PTCL Offers Freedom Package for Unlimited Nation Wide Calling

PTCL-logoPakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has today launched this new ‘Freedom Package’, which will allow company’s landline customers the freedom to make unlimited nationwide calls from PTCL to PTCL and PTCL to Vfone (On-Net).

PTCL has previously offered a similar offering, called “Pakistan Package” which also allowed unlimited nation-wide calls.

Charges: Those PTCL customers who have broadband facility installed can avail Freedom Package for Rs. 250. Their current broadband and PTCL charges will remain the same.

PTCL customers who only use its landline facility can benefit from this offer for Rs. 499 per month, in addition to monthly charges they already pay.

  • Both the packages are applicable for New Telephone Connections.
  • Existing subscribers can also opt in for the freedom package.
  • standard mobile and international calling charges will apply.
  • The Freedom Unlimited package will also be applicable for Triple Play and Quad Play Customers.


“PTCL differentiates itself from its competitors by going the extra mile for its customer”, said Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Commercial Naveed Saeed. “PTCL Freedom Package is a unique offer which has something for everyone”


“PTCL always brings the most innovative products and reliable services for its valued customers”, said Executive Vice President (EVP) Wire-line, Aasif Inam.


The package will replace the existing PSTN and Double Play packages. Only International Packages, Mobile Buckets and Double Up Unlimited Packages will continue to exist for Opt In.


With Freedom Packages, PTCL offers the most affordable local and long distance call rates with unmatched voice clarity and seamless Broadband Internet experience.

  • “PTCL differentiates itself from its competitors by going the extra mile for its customer”, said Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Commercial Naveed Saeed.

    I still remember that before the arrival of mobile phone service providers in Pakistan, for just a 3 minute PTCL to PTCL LandLine call PTCL sucked its customers blood by charging more than Rs.100.

    It is only thanks to the mobile phone service providers that PTCL was left with no other choice but to lower its rates (just for its own survival, not for its customers)

    So, we already know very well how much PTCL cares for its customers and how much different it is from others.

  • I think we should at least appreciate the efforts of the companies who are providing the services on such a low rates. We must keep in mind that all mobile operators (Except one ) are foreign companies to whom we are supporting and they are dragging money from such a fool nation and we are also praising to them. We should be Pakistani and think about the money to whom we are paying and think about national companies. Please reconsider your comments, otherwise such a drastic thinking can lead us cease to exist on earth. Please think again

    • If we accept this logic prpounded by you, then we will be left with no other choice but to forgive all those who have plundered this poor country and its people during the last 65 years.

      By the way, the dangerous criminals in our jails are also Pakistani, why not release them and allow them to do anything they want.

      These private companies have invested heavily, provided employment to thousands of unemployed Pakistani youth. But they never charged us Rs.100. for just a 3 minute call.

      • Dear Anwar, i think you are new to mobile users, please remeber the time when the paktel charge Rs. 43 per minute back in 90s and mobilink was even costly than that and the super elite class proudly shows their mobile phone in talkshows. why have you forgotten that these mobile operators even charge you for incoming calls, which PTCL never charge in history. back in 80s middle class could easily afford PTCL connection while after a decade in 90s even lower elite class was not able to afford mobile phone. these mobiles operators have sucked the nation and Alas we are still in favour of them.
        Criminals are nothing to do with telecommunication and their refrence in this discussion is absolutly out of context. PTCL is serving millions of our brother and sisters within countery and in foreign. My point is only to favour our own nation and think positively about the companies which are national and i am not saying that we should ban or kickout the other foreign companies. Think National and positive.

        • Dear Saleem,

          1. It is meaningless for me that who thinks what about my mobile phone use experience. After all it is the duty of a PTCL paid employee to defend his organization. So keep up performing your duty ;-)

          2. Anybody with little knowledge about Mobile phone operators knows very well that Telenor, Warid and Zong never charged their customers heavily. We all know (and let me update you too) that Ufone is a child of PTCL. Paktel failed to compete with the above noted new companies and was purchased by the China Mobile (Zong). Yes Mobilink did even worse than PTCL and is no more in a position to suck customers blood like PTCL. It is all because of this tough competition given by these new companies who never charged customers heavily and today even poorest of people can afford mobile phone service and can talk easily, at affordable rates with their all contacts. Even today, if these foreign competitors go out of Pakistani market, people of Pakistan will be left with no other choice but to again pay the same heavy amount to the PTCL again. The interest of poor people of Pakistan is of foremost importance than anything else and it is the National Duty of every Pakistani to support this Competition.

          3. All old customers of PTCL are witness that they had to pay bribe to PTCL employees for the installation of a PTCL LandLine Phone, then paying them regular bribes whenever there was a fault in telephone line, alongwith heavy call charges. If anyone calls this all as National and Positive thinking, then may God bless that person with this National and Positive thinking.

  • old news, you are late its been launched after 14th August, 2012. I already knew it even applied on my ptcl.

    • I think it is a awesome offer. Unlimited calls at 499 is excellent but for only 250Rs. for DSL subs is sooper dooper deal and than God it comes without any stupid line rent.

      I think now i can start calling through my telephone line :0)

  • @salman78, but only 24% owned by foreign owners and the rest 76% is owned by Pakistan and the profit goes to governement of Pakistan also.

  • Etisalat holds 26% shares with 51% (or may be 52%) voting rights. And there is dispute between Etisalat and GOP on controlling rights on a large number of assets.

  • what does it meant? I am a DSL user. will i have to pay additional Rs. 250 and get unlimited local and nationwide calls? what about line rent charges. will it be waived off? Admin please clarify

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