YouTube Ban Disrupts Other Google Services in Pakistan

The move for banning YouTube in Pakistan over anti-Islam movie on the video website has resulted into sluggish overall internet experience and notably high latency rates for Google Services, mainly on PTCL and EVO networks, ProPakistani users have reported to us.

We are told that almost all Google Services have slowed down or are not available in many cases. Google Search, Blogger, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Play, Google Docs and other Google services are apparently impacted due to a technical glitch on ISPs’ part.

Google’s Transparency report is also hinting reduced traffic from Pakistan for all Google products, however, due to delayed reporting it is likely that we get a clearer picture from Google by evening.


ISPs aren’t commenting anything on the situation but said that they will look for any abnormalities in services to get them fixed.

A network expert, while commenting on the situation, opined that this delay or inaccessibility of other Google services could be due to cross-site objects that are now blocked because of YouTube ban but are necessary for running other Google services. This includes, and is not limited to, account information services, javascripts, style templates and other similar things that are now a days stored at centralized locations to enhance speeds and user experience.

Users on Chrome Browser are likely to be more exposed to such Google services issues.

A possible solution could be to allow certain file types from YouTube (such as .js, .css and others) while disallowing Video Content through filters that ISPs are using.

Internet users in Pakistan are calling for better filter management from ISPs during the YouTube ban, which is likely to last for at least a week – if not more.

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

    • dude your retarded and so is this government. they take such senseless and useless steps. In other countries google youtube has just blocked the video from being viewed, but pakistan always has to go to the extreme and block an entire service to prove no point, making the general population suffer and disrupt their services. Like today, with the shutting off phone networks. REALLY?!?!?!? wow this government is so fucking retarded. what if God forbid something does happen? People can’t communicate with anyone to let their families know about anything.

    • I totally support Pakistani government step. However, banning just YouTube, GMail and Google Play on Android phones is not enough.

      Pakistani government need to ban the whole internet just like they banned (turned off) the cellular services (mobile phones) on the Day of Love on Friday.

      It is not even impossible. North Korea did it. So we can do too.

      Go for it Pakistani government. We, the whole nation, is with you. Block the whole internet. Anybody who is against the blocking of whole internet is not a true lover of our PROPHET MUHAMMAD P.B.U.H.

    • Oh god, these ptcl monkeys. Now i know why my android gmail app wont fetch new emails. and Google Docs dont seem to open on PC anymore.

      PTCL, hire someone who can atleast block properly (if you have to resort to blocking sites all). Here You’ve destroyed gmail and other services for thousands of people :|

      Oont re oont. Kab hamari awaam ko aqal ayegi. Nobody cares about your protests of this sort anymore. This is not the right way.

      • This is the problem with our people’s mentality. Someone say something against our beliefs and our theikedaar of deen take out their kulhaaraas and machine guns.

        What’s the point of protesting in your local gali mohallas when the culprits in the USA won’t even bother to see you. The guy who made the film is enjoying life in an AC in USA, here you people are burning puppets and closing down own people shops to go with your walk-in protests.

        Today’s gmail and google docs disruption due to to youtube blockage has already done hundreds of thousands rupees worth of damage to pakistan. Kab samjhogay tum log. This is not the way to protest.

        Google said they’d block the speicific video in pakistan but they dont take orders from anyone (not even white house) so they said they wont completely remove the video. These rules are same for all worldwide google users.

        • A few days ago there was a story about 500 million android phones and tablets being activated worldwide.

          I would really really like to see a graph of android activations from Pakistan last week vs this week. It must be FLAT.

        • That’s the point i have been explaining to my family and friends that, their is always some way of doing things right, But the thing is that most of the people who wanted the youtube blocked are the people who use the youtube or internet just in days like these, when some cartoon or movie comes out, the real pakistani netizens don’t care that who is publishing what on the websites/channels/ FB pages created for the soul purpose of blasphemy. I love my religion and Prophet but i expect that even a another muslim feels or should feel like me…its a new world..where you are free to believe or disbelieve…..Muslim could have answered that bastard in many better ways…

      • Already wasted a lot time of mine yesterday but I just forget that I am an IT expert then why can’t I open Google Docs and Youtube. funny, Proxy is the solution people. I am using an installed Software of US Proxy so Lets get back to work :D

    • Yar PTA sucks. They will remove gmail, google drive and other common google application but I don’t think they do anything for webmaster tools, analytics and other professional application. They are making IT professional’s life miserable Specially webmasters.
      Dear Amir Ata please raise this issue as well or Pakistan has to face huge lose in this manner.

  • Google main services are inter-related. Many sites using Google adsense are linked to google web master tool sites like google analytics. If you are blocking one service it will definitely effect many other services indirectly connected with youtube.

  • Even when signing into gmail you are first redirected to “” which means that the most of google account data is stored at youtube…
    Thats the main reason of glitch nd can be solved by using filters properly…

  • غالباً پی ٹی سی ایل نے یوٹیوب بند کرنے کے لیے اضافی اقدامات کیے ہیں جس کے باعث دیگر گوگل سروسز متاثر ہوئی ہیں۔ فیڈبرنر، گوگل اے پی آئیز، گوگل کوڈ اور گوگل ڈرائیو جو کہ پی ٹی سی ایل پر قابل رسائی نہیں، انہیں سائبر کے ذریعے باآسانی استعمال کیا جاسکتا ہے (٭تاحال)۔

  • It’s no puzzle:

    $ host has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has IPv6 address 2a00:1450:4006:802::1005
    $ host is an alias for has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has IPv6 address 2a00:1450:400c:c05::5b

    Same IP address. So if your ISP blocks the IP on their filters, poof! No services.

