National URL Filtering System to Be Implemented By Year End

products-box-url-filtering_thumbGovernment of Pakistan, through Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, has asked all LDI (Long Distance and International) operators in Pakistan to implement a filtering system for data and voice monitoring to prevent the spread of blasphemous material in the country, reported The News and confirmed separately with sources by ProPakistani.

Citing Mr. Sikandar Naqi, the Executive Vice President of PTCL, the paper reports that PTA has assigned 14 LDI operators to implement monitoring system of internet traffic coming to Pakistan.

Mr. Naqi said that PTA’s earlier system of similar capabilities was installed in 2008 for USD 10 million that could monitor internet traffic of around 15Gbps. Now this international traffic from abroad has increased to 275 Gbps so the cost of monitoring could be higher.

“The News” claims that spy agency will operate this National URL filtering system that will monitor all incoming internet traffic through four landing stations of Pakistan.

Earlier the Government of Pakistan had issued a policy directive for blocking of blasphemous content through National URL Filtering System, which is now seemingly ready to get implemented in next three months or less.

When first hinted earlier this year, the National URL filtering system was largely opposed by civil activists, who feared that the system is aimed at censoring internet in Pakistan. A petition was filed in Sindh High Court for the prevention of any such URL Filtering System.

Government, on the other hands, say that such system is immensely required to cap blasphemous material over internet. After opposition from civil activist, authorities had agreed to review the URL Filtering System before implementation.

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  • Yani sir-e-dard shuro.

    Agar rapidshare nay zardari ko paisay daiyaen kay download band kardo tu phr sare FREE downloading band.

    Aur aisa hoga dek laina kyun kay hamaray log boht BOOKAY hai.

  • By year end means before elections.



    You give the government this power, they will use it against you.

    Now how will people discuss & post videos of election fraud? Youtube, already blocked. All other sites, will be “filtered”.

    Witness the censoring of anti-Malala sites just a few days ago. However you may think of the truths (or lies) on those sites, nobody can say they are anti-Pakistani or blasphemous in nature. And yet, they are blocked. Same with sites about the PTA chairman.

  • i can’t wait to see how it is going to feel like when each email and message will be filtered. Being in the industry I am eager to monitor it. Looking forward to it

  • Guys this is only to monitor political stuff, specifically PMLN so PPP can get rid of them in Punjab.

  • Someone left following comments on my blog on same article (Tracking of Pakistani E-mails, Telephone Calls To Start Within 90 Days).

    “You know what Taliban s did for their communication when this happened last time, they simply used to save drafts at one end and then the other party logged into the same account read the message with sending and receiving any message. so fuck this govt monitoring our emails and teasing us by one way or another they need more innovative technology for tracking terrorists”

    • ^ lmfao at those brainwashed monkies.. drafts obviously still have to be sent to the server and be downloaded by the other party. Government can only monitor emails of noobs (like the Taliban) sending/receiving unencrypted emails anyway. Just use GMAIL.

  • THE LDI operators are benefitting from HUGE monies from the Monopoly prices of ICH so they should spend out of pocket on this system

  • Close down all ISP’s, take this country out of the internet!!, The ULTIMATE solution to all problems!!

  • traffic has already reached at 275 gbps when this url filtering will be implemented international traffic will reached 500 gbps… it is my humble request to PTA hurridly installed all equipement for filtering url…

  • It will do noting, but 2 things for sure… 1-Damn slow browsing, and 2-Dead ping response.
    Even if they install this 275gb filtring system, the bandwidth requirement will climb in no time, hence we will never get full speed and good ping anymore. Welcome to dark age of internet in this country.

  • AGAIN the PPP Govt used a different reason altogether to implement this filtering system.

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