According to Google, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi Died in 2008

Ch Pervez Elahi

The above picture says pretty much about it.

This is Google’s Knowledge Graph, introduced back in May to offer better search results in summarized manner, erroneously shows that Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi died in 2008. It is unclear so far that from where Google gathered this information (not from Wikipedia, we have checked).

This might be considered as a tiny technical glitch for Google, however, how badly this can strike Mr. Elahi remains a hard thing to estimate. This also shows that the information available in Google Search results isn’t to be relied blindly.

Thanks Wasif Chaudhry for the tip.

  • It appears in the search results coming from wikipedia. Googole knowledge graph has nothing to do with it. Besides, it is some script mistake in the preview. The actual wikipedia page even doesn’t list any such thing. Any one can edit a wikipedia page. Please read a bit to understand how search engines work first.

  • mistake is mistake it can be done by any one. app nay un ki mistake ko un ki khubi bana dia kamal hai farhan nawazish sb.

  • Itni aramse jaan chorne waly nahi hn ye haraam khor or wse bhi naek log jaldi dnya se rukhsat hote hn ese corrupted nhai marte itni jaldi…….. Please Google don’t play with our feelingsssssss…….

  • Not only this, Wikipedia’s information is also not any less than google.

    Pervaiz Elahi was born in Muslim Jatt
    Family in November 1, 1965 in Gujrat , Pakistan. He graduated from the
    Forman Christian College, Lahore in 1967. he Got a masters degree from
    Gujrat, Pakistan .

    Source: Wikipedia

  • Like I said billions of time (may be trillion Ah! can’t remember) earlier that Google is NOT God or a thing that knows everything. It IS maintained/developed by a group of people.

  • This information is totally wrong. I have checked on google and found that the image loaded in the above post was fake. I am attaching the photo as a proof.

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