  • I have authenticated my session through a remote proxy and still isn’t opening.

    and google authenticates from In past they were doing from

    • your right brother it is working for https

      Perhaps they not using the right technique.

      Regular Expression who do the deal here.


  • yes true. it has effected all google related services and load time is high. and also youtube is working on PTCL dsl without any problem. by using https instead of http. pta should block this too.

  • just blocking YouTube is not that solution we need to block all Google service in all Islamic countries .

  • me & my friend’s g+/gdocs not working, but its nothing serious to us, we will wait until google delete all videos related to blasphemy

  • yaar agar pakistanion nay kuch karna hai to paki hackers ko chahiay k youtube ko hack kar k wo videos remove kar dain

    • Agar hum itnay jogay hotay tu aaj hum nay apni youtube naa bana lee hoti. We are good for talking and demonstrations only…..

    • Agar Zaleel Ho Kr Jeena Hy……..
      to Alif, Bay, Pey, Sey Yaqeen Othana Hy…….

      Taleem K Darwazy Band Kr Do……..

      Zardari Pr Yaqeen Kro…….

      Aur Zaleel Ho Kr Jeo………

      Aur Khowar Ho Kr Mro………

  • What the hell again on my ZONG net BB curve 8900 youtube working proper and anti islamic film available also n open n play I’m check right now today at 2:05pm. Kia bakwas hai koi batayga?

  • Yes, the issue lies with PTCL. The block was on keywords rather on a specific domain ( Any website, containing or linked/ leading to) with Blasphemous content is blocked. #URL Filtering

  • عقل والوں کو احساس ہو جانا چاہیے کہ دشمن ممالک کی سروس پر بہت زیادہ انحصار کتنا نقصان دہ ثابت ہو سکتا ہے. یہ ہی گوگل وغیرہ کتنی آسانی سے اپنی سروس کسی ملک کے لئے بلاک کر کے عوام کے گردن دبا سکتے ہیں.

    چین روس وغیرہ زندہ باد جو ان ممالک کو بلاک کر کے اپنی سروسس کو بزنس کا موقع دیتا ہے اور لوگوں کا انحصار بھی صرف اپنے ملک پر رہتا ہے نہ کہ کسی دوسرے ملک کی فقیر.

    میں خود یو ٹیوب اور گوگل ڈوکومنٹ کا بہت زیادہ انحصاری ہوں. اب کچھ متبادل اور بیک اپ ہمیشہ تیار رکھنا ہوگا.

    • blocking youtube is the most wonderful thing they do….i know whats ure point and i dont wana talk abt it…but ure point is wrong badmash

  • Follow model of China and block Google and Facebook and have local Bakistani combanies like Toudou, QQ and Yoku

    Why should all the money go to Google Mountainview HQ. Keep money in Bakistan and your own countries and sbend the money here and build more businesses here.

    People like Salman Abbas should migrate to America and do jharoo bhocha at Google Mountainview headquarters. I will give him free bhenol for cleaning

    • And you should go live in some Arab state. As you cannot pronounce ‘P’, you have no right to live in Pakistan, even comment on issues related to Pakistan. Hahahaha…..

      • So right. But there is nothing wrong with giving advice to my Bakistani Brothers, if you don’t accept it and continue to kiss foreign bums, you Bakistanis will remain servant class and continue to clean the bums of my (Arab) children and that of Western beobles. And you will continue to come here to clean bums like cattle on on Emirates (Arab) airlines!!
        You are laughing now but you know I am right.

        Happy bum cleaning till you truly wake up and take your destiny into your owns hands!

  • @aamir, remove google plus widget its creating problem loading site slower .. because google plus is also blocked @ my end . at Transworld gateway

  • PTA Technical Team is Good for nothing..

    They dont know what exactly they need to block..

    Blogger is slow.. Analytics Slow…

    This is a Shame that they disturbed the whole thing.

  • Get to the root cause of the problem.. temporary measure are not long time solution. This temporary suspension is just to quite ppl for some time.. then after some time these things will be opoen as usual..

    like what hapened with fb about a year ago… ppl were emotional and sentimentall.. and then things come into routine

  • In my opinion, They did the right thing. Pakistan’s Users generates $500 Million per year to Google, If their sites are blocked they will get lose, But here is our nation, crying for their email account and videos. and then we asked that why we are in trouble, target killings, no peace, no job. people talking about PTA to be ashamed, I think we should be ashamed.

  • Everyone just SHUTUP.In this critical situation we are talking about ISP’s and stupid youtube.Really, are you that much stupid.And what does this means
    “YouTube ban, which is likely to last for at least a week – if not more.”
    Are you dying to use youtube? HUH??
    And also that stupid website Facebook,that should also be banned.

    • – Why don’t you also ban all those stupid foreign aids which you got and which you will be getting from same countries which you are protesting against ?

