Warid Announces Rs. 10 Million Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize Winner of Rs. 10,000,000

Warid has announced the grand prize winner of its “SMS Crore Ka” promotion and gave away hefty Rs. 10 million to the winner.

Pictured above, Mr. Nauman Fakhar, VP Customer Services, Warid Telecom (right) giving cheque of Rs. 10,000,000 to Mr. Arshad Ali of Hyderabad who won the grand prize in Warid ‘SMS Crore Ka’ promotion.

Mr. Arshad Ali, the grand prize winner of Rs. 10,000,000 while receiving the prize said “Warid has changed my life completely, my dream has come true and I cannot express the level of excitement I have.”

Warid’s ‘SMS Crore Ka’ has been an exciting promotion in which 394 lucky winners have won prizes worth a total of Rs. 25 million in daily and weekly lucky draws. Warid subscribers acknowledged ‘SMS Crore Ka’ as a transparent and interesting promotion and requested the company to keep coming up with similar offerings for their benefit.

  • Fake yaar !!!

    Hum Pakistani bhi bus isi asramain rehtay hai kay crore pati ban jaen.

    Warid waloo yeh 10 M apnay staff par spend kardo.

    Lag hi nahi raha kay yeh banda JEETA hai 10 M. Face impression hi nahi dek raha.

  • Admin…LAST NIGHT warid’s service was out for straight two hours….1am till 3am…..in lahore…Howcome you guys never post anything like that about warid…i’ve had my doubts since day one..!

  • Admin please also mention that the winner had indirectly won a gamble by sending above lac rs msg to have any chance to win and thier were many who have lost lac\ housands of rs in this gamble game

  • Good Thing, so many winners and at other part this Telenor Crore offer is useless really.

  • In here he’s a General Manager in contact Center, but as it says, he’s a Director, so that’s mean… yeh sub Numbering ki game hai… yani k Grades… !

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