Pakistani Users’ Behavior on Social Networking Websites Revealed

Effective Measure, an analytics and audience profiling firm that gather data of over half a billion internet users worldwide to assist publishers, advertisers, ad agencies, ad networks and researchers, has released first ever insight on behavior of Pakistani internet users on social networking websites.


Report primarily covers users’ sentiments for social networking websites, usage and engagement of social networking websites and advertising potential available on social sites for Pakistani audience.

This report, made available to ProPakistani, reveals that Facebook, Google+ and Youtube are most favorite online social channels for Pakistani internet users. Facebook is said to have 53 percent popularity amongst Pakistani users, followed by Youtube at 25 percent while Google+ managed to grab 14 percent love from Pakistani internet users.

Report said that 38 percent Pakistani population on Facebook login almost everyday, while another 15 percent use Facebook at least once a week. Youtube showed similar but decreased engagement followed by Google+.

On other hands, the report said, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn are least used social networking websites in Pakistan.

Effective Measures said that almost 71 percent Pakistani internet users never clicked ads on social networking websites, demoing huge potential for CTR growth in local market if interesting and useful products are marketed online.


Effective Measure Regional Managing Director – Middle East Africa (MEA), Brendon Ogilvy, while commenting on the report said:

“Pakistan has emerged as a hotbed of social media activity in the region, with many forming communities bound by common interests to exchange ideas and enhance interaction.

By sharing our exclusive and latest insight on Pakistan’s social networking community, we hope to show the potential of social media as an effective way for advertisers to reach out to brand advocates.”

Check below screens taken from Insights on Local Consumers from Pakistan on Social Media:






Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK


  • Nice Report Amir Bahi !
    Pakistani waisay Facebook , Youtube daily use kartay hain jin ko or kuch ata ho ya na ho !

  • Strange, I dont agree on twitter population here.

    Twitter is getting more popular day by day, and disagree with the figure of 3 %, and also in mobile, twitter is more famous than facebook or g+ or youtube.

  • I am rather skeptical about Google+ population. It is lesser than what has been stated (as per me). The network hasn’t gained any popularity among Pakistanis. You see very less G+ profiles.

  • Hey,

    Great work in gathering the data but i would say that we should convert using of these social media sites into earnings. Yes.

    You can earn from Facebook too. You can earn from pages, You can earn from getting traffic from facebook. There are many ways to earn from Youtube as well.
    We need to stop watching Porn and get some really good stuff which can give some thing i return. Stop wasting time yaroo !



  • only 3% on twitter and itni yan agar 50% twitter par hon to kya ho ga? o.O

  • No doubt that FB is the more frequent social site to visit but how come youtube and Linkedin got these small numbers.

  • Pakistan finds itself in the midst of many crises. But despite all Digital Marketing and E-commerce is one of the potential sectors of Pakistan. With so much easy & cheap access to internet connection on your Pc, mobiles or tablets .Initially one can earn ranging from 500$ to 2000$.

    • yeh with 24 x 7 connectivity with electricity, 99.99% uptime, quick same day solution if the problem does occur, for about US$21 dollars alot of countries offers unlimited and stable connections, not just pakistan.

  • These are just figures based on usage, it does not depict anything on the users behaviour or attitude. There could be various reasons cultural and accultural why people log on to the facebook, and who are these people, is the first question, what is there demographic, geographic and especially psychographics. Not a useful report at all, just some numbers that are not surprising.

  • Good Post. Social media is getting popularity in Pakistan. FB may get competitive situation after a decade, because in Asia, people just start running towards where others are going. FB is famous, so new bees just go to to start social media connectivity.

  • These statistics are correct but i’m confused. Why our Pakistani web portals who runs and execute large amount of users on their end, literally showing the negative image of Pakistan? are we not Pakistani? are we not Patriots? Are we critics only for the negative and slang words for Pakistan and it’s politics? do we have other things? do we have good things to talk about? do we have good forums where we can discuss about the good future of Pakistani Social Media Promoters, users and Bloggers? Why we forget that large number of Bloggers are using social media websites and they list themselves as outsiders not Pakistani? just to gain access and popularity? you haven’t count them so i dont believe these are true statistics.

    • Akif I very much feel the same pain when I see a bad language and vulgarity on social pages at least there should be some manners to come on live network ,I don’t understand why people become so nasty

  • I am interested in getting to know about the statistics of using urdu serious discussion blogs related to gender e.g humsub dw and daleel etc
    kindly guide as i am doing my phd research on that

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