      – Why don’t you stop using internet and PC yourself first which was invented by same countries ?

      – why don’t you start doing something productive for your country betterment instead of just commenting on a blog and thinking that you have performed your duties ?

      You weren’t even man enough to use your real name and look at your nickname “MMMTHE HACKER” Seriously ?

      • hey jawad u r also commenting on blog and u think u performed ure duty?….by the way whatever the did its good u should appreciate them not blaming them…..tumharay baap ku koi gali nikalay tum gussay main us ku maybe maroo but us say dosti nai kero gay kabhi bhi is ku yaad rekhu kuch batein profit and loss say oper hut hain

    • Agar Zaleel Ho Kr Jeena Hy……..
      to Alif, Bay, Pey, Sey Yaqeen Othana Hy…….

      Taleem K Darwazy Band Kr Do……..

      Universities Ko Lock Kr Do…..

      Jooey aur Badmashi K Addy Khol Do…..

      Zardari Pr Yaqeen Kro…….

      Aur Zaleel Ho Kr Jeo………

      Aur Khowar Ho Kr Mro………

  • Fantastic
    mr AQEEL
    thats a good for us
    that if we will use any time others countries
    service thats mean
    we will cantsomething
    and we are losing money from nonMUSLIM countries
    We should stay on our own foot
    so we will defeat nonMUSLIMS services.
    U know the utube is not our necessary
    it made need for us.
    Big think.
    We are MUSLIMS.
    Why we need badthing as nonMUSLIMS.
    What we get from Utube. We are aware as well
    we can ged only
    GUNAH from Utube.
    SO try to understand
    we are MUSLIMS

  • Fully support ban on Youtube…Good action…Regarding Google play, I downloaded software through searching on 4 shared

    • So you’re fine with STEALING google apps (via pirating sites) [ yehan aap logo ko deen imaan yaad nahi rehta ], however you support ban on youtube – which in turn has partially blocked gmail and google drive (documents) which thousands of Pakistanis rely on for their jobs ?

      Good Logic.
      …only in pakistan. islam k theikedaar.

      • Also please make note that the original poster is a pakistani doctor. Allegedly the most educated professional. Agar yeh haal hai humaray doctoroon ka to un jahiloon jinon naay do jumatain bhee naheen parheen un ka kiya kasoor hai.

  • I think Pk Govt taken good step, but and blogspot not working on DSL as well, any idea how long they are gonna take to fix it?

  • is not working. Images on blogger are not uploading and also all websites with are not opening completely for me.

  • A shameful thing to do. You ban Youtube but you don’t ban a million other things that are blasphemous to Islam.
    Google RUNS the internet. Blocking it down will result in a loss of billions!
    Open it MF, I need to use my phone!!!

    If you are such a great muslim, then don’t watch the video! Blocking it from YouTube will not get it off the internet!

  • These people are pathetic :D
    Blocking websites? How about preventing all non-religious practices in the country? Like stealing electricity, giving bribes, electing corrupt politicians, watching bollywood movies ;)

    Grow the fuck up. Stop trying to bring religion into everything. Freedom of speech.

  • Yeh kam to teek kia keh youtube ban hogye…yahan sab ko internet google, youtube, fb, gmail ki pari hai.en ke bina koi mar to ni, youtube, fb ye sab yahoodyon ke hain.aur in pe anti Islamic content bhe wahe lagate hain.

    • Google se Pakistan mai 10000 kisam ke businesses chalte hain. I use Google Docs for my office, it is not working. Facebook ek Public Limited company hai, yahoodion ki nahi, and content log lagate hain. FB wale nahi.

      Grow up! Its the 21st century!

    • Bhai jaan kis dunya mein rehty hain aap?
      Log mareekh per pohunch gy hain and aapko ‘yehood’ na-yahood ki pari hui hai.

      My whole company relies on gmail and google docs for inter-team and with-clients communication. Many universities and companies in Pakistan rely on gmail for their official mail services.

      And google-docs is quickly replacing ms office for many companies since its global and free.

  • Blocking Youtube is Good but blocking it in such way that other Google services aren’t working is sad. and 1 thing to be noted, We take religion seriously. If Google doesn’t remove those videos from Youtube. All Google services should be blocked. We can live without it. Necessity is the mother of invention. When We will need a search engine. We will develop one.

      • Europe has a holocaust law. No one can dare to challenge the law. Whoever speaks against it is sent to jail. While here you can say anything about RasulAllah(PBUH). The reason is that when our kids will play these videos. They will get a wrong perception about Islam which will destroy the rooh of Islam. Do you want Madar Pidar Azaad society? Google isn’t important, Its other services aren’t important but Adab e Rasool is very important.This is it.

        • If it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IMPORTANT, why didn’t our government request Youtube to block the video for Pakistani users?

          Malaysia requested it. Youtube complied.
          Even India requested it and got Youtube to block it.

          So why didn’t our government ask? Maybe our government doesn’t think it’s important.

          • It takes 2 minutes to download and upload a video again on Youtube. Do you want to join PTA for a job to send each and every link to Youtube whenever same video is uploaded by someone? (a 24 hours job) Come up with some logic.
            Google has denied to remove all those videos and this is disgusting. Government has blocked Youtube as a threat that we can block all the services of Google if they will not remove those videos! and this is how it should be. We are not Beghairat!
            It wouldn’t be soooooo important for you but it is for us.

