized a press conference in a five star hotel in Karachi this kid is actually son of rich and powerful person and famous business men his father has lots of money and wanted to get publicity by this he easily become famous.

    This kid is really dump player and noting even kid don’t has any confidence or knowledge and command over subject kid teacher just memories dumps to this kid they are not real hero life late Arfa. She was a real genuine talent and proud of Pakistan.

    this kid is artificial even in few weeks kid will forget attended Microsoft technology Specialties certification name without official approval or part of Microsoft no such claim is valid this just a self claim which any one can do verification with Microsoft is vital.

    If anyone wanted to know view of Microsoft or verification with Microsoft better call at Microsoft Pakistan office 021-111-116-738.or email at following Microsoft address.
    [email protected]
    • Bill Gates, Chairman of the Board [email protected]
    • Steve Ballmer, CEO – [email protected]
    • J. Allard, CTO – [email protected]
    • Robert Bach, President, Entertainment and Devices Division – [email protected]
    • Joe Belfiore, Corporate VP, Entertainment and Devices eHome Division – [email protected]
    • Kathleen Hogan, Corporate VP, Worldwide Customer Service
    [email protected].

  • Rizwan

    Captain saab, kithay ghaib ho gai ho

  • funny clip

    what is Question

  • Qasim

    i am not against these kids or such claims, but if they are that good mean that they will be able to produce and implement solutions based on certifications, any1 here wants to hire these kids for job based on their certification ?

  • YouthTIMES

    Our generation is going to right way now..

  • Umair

    I am enbrassed, that this kid hold only MCTS editing copy, even no exam mention at bottom.

    Asked him if he real MCTS certified show his plastic wallet card which microsoft start with sun rise service from June.

  • Ammar

    how to become microsoft engineer

  • Imran Khan

    Raheel Zia

    It is not matter of few months. It is matter of days that you can pass certification. Because my friend passed it through a person who gets the 100% exact paper which is going to come. God knows from where he gets the exact paper.

    He was through on all the question in 10 minutes (really). And just sat there to pass the minimum time required to be in the exam.

    When I heared that Arfah Karim did it same thing came to my mind. But I think she was interviewed later on by microsoft officials and she proved to be geniune certified professional. But these kids it is easy to believe that they used the other source.

  • Muhammad Arslan

    fake heros. anyone can get microsoft certification by just reading a month