Pakistani Users’ Behavior on Social Networking Websites Revealed

Effective Measure, an analytics and audience profiling firm that gather data of over half a billion internet users worldwide to assist publishers, advertisers, ad agencies, ad networks and researchers, has released first ever insight on behavior of Pakistani internet users on social networking websites.

Report primarily covers users’ sentiments for social networking websites, usage and engagement of social networking websites and advertising potential available on social sites for Pakistani audience.

This report, made available to ProPakistani, reveals that Facebook, Google+ and Youtube are most favorite online social channels for Pakistani internet users. Facebook is said to have 53 percent popularity amongst Pakistani users, followed by Youtube at 25 percent while Google+ managed to grab 14 percent love from Pakistani internet users.

Report said that 38 percent Pakistani population on Facebook login almost everyday, while another 15 percent use Facebook at least once a week. Youtube showed similar but decreased engagement followed by Google+.

On other hands, the report said, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn are least used social networking websites in Pakistan.

Effective Measures said that almost 71 percent Pakistani internet users never clicked ads on social networking websites, demoing huge potential for CTR growth in local market if interesting and useful products are marketed online.

Effective Measure Regional Managing Director – Middle East Africa (MEA), Brendon Ogilvy, while commenting on the report said:

“Pakistan has emerged as a hotbed of social media activity in the region, with many forming communities bound by common interests to exchange ideas and enhance interaction.

By sharing our exclusive and latest insight on Pakistan’s social networking community, we hope to show the potential of social media as an effective way for advertisers to reach out to brand advocates.”

Check below screens taken from Insights on Local Consumers from Pakistan on Social Media:






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