            • Youtube already has content detection system set up, so they can tell if one video is a part of another video. They use this system to block audio or to flag user-uploaded copies of music videos.

              2nd point: PTA doesn’t have to give them a list of URLs. They have to tell them what they don’t want to see. Because of the content detection system, they can be blocked automatically.

              But even the minimum effort (giving the URLs to Youtube) was something our Rehman Malik didn’t bother at all to do.

              • That Video was at home page of Youtube. What if someone else upload the same video with different description and title , joining different parts of movie to look it unique. and video hits the main page ??? Home page videos aren’t approved by the Youtube staff. Several foolish videos were found at home page which proves this fact.
                The only solution is to block Youtube until they delete all the videos and make it sure that no such video is allowed to be uploaded and will hit the home page.

                • — What if someone else upload the same video with different description and title , joining different parts of movie to look it unique.

                  Their content detection system would detect it.

                  article from over two years ago (the system has improved):

                  how their content id system accidentally marked a mars film as copyrighted content:

                  THE SYSTEM EXISTS.
                  THE SYSTEM WORKS.
                  YOU ARE WRONG.

                  — Home page videos aren’t approved by the Youtube staff.

                  That is correct. They do not do pre-upload moderation for > 99% of the videos. They DO NOT NEED TO. But they DO scan videos for things like dead bodies or porn or thing like that, and they do it MANUALLY. They have systems in place for this.

                  Google engineers are not idiots who sit in front of windows XP and play freecell at work. THEY ARE SMARTER THAN YOU AND ME.

                  I will repeat the point you did not acknowledge AS A FACT: our own government couldn’t be bothered to even TRY asking Youtube to hide the content from us.

                  • shahid simple sii baat hai issue yeh nai hai kay url block hu jayen homepage etc….aik example deta hun aik ghar hai jis main aik banda ap kay ghar waloun ku galian day abusive word use keray kia ap yeh keroo gay kay us banday ku block ker do aur baqi say dosti ker loo aisa nai huta shahid,,,,baat ku samjhu jis ghar say AP S.A.W ku abuse kia jaye wahan kyun jayen bro…..thura tu socho

                    • Your analogy is flawed.

                      What city do you live in? Suppose someone in ANOTHER CITY in the same country is abusing you & your family.

                      Will you refuse to do business with EVERYONE from the other city? Will you refuse to travel to that other city at all, just because of one person there?

                      That is what we have done: blocked Youtube (“another city”) for the sake of banning one person (the “abuser”).

                      You could leave the country (“the internet”) but you cannot make everyone who abuses you, your religion, your family, etc etc leave the world or force anyone to make them stop abusing you. It is not in your power.

                      If Allah wanted, he could’ve made everyone a Muslim. He chose not to. Ponder on that fact.

      • My dear Fahad, Give me the one good reason to ignore their opinion, with respect to Islam. We are Muslim and we should take strict action against them just like if any person abuses our family member. The respect of our PROPHET (PBUH) is much greater than our family members.

  • Fahad Sheikh why dont you get the hell out of Pakistan to get on that f***** youtube or shut the f*** up

  • Dear Brothers,
    Issue is not that the Youtube is blocked or not?
    We can access Youtube with https or http?
    Issue is to show true Loyalty with Prophet Muhammad PBUH being and Muslim and Muhammadi.
    Once Facebook celebrated Muhammad Day; Many to us left FB, hatred of doing such stupidity. And many of us are still using with many +ve/personal reasons.
    Today its youtube, tomorrow wetube, day after tomorrow ourtube and etc.
    Key Muhammad say wafa tu nay tu hum teray haan
    Yeh jahan cheez ha kiya, loh qalam teray haan
    Just show your true love loyalty with Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

  • oay Google Drive to chala do! Google Docs ny kis ka kia begara hay.

    Beshak Google Search ban kar do, bus GMail aur GDrive chalta rehny do.

  • We have seen drastic drop in the traffic and the sales after the ban of the YouTube. Probably it iss the Google analytics code on the website creating problems.
    Also getting loads of complaints from our customers who have bought android sets from us over the issue of Google Play Store.

  • Asalam-U-Alikum,
    This is to inform you all that Goggle play is working now. I think they figured it out. :)

  • YouTube and all other services are working perfectly fine why they didn’t get blocked on my PC??

  • shame on those people who say that banning all the google services is loss to us…why you ignorant people are comparing Muhammad (PBUH) character wtih loss in rupees.this is what islam teach you..shame on you..

  • shame on those people who say that banning all the google services is loss to us…why you ignorant people are comparing Muhammad (PBUH) character wtih loss in rupees.this is what islam teach you..shame on you..

  • 1. Google Talk is not working.
    2. Download Links for google desktop products are not working.
    3. Heavy Delay in Gmail.

    This is absolute non-sense. This youtube ban is effecting all google service and i use google as my business email. I am unable to communicate with my clients because of google talk not working. This is effecting our businesses. PTA should fix this ASAP! or maybe we should just stop working and sit at home and starve ourselves to death because some fool made a video and posted it online.
    I condemn that video heavily and i am in favor of our government blocking youtube but the effect this ban is having on our business is very big and it should be resolved.

