Keep Track of Your Records with Ufone Log

call logUfone has introduced this new service called U Phone Log, a facility that will let Ufone subscribers to view records about their cell number, such as call charges, SMS charges, package charges, most number of calls and SMS made, longest calls, most VAS used etc. from up to 3 months back.

Subscription and Charges

Getting this convenience is simple. All you need to do is simply send ‘SUB’ to 3232 to subscribe to U Phone Log for just Rs.2.5+tax/week for Prepaid and Rs.10+tax/month for Postpay connections and send DtDate in DD-MM-YY format to get record of a specific date.

Each query will be charged at Rs. 0.10+tax.


  • To get specific date details send dtDD-MM-YY e.g. dt 25-09-12 to 3232
  • To change password send pw to 3232
  • To unsubscribe, send unsub to 3232

  • Hamid Khan

    A very good service launched by Ufone.
    I have always wondered after loading Rs.100 card – that where did my balance go.
    now i will know.
    Thanks Ufone for providing such a unique service –
    Ufone – Tum hey tau Ho :)

    • Boyesa

      Stop using ufone then you don’t need this Paid stupid services

  • Zong Providing This Offer Free 4 Everyone… not such a unique service..

  • Wireless Internet Services

    why a postpaid customer should subscribe for this service as they already have another option of online billing system.

  • اظہر علی

    nice but expensive

  • Its Free on Zong & Telenor.. why poor ufone try to make little buck out of every service they offer?

  • Ali Abdullah

    very good service launch bay ufone …weekly i can know my balance details…awsom