Pakistan Imported Mobile Phones Worth Rs. 15.77 Billion in Last Three Months

mobile shop pakistanPakistan has reportedly imported mobile phone of around Rs. 15.77 billion during July-September 2012, up from Rs. 14.25 billion during the same period last year, showing a growth rate in imports of around 11 percent.

According to Federal Bureau of Statistics, mobile phones of Rs. 5.50 billion were imported in September 2012 only, up from Rs. 5.30 billion in August 2012.

Market sources said that trend of importing high-end Smartphones is increasing which is consistently adding burden on our national import bill. Furthermore the market believes that Chinese Mobile Phones still lead when it comes to the market-share of of mobile phone handsets.

Sources said that Chinese mobile phones still constitute 75-80 percent of market share in Pakistani handset market, mainly thanks to in-expensive and unknown Chinese brands.

Statistics reveal that Pakistan imported telecom equipment of Rs. 18.54 billion during the reported quarter, i.e. July-September 2012, up from Rs. 12.03 billion during the same period previous year, showing around 30 percent of growth in spending on telecom equipment.

Overall spending on imports for all telecom equipment stood at Rs. 34.31 billion during three months from July to September 2012.

  • I have bought my last 2 and present sets from Dubai, and i think it will increase more as if.. the market sincerity grows..! what i mean to say.. “k bahir k sets mey do number bohat hoti hey..!”

  • chines Brands have 75-80% Market ??? it means out of 10 people 7-8 would have a chines brand phone ?? i seriously doubt this …

  • Explain those numbers please. Importers pay in Dollars not Rupees. Rupee-Dollar exchange rate has also dropped in the past year. What was the exchange rate for 14.25B last year vs 15.77B today? Look at and you’ll see that Rupee dropped more than 11% in the past year.

    So did we really import more? Or did we import less but pay more?

  • Pakistan is a poor country and such billions of phones have been imported… it shows our poverty???? we are actual not poor nation…. petrol jub mehnga hota hai tu hum cheekh uthtay hain aur jub mobile phones mehngay hotay hain tu hum vo mehngay khareed kay apni ameeri ko zahir karnay ko koshash kartay hain….

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