    • consider the effect this ban would have on the businesses of youtube and google if all muslim countries and muslims stop using thier services… ??? that is the whole purpose of this ban.. and protest .. i sympathise with you that you are lossing your business or income… but as muslims we do state that we place the interest of islam beyond our personal interests dont we ??

      • Google is not losing any business because of us blocking youtube and other google services. We are just a pixel to them. The only people suffering are businessmen like me who rely on googles services to earn their living. PTA should have blocked URLs for the video like everyone else in the world and not the whole domain. Then i guess you are in favor of how all of pakistanis protested against this? Do you think this is the way to protest? is this what our religion teaches us? No Sir! i don’t think so!

  • WTH My Google Docs is not opening? PTA and PTCL, You guys are Team of Non-Sense Idiots. You dont know a thing about Blocking and Un Blocking.

    GO to School and Learn some manners of Blocking.

    Ali R. Khan

  • Finally, now i know what went wrong with galaxy note. Its a relief but seriously PTCL must hire experts to do such things. Warid edge service some how seems more appropriate and i can use my note normally meanwhile.

  • i would gladly sacrifice my google acount google docs youtube, or the whole damn internet for my prophet(p.b.u.h) …. those who are commenting that baning is not just then i ask them that youtube ban is not fair or would not do any thing the i ask them that youtube had a policy of not allowing any such content that is racial, or against relegious bleifs of any community… they do take quick action against the copyrights materialss and other racial descriminations then y did they ignorre this… my brothers we cant go to war every now n then … but we can surely protest by denying their services and products… i used to be a daily youtuber but now i have no regrets that its now working here in pakistan .. i can use proxies and other methods to access it.. buy y should i ???? is it more important then me religion my beleifs … or my propeht(p.b.u.h) ask your self this…

    • — i would gladly sacrifice my google acount google docs youtube, or the whole damn internet for my prophet(p.b.u.h)



      — i would gladly sacrifice ALL PAKISTANIS google acount google docs youtube, or the whole damn internet for my prophet(p.b.u.h)

      That is what you mean.

      Act for yourself. Not everyone has to agree with you to be a Muslim.

      • I would gladly sacrifice my life for Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) :). Hope you got my point what is internet and who care about google when it comes to Our prophet. You need to close your computer and start reading about Islam and How to react when even someone try to insult our Prophet.

        Muhammad(P.B.U.H) sei muhabbat deen mei shart awal hai
        Ho ais mei ager kuch khami tou sub kuch na mukamal hai.

        Peace out.

      • sacrificing meaningless, non sense, making no sense, google docs,analytcs,maps and many other services has nothing to do with that videos..but these ppl dont think, dont undestnd,jst blindly saying

  • Blocking of youtube is a loss to me as i used to watch cartoons and was waiting for ben 10 omniverse starting from 22 sep…But when i came to know its reason i said its ok..
    But why block google maps,goodle docs and specially Google Play Store…they don’t have the video…
    If its about blocking google then why their main site is not blocked…
    I gess google will face more loss if PTA block main google site then youtube or on the other hand both youtube and google but not google maps and play store..they have nothing to do with this

  • I am extremely disappointed by so many of you calling each other “children” and “babies” who bring up the issue that Youtube has been blocked. You do not understand the real problem which is PTA and not Youtube or Google.

    1) First of all lets see why Pakistan had to block Youtube in the first place :-

    Malaysia protested against the video, Their government asked Youtube to block the video for their country. Youtube completely understands and blocks every upload of the video for Malaysia.

    India asks Youtube to block the video for their country too following in Malaysia’s footsteps. Youtube/Google again completely understands the issue and blocks every upload of the video for India.

    The White House (President of USA), asks Youtube to delete the video off it’s website. Youtube tells the President of USA that he is breaking their freedom of speech rules on which basis every business/person operates on. They tell the White house that they will not remove any video from Youtube unless it goes against their Terms of Service. The White house backs off.

    Following this, Pakistani politicians feeling the heat from their bank accounts for some reason ask Youtube to delete the video from their site. Something the White House was unable to do, they are basically telling youtube that you need to forget your own Laws of the country you live in and delete the video from our pressure. Google would have been more than happy to block the video for Pakistan but obviously Pakistani politicians felt they were even more superior than the White House and that Youtube being an American company needed to abide by Pakistani Law.

    So as their ego was burst by Google, The PM immediately told all ISPs to block youtube.

    2) Why does Google/Youtube have this policy of Free speech? Is it just another term used for attacking

    Actually No. Don’t believe every forward message you receive without researching it. This policy is because they abide by US law. Do you know how many times this rule has saved us Muslims?

    When the Egypt/Syrian rebel videos are posted on Youtube, the dictators of these countries have tried so many times to tell Youtube to take down these videos because if these videos are not taken down then these leaders will fall and the Muslims living in these countries will be free. Google/Youtube rejected them each and every single time. If you search Youtube for “Insurance frauds”, “US police assaulting citizens”, “Corruption in X country” then you will always find the original videos even though the people in these videos like Politicians, Corrupt Police, FBI, Corrupt leaders all tried to get these videos taken down but Youtube never took a single video down because it abides by the Free speech law. So you can find every single thing either good or bad that happens and no one can keep you quiet. No one can keep you in the dark and no one will have the power to shut you up. Yes this has it’s flaws like that A-hole who made that shitty movie but Youtube was ready to help Pakistan block the video but not delete it.

