PTCL Announces VSS Scheme to Offload Employees

PTCL-logoPTCL has announced the offering of Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) for its employees who wish to quit jobs against hefty incentives.

Sources inside the company said that this upcoming VSS offer is aimed at downsizing of workforce with mutual benefits for both the employees and the company itself.

A notice issued by HR department of PTCL (pasted below – in Urdu) says that employees will have no pressure from the management to quit jobs by claiming VSS. It said the decision for claiming VSS will be purely from employees on their consent.

Notice said that those who wish not to claim VSS offering can continue working for PTCL with all their rights.

It maybe recalled that PTCL had offered VSS back in 2008, through which some 30,000 employees were offloaded who had claimed VSS then.

Incentives offered through VSS campaigns are still unclear. At the same time PTCL employees are waiting for court ruling concerning their pay scale, which could play a vital role in determining the final VSS incentives for employees.

We are in process of getting more details on this, meanwhile, have a look at PTCL’s VSS offer notice below:


Letter via PTCL Workers

  • Aoa,

    Yaar again they have increased broadband charges 20 PKR extra on student bundle is it fair with students or not….

  • it is wrong to say that upon the prolonged insistance ( BARHA ISRAR) the VSS scmehe has ben launched for the monetory gains and benefits of the employees.
    this is all rubbish and bogus statement which the managemnt has always been uttering.

    who is insisting so hard , why management just had a look at only one desire which is separation.
    where is is desire of the employeess for the regularisation, it is also a prolonged and must insisted desire.
    The Govt has revised the pay packages several times during the last ren to twelve years, and those pay sclaes were not alloted upon the employees. it is also a long awaited desire of the employees that the govt pay sclaes be applied and the salaries must be good. even for this the employees went to supreme court and supreme court ordered to pay the employees of ptcl the pays as per govt revised sclaes. This is the desire of the emplyees which as not been ful filled. Why ?

    hence this whole launcing of VSS is bogus and fraud which is meant to shead off the workers without any gain for them.

  • PTCL as incumbent telco operations like BSNL (India) , Etisalat (UAE), STC (Saudi) etc. have the same challenge i.e. how to optimize the organization to thr business. Its not easy task. PTCL is our flagship telco and I bet you if it wasn’t for Etisalat, PTCL would have been another PIA or Pakistan Railways etc.

    VSS is much better than giving forced layoffs. No company in the world offers Employment for life anymore. Sorry but that is the hash reality of today. PTCL is no exception.

  • I’m surfing through ptcl Evo since more than 2 weeks now, and its working beyond my expectations.
    The speed is excellent, and everywhere I go, I get full signal strength.
    I have travelled in various parts of the country as my job type is that and i found that EVO nitro in terms of speed and connectivity, is the best of bests. mujy mere business me ptcl ne hamesha sath dia hai. thank you ptcl evo.

  • AOA,

    U have given only one side that PTCL provide incentives to its employees so it announces VSS scheme but r u sure PTCL has fulfilled its commitments in this regard, I’m afraid PTCL has spent millions of Rupees on legal acivities not to give pension to its employees whereas every Supreme Court has decided that these employees are like Govt. employees and will get the pension accordingly however, few of them died due to non increase of pension in these days of dearness. Please look into the matter and help the poors. Now another thing PTCL has increased rates of many services inspite of the fact that thousands of employees depart but their expenses still not met. U should understand the remaining management is the culprits. Please highlight it to save Pakistan. There are many things to explain but whats the use of it in this country. Can u help to get rights.

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