Ufone Increases Balance Inquiry Charges by 50%

Following the footsteps of Mobilink and Telenor, Ufone has now increased balance inquiry charges by 50 percent, revealed a press ad published in various newspapers today.

After August 1st, 2012, Ufone will charge its customers 15 Paisas plus tax or 18 Paisas (including tax) for all balance inquiry requests through *124# or by dialing 124.

Ufone earlier charged 10 paisas plus tax for balance inquiries.

Ufone website, while announcing the increase in balance inquiry charges said:

Dear Customer, Ufone has always provided U with impeccable services and affordable rates, balance inquiry charges will be 15 paisa +tax w.e.f 1st August 2012.

Here is the press ad from Ufone:


  • adil

    get a CDMA handset, put a vfone SIM and get rid of these ever increasing service charges. :)

  • Azi

    Oh teri…Ufone tum he tu ho jo sab sy phaly chwal marty ho..

    • Ali

      Ufone following the footsteps of maybe link and telenor.so zimeydar tu ye dono companies hoi.

      • vicky

        telenor waley sab se phelay har cheez pe charges barhatey hain,baad maindoosri company un k dekha dekhi keemat barhati hain.

  • Humayun

    Another Bullshit by ufone

  • Ahmed

    That time isnt that far away when they will charge for the so called “missed call” as well.

  • use vfone worldcall and gocdma . Boycott all gsm companies .

  • Beaten By Love

    ufone like zardari

  • Muhammad Khalid Farooq

    Ad is tarha dia hy jaisey pehly Rs. 1 rate tha aur ab Rs. 0.15 kar dia hy. What a “Zaleel Harkat”!

  • Pakistan Classified Ads

    Wow, They are providing you a great service so they think its their right to increase charges. :)

    • Zaradari

      Oye UFONE ka chamchay,

      kya great service da rahay han

  • Guys, Mobilink and telenor are already charging 15 paisas so what is the fuss all about? Everyone does realize that these companies are here to make profit, these are no NGOs!

  • I am boycotting ufone for this. I transfer my number to Telenor.

    • Ufone

      aapka telenor bhi itnay he charge kar raha hai… :p

      • Am

        Lol telenor is the MOST EXPENSIVE company,look at the rates.

        • Faisal

          If they are charging more their service is also better than others.

          That’s a plus point here

  • aslam

    Loot Lo Kamin____

  • I think they will remain looting.. and we ll remain lutting!!!!!

  • I think they will remain loo0ting.. and we ll remain lutting by these_______!!!!!

  • umar satti

    This is totally unfair…
    now i will never check my balance
    protest against

  • salman

    gotta hate these ever rising charges of so called service improvements and balance inquiries…!!!

  • Radium Computers

    Lgta hai zakat jma krny ka new funda nikala hai.

  • They are just looting innocent people and pick pocketing us and its not just ufone but almost all famous networks are doing the same.

    its a famous quote that competition in many companies make service good and down the rates but i astonished that which type of competition is this that rates are going up and service is going down and they name it that to make call quality better we increased the rates, what a lolz

    Our government is also behind it because they put more and more taxes on telecome companies and telecome companies increase the tax and put it on GAREEB AWAM

  • yah companies apni sari packages ke kasar puri kar deti hain … Nuqsan sirf user ka hota he..

  • Pakistani

    Is mulk may is waqt jis k ekhteyar me jo hay wo kar raha hay, mulk k sarbarahan se le kar nichle tabqay tak jis k jo haat araha he wo kar raha hay, awam majboor hy or product use karna on ki zimmadari hy, lehaza lootmar ka ye silsila oopar k tabqay se start hokar mill, industry, petrolium, electricity, communication, education, foods, and etc, har jaga chal raha hy. Allah Hamaray Haal par Raham farmay

  • imkhalid

    Its all about U(fone) not you(customers) :D :D :D

  • Komolikah

    government, companies, multinationals, businessman are aware of the reality that pakistanis have enough money to spend, but to show the world they always complain that we don’t have money, we are poor etc. etc.

    pakistani people pay high to purchase even basic food items, like we outside world are watching pakistanis in ramadan or can afford any price to use mobile services / sets.

    pakistani nation are not aware of their consumer rights. sorry to say, now foreigners have an impression about pakistanis that they only bark for electricity, gas, proudly lose their lives in terrorist activities, traffic accidents, mobile snatching but can’t do anything for their rights. cause if they raise their voice, islamic republic of pakistan government have police and other resources to send ‘ pakistani people ‘ back into their cages.

    so why pakistan people always complain, if they can’t raise their voice or fight for their proper rights.

  • liaquat ali

    tandhh barhe chhdyha ahan tohata

  • FeZy

    GuD,,,,,,,,, bohat jald 1+tax b hojaye ga….

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  • Hussam Gee

    han g kun k Ufone k lia hm hi to hn lootny k lea