    For example if you are attacked by a corrupt politician in any country in the world tomorrow and you catch him on video and upload it on youtube then there will not be a single thing he will be able to do to get it down.It doesn’t matter if he is Zardari or Obama, Your video will be watched by millions of people but if Youtube did not abide by this law and treat every video equally then your voice would be crushed and no one would be able to see what happened to you and the video would be taken down in 5 minutes. Do you know there is an Iranian film uploaded on Youtube called “Saturday Hunter” that shows Jews for being Zionists, killers, their Preacher being shown as someone who breaks every rule in their religion and is shown as a despicable human being? That movie got an award.

    3) “So what if Youtube gets blocked? Grow up!! lolxx”

    What you don’t understand is that by blocking Youtube, PTA has not blocked the video, they have brought down the majority of IT sector in Pakistan.

    Here is a list of things currently not working:-
    Google Maps
    Google Docs (Most businesses use it instead of Excel)
    Gmail in some cases (Again used for Business)
    Play Store (No connection to Youtube apart from having YT videos embedded in app details)
    Blogger lagging (There goes most of our blogs)
    And so many other useful things.

    So in reality calling the people who do not agree with this ban “babies” and that they need to “grow up” is childish because in reality it is the Businesses who are suffering the most from this and I certainly didn’t know children worked in companies these days.

    My own company uses Gmail, Google Docs, Dashboard and so many other tools provided by Google to function each and every single day. Today our entire network went down causing a huge loss and because most of our clients are overseas we were ashamed to explain to them the pathetic PTA engineers who cannot even block a website properly. Heck go ahead and block youtube if you want but why is your inability to write a simple algorithm causing a loss on our financial statements?. Our programmer was face palming because of the stupid way in which PTA is blocking Youtube. He says that they can pretty much block every link leading to the actual video instead of bringing down entire companies and Google networks. They did not even do this on purpose which is the funniest part, it should show you their immense ability. Not to mention how much of a problem blocking Youtube will cause to education etcetera. So the people who will suffer the most from this do not need to “grow up”, they are they ones trying to help their families grow up.

    4) “Well we showed them! At least Youtube will dissolve as a company after our protest.”

    What we are doing is not even a spec on the radar of Youtube. Pakistan contributes to a spec in the statistics of Google. Not only that but Youtube only earns money when an advertiser uses his money to target their ads to a certain population.

    I.E : Olx, Pakistan Car Insurance, Habib Bank giving money to Adwords who then place their ads on Youtube and other websites. These are Pakistani companies targeting Pakistani consumers.

    If you are not visiting Youtube then you are not causing Youtube a decrease in their profits.

    Youtube works on Adwords basis. If you do not visit them then they will not be charging the Pakistani companies paying for Ads as no Pakistani will be clicking the ads.

    HBL, OLX and the companies who paid for the ads are not suffering a loss.

    That is because they had already deposited (lets say) 50,000 on Adwords. Their money will be deducted as Pakistanis will click their ads, if no Pakistani clicks their ads then their account will not be deducted. So in other words when Youtube is resumed you will all go back to watching videos and then their marketing budget on Adwords will start decreasing. Even while Youtube is down every single website in the world which is using Adwords will still display you those HBL and OLX ads so in other words, you will still be clicking them as most websites use Adwords.

    British, American companies will not even know Pakistan protested Youtube on their marketing budget.

    That is because FORD, Aston Martin, UK Banks do not advertise to Pakistani audience in the first place. Their ads are only shown to their locals, sometimes not even their entire country but their different states. They never advertised to Pakistanis, they never paid Google to advertise to Pakistanis, hence they will not even see 0.05% of a change in their marketing return. Even if these companies were advertising to you then you will still be seeing their ads on every other site you visit so no change there either.

    Do you know how many people in China use the Internet? The number 1 language used on the Internet is Chinese that is because of how much websites they have even though we only see English. Yet China has blocked Youtube yet you do not see Youtube coming down for it. Instead Google actually provides extra services like their Music database which is only available to China. If China not visiting Youtube does not cause a problem then Pakistan cannot do 10% of it.

    5) What should we do then?

    Then is honestly nothing we can do unless we really are united. I hate the scumbag who uploaded the video and I want him to die a slow and painful death too. But the truth is that he was once a prisoner, got released, re-joined society, made that film and has now disappeared. No one is trying to do something about that person but we are instead destroying each other.

    Tomorrow is a protest day where so many businesses and schools, colleges and Universities will be closed. That is another day where Pakistan will stay still while the rest of the world gets education, continues it’s business activity and takes another step towards development.

    Not only that but we all know what is going to happen tomorrow. Innocent people will lose their shops, cars and even their lives in the fires that will erupt. Why are we going to be fighting with each other? Why are we going to attack each other?

