LinkedIn to Setup Offices in Pakistan, Not Really [Updated]

LinkedInLinkedIn, world’s largest networking website for professionals, is making its way to start operations in Pakistan by setting up local offices in the country, reported Express Tribune citing Saleem H Mandviwalla, Chairman for Board of Investment (BOI) in Pakistan.

Chairman BOI said that board had detailed discussions with a LinkedIn Director for the move.

Mr. Saleem Mandviwalla further revealed that LinkedIn is likely to start setup offices in Pakistan by year end or early next year with initial investment of USD 10 million. “This will lead to the setting up of LinkedIn’s proper operations in Pakistan”, the chairman said.

Mr. Salaeem further mentioned that LinkedIn has shown great interest in Pakistani market which poses huge potential for internet companies with its 30 million internet users and growing.

Stats say that there are 1.2 million LinkedIn users in Pakistan, which largely consists of business professionals and decision makers of the country.

Board of Investment has said that it will use LinkedIn as an effective tool and an important platform for its business development activities.

Via Express Tribune

Update (September 27th – 1:30 PM)

Express Tribune has now reported that its earlier report, that was produced by APP (Associated Press of Pakistan) was untrue and that LinkedIn has denied opening offices in the country.

“While we are exploring some commercial opportunities in Pakistan, we currently have no plans to open a local office,” LinedIn spokesperson Darain Faraz was quoted as saying.

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  • I have been using linkedin since 2009 or 2010, believe me its result is far better then any online job hunting sources out there. If you would apply to at least 3 job ad, provided you are qualifying for that respective job criteria, there is a 90-99% chances you would get an interview call. That is what i observe through my personal experience.

  • You guys should look into it. I check the Board of Directors page on LinkedIn and there is no Fredrick Berscl there.

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  • Fake Story blindly followed from Express Tribune. ProPakistan should have a check on article authenticity .

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