Dr. Basit Riaz Sheikh to Become Next CEO of USF

Basit Riaz SheikhName of Dr. Basit Riaz Sheikh has been agreed for the next Chief Executive Officer of Universal Service Fund, told us sources close to the development.

Reportedly, Raja Pervez Ashraf, Prime Minister of Pakistan, proposed Dr. Basit for the slot of CEO of USF that was vacated by Mr. Riaz Asher Siddiqui just yesterday. If sources are to be believed then all board members have agreed with PM’s proposed name.

Mr. Riaz Asher Siddiqui was removed from CEO’s position through a resolution agreed and signed by all board members of USF, a company that has over Rs. 50 billion in its account for the development of telecom services in far flung and less developed areas of the country.

Apparently, everything has been settled and formal appointment of Dr. Basit is imminent during a board meeting that will happen in next couple of days.

Dr. Basit Riaz Sheikh was earlier appointed as Advisor to the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication by Raja Pervez Ashraf in July this year.

Dr. Basit Riaz Sheikh is best known for best paper award at Global Scientific Conference – for presenting design and implementation of a first high-performance asynchronous floating-point unit.

Dr. Basit Riaz, son of Mr. Ahmad Riaz Sheikh, former ADG FIA, is considered as a well versed technical figure that is politically connected with the top brass.

Analysts say that USF was required to advertise this job, as per SOPs mentioned in the Companies’ Ordinance, under which the USF is run. Usually, applicants are interviewed after a job ad and tested by HRGC after which board members decides one name out of 2 or three.

On other hands, Mr. Riaz Asher Siddiqui is, reportedly, considering legal options against his removal from CEO’s position of USF.

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  • Basit faces a lot of challenges. To maintain his repute of being a Genius in his subject, he will have to clear the mess created by Riaz Asher, that includes the fake degree holders, scores of good for nothing and totally useless illegal political appointees at responsible positions, the cronies of the previous CEO who would now gather around him and the like.
    He will have to resolve long standing telecom industry issues with USF. He will have to bring merit and performance back to USF and run it without political influence as a Telecommunication Company, not as a dreaded Law Firm or Finance Division that mistreats every Service Provider or Tech Auditor.

    That puts a lot of onus on his shoulders, It now depends on his wits and quick strong decisions that might hurt a few but only that can bring USF on track, otherwise the Fund is in deepest trouble with next to zero performance over the last one year and that seems to continue over the next year as well.

    The service industry will not be unjustified to demand stoppage of payment of USF Money.

    Telecom Expert

    • he is capable of doing all. he is graduate from cornell university and he won scholarship to complete his PhD at cornell 50,000.00 $ a year. remember his father was under arrest when he was studying in USA. give hime a credit

    • Read this article after months, when it was 1st posted. As of today i.e. 30 March 13, I find Basit to have maintained the previous dirty policies of nepotism, favoritism, cronyism and mismanagement. The not for profit organization is toady overburdened with tens of useless and irrelevant staff who have been hired and maintained for political benefits. Peons, go boys, drivers, female personal assistants and what not for the political useless goofs. The whole organization is turned into a Wadera Shahi that is there to abuse power and enjoy privileges.
      Today, illegal promotions, nepotism, abuse of power and office resources, benefits to favor political appointees are the norms.
      The company grew to three times its previous size, the space is increased from one floor to two, the actual works has shrunk to close to zero. The web site portrays the same projects delayed and extended since months and years, the only thing that is working is privileges for the selected ones.

      I worked as TA for USF and observed all this during my visits to the company.

      The company has grown to an empire except for vision and work that is lost somewhere.

      Basit has been a great disappointment for me, as I had the same expectations from him as u had.

      I don’t know who would be lead us, if someone with his education and caliber is practically as bad as Asher, then there is no hope left for the nation.


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