    In the last protest in Karachi, A person died. We have gotten so used to hearing this word that we do not realize it. That is one person who lost him life before it was supposed to end. His family will never be able to see him again and he might have been their only hope for the future. That is one person who will never get to see another day or join his friend for Friday prayers. Just imagine that someone being a person you know, your friend or your family member (khuda-nakhwasta). And we are living in a country where if 1 person dies it is collateral damage, if 10 die it is nothing out of the ordinary, if 25 die it is considered a small bomb blast, if 300 die it is considered Geo News worthy for 2 days where they change their logo and try to blame people instead of gathering the nation and fixing our problems.

    Here is what we need to do! We need to join our hands in peaceful protests. We need to fight them with education, we need to defeat them by being morally better than them. Our Prophet S.A.W was the most perfect human being to ever set his foot among this earth and our Religion teaches us nothing but to be tolerant. Our Prophet S.A.W and our Religion Islam is not that weak that we being such bad Muslims who break every other rule of Islam need to start killing each other when someone from the West tries to anger us. Do you know why they do this? They want us to fight and kill each other, we never do anything against them. We are just taking our country further and further back both in terms of Islam and also in terms of Progress.

    Our Religion and our Prophet S.A.W is not weak. It is Islam which defined the world. Muslims led the world in terms of Pharmaceutical and Science progress but then it suddenly all stopped. After that we have been going backwards. This is what Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W wanted. He wanted Muslims to learn, to prosper, to be tolerant, to be free, to be follow an example set by him and being successful and both this life and the after life. When someone makes such crap then you do realize that Allah is the one who is going to punish that person. We will never even get close to that imbecile because he is protected by his country even though he did such a shameful act. And here we are punishing each other for doing nothing? What do we get from attacking our own Police with stones the size of footballs? They have families too. If you had your father working in the Police and someone threw that rock at him while he was just doing his job then what would you think?

    We need to unite, be peaceful and fight their ignorant videos with a slap to their face. Though it does not need to be a physical slap. It should be done by us Muslims becoming true Muslims. Praying and becoming a true Muslim who is tolerant, level headed, morally, spiritually and education wise so much better than these American imbeciles that we will take over every single industry they so proudly own. So that we will be the one getting every job they were going to get and so that when someone talks about excellence, they talk about us.

    Then we can truly look down on these imbeciles and know that we have the perfect religion, we have the perfect life, we have the perfect after life and our minds are clean and pure. Then when these idiots will make these movies, we will not even notice them because that is what they will be to us, a spec on our radar. Someone who is so much smaller than you that their crying punches do not even register to your nervous system while you will have the ability to squish them with your foot but being a Muslim you will just pray for them to see the light and learn from Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W

    • I completely agree with you, I am a teacher & student as well, youtube is the answer of my every question, but now because of this ban I have to use proxies to access it & believe me its not fun, they work really slow.

    • The first ever comment I saw in that detail. I would say only one line. If YouTube don’t want to delete this video (as there own laws and rules etc), its OK.. We are happy with YouTube ban… But PTA’s engineers should notice one thing that by blocking on single Google Service, our IT Sector and our Businesses are in deep trouble.
      Are they not capable to ban just a single Service of Google? huhh

      I used Google Drive’s Excel Sheets very often, even to save up my most secrete Passwords that I can’t memories, but now they are not accessable directly… C’mon PTA…

      One thing I should add lastly, that many people who don’t care about this ban, are using “HOT SPOT SHIELD” and using all Google Services, which is ridiculous.

    • Excellent post (I read a sensible post after a long time).

      and here’s my two cents:
      Upload a video on YouTube where you speak about Holocaust. They’ll remove the video if they got few reports (sometimes without any reports) + they’ll ban your account (in most cases they did that) but on the other hand they got hundred of thousands of reports from Muslims for those hatred video but they’re not removing it.

      From YouTube community guidelines (
      “We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But we don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).”

      It’s in their community guidelines to remove such content but they’re not removing it (the video is still there with millions of views). What do you call that?

    • I am not agree, Youtube should block this video in Pakistan, this is it, if you blame PTA what about Google, why don’t they understand the little thing? They like to heart the feelings of Muslims in Pakistan, it cause more disturbance in country and it actually strengthen the hand of enemies of Pakistan including USA.

  • Damn it!!!!! what the hell is wrong with PTA. Last year when they banned the adult sites and sites like and Seriously what porn has to do with paste tool or filestube is not porntube retards.
    I’m against the idea of banning sites, I mean who the “F” is Govt. to decide what content should we see and what we shouldn’t..
    As far as youtube ban is concerned, i don’t get the approach, well , You don’t ban the travel or road if there was an accident. Govt should cope things differently or at least unblock the blogs.
    Quite frankly i believe it must be illiterates from our society who suggested the youtube ban. i could be wrong but one in his clear mind does not “F” things up like this…. GEO ZARDARI…..

    • Dude there is nothing wrong with PTA,the only thing wrong is your insufficient,incomplete and lack of knowledge..PTA block YouTube because they refuse to remove the video of our prophet PBUS..
      and as u said who the f is GOVT…WOW if you dont get justice then why u blame that time also blame urself… coz who the f is govt right?if u hate this govt because they black porn sits why dont u leave this country and get settle in Europe where u can find and f bitches easily…just grow up and tell ur mama to give u some knowledge about ISLAM

      • yo dude XD i so agree with you! i so hate people who think people i islam and other religions are the same and we can do w.e the fuck we want -.- if you live in another country for as long as i have youll get to know all kinds of people =p but thank god someone said something it really pisses me off when someone thinks they can do w.e the hell the want!

      • JD U call yourself a Muslim (not that i can judge u in any way, only our Allah can). The language that you used is very offensive to any muslim, or child reading your comments no matter what their faith. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) taught us to respect women, children and our buzurg no matter which religion they belong to. You speaking in such a crude manner reflects badly on not just you, but all us Muslims.

        Read, read read. learn about the Prophet and what he stood for and let us change as a society otherwise we are truly doomed.

        Pray, pray pray, that the Muslim ummah rises to its pinnacle once again. Say inshalla


        Blocking YouTube = Right Move 100 %
        Destroying & burning our beautiful country = Bad Move

        Our Resolve and Love for Allah will truly resound in the heart of the unbelievers.

        Pappu bhai please man look at the larger picture, and what the Prophet (P.B.U.H) means to Islam. Youtube ban honay ka dukh hai siraf???

  • Thats good they have banned youtube i think PTA should ban it forever:@ and PTA ban most of the google services because google owns youtube..

  • It is quite right YouTube must be banned for ever; they should be dealt with iron hand but our cyber authorities must become competent to accurately ban whatever is objection and not deter the entire brand of Google to flow on dub dub dub. Right now whoever outside Pakistan listening about our banning or slowing the entire Google sites we have become laughing stock all over the world.
    Again hell on those who made fun of our religious beliefs. Nara-e-Risalat Ya Rasool Allah Sallala ho alhaie wasalam; Salloo alal Habib

  • any idea when r these google services be back? i can access them on laptop but nothing is working on my htc one x. i factory reset it and now my gmail account is even not syncing.

  • i get why they blocked youtube cuz ya its wrong n all but D”: for the love of God why google play DX -sobs in a corner- v_v oh well i just hope the video is removed :/

  • Advise for site owners:
    it is big problem for site owners, that their sites not opening on PTCL connection and they are loosing their visitor. site loading and loading in browser and page not load.
    1. temporary remove google plus script look like this
    2. place google anlytics code at the end of page not in header.

    it will solved page loading problem on PTCL connection.

    Webmaster :

  • Am feeling very sorry and embarrassment from some Pakistani peoples comments those are hungry for Google products and services. I am using Google and social media website since from 10 years But i want Block Google from Pakistan Bloc Pepsi, Block Nido Stop Drinking Nestle and every thing from US and Jews… Please please this is one thing you can do just do it. Stop Dew Stop Sting Stop KFC , McDonnell, Pizza Hutt etc. IF you Love Islam… Which is perfect religion. and complete code of life.. Just try to do hard work and make Pakistan strong. I love to watch words on products” Made in Pakistan”

  • Extreme disturbance due to YouTube ban, as I can’t access my Google Drive, where I saved many of my secrete Passwords. And also I can’t access to Adsense directly from its link . However to access Adsense, I first enter the word “Adsense” in Googe search, and after that click on “Adsense Home” below.

  • Please PTA unblock Google Docs and Picasa Web Albums…
    I am a freelancer and I am suffering alot from this ban…

    Most of my clients uses Google Docs and Picasa Web Albums for sharing documents…

  • Please record your concern to PTA at, I don’t think they will be reading our posts. Or should we all start using Hotspot Shield? I even don’t know what is it? but i would like to try if PTA dont open Google Docs.

  • My all friends i will be agree with you. if you tell me the right way of protest by civilians or awam.

  • I actually need travel to Dubai and Pakistan on a regular basis and I used to use proxies during my trips, But it doesn’t always work and it’s slow. Thanks for the tips! I got a VPN it’s exactly what I needed! I got highspeedVPN from check it out if anyone’s in the same situation

  • Shame on you so
    called MUSLIMS… you people are actually damaging the respect of Islam and Prophet
    Muhammad (S.A.W.W) in the whole world. All you have thought about your problems
    regarding use of net, cells, androids, docs. etc.. Have u ever thought of the
    lose our Islam and coming Muslim generations have to face due to these
    continuous attacks on Islam by anti Islamic powers? After reading ur comments
    one can easily guess that our coming generations will be called Muslims only
    because of their forefathers, not because of their deeds. They will not be able
    to protest by even saying a single world on these attacks on Islam or our
    beloved Prophet (S.A.W.W). We generally feel proud to be Punjabi, Blochi,
    Pathan, Sindhi or whatever and are always ready to die for our caste, language,
    group, political party, territory or country etc.. We cannot bear even a single
    world against our favourite personalities and heroes. We cannot bear a figure on
    the character of our father, mother, brothers or sisters. We can die for our
    friends, for our whatever type of relations, but we don’t want to protest on
    attacks against our Prophet (S.A.W.W) and our religion because Europeans cannot
    watch our protest, because we would be labeled as THAKAYDAR of Islam. That’s why
    we are living in hell.. They bastards are very clever, they did a trick that if
    youtube would be banned, than every other google service will be affected. People
    like you will protest and ultimately youtube would be unblocked. It will be
    their triumph and their next step against Islam and Muslims will be harsh even
    more. Listen Muslims… if u won’t start taking ur revenge than GOD can take a
    better revenge. And when He becomes angry, He can squeeze the world in a single

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