Draft for Electronic Crimes Bill to be Finalized in Two Weeks

Career in Law2National Assembly’s Select committee, responsible for deliberation on Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill, is meeting for consecutive three days to finalize the final draft for the bill which is likely to be tabled in National Assembly for possible approval with-in two weeks.

Committee has given three days to MoITT, FIA, and Law and Justice Division to consult their relevant stakeholders and present final draft with-in time to make sure that bill draft isn’t delayed further.

Committee met in the parliament house with Sohail Mansoor Khan MNA in the chair while Anusha Rehman, Advocate MNA, also attended the meeting. PTA, FIA, Pakistan Software Houses Association and Internet Services Providers Association and representatives in telecom sector were present.

Industry redraft of Prevention of Electronic Crimes was presented before the committee where stakeholders including Ministry of IT and Telecommunication (MoITT), FIA and Ministry of Law and Justice and ISPs requested the select committee that they have received the redraft (prepared by the Ministry in consultation with private sector stakeholders) on Saturday and are unable to file their final comments on it and sought suitable time for preparation of their input on the proposed law.

It was decided that the select committee would hold meeting for consecutive three days so as to conclude a consensus draft of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill for possible approval of the bill from the NA within next two weeks.

MoITT officials informed the select committee that Industry redraft of the proposed legislation has excluded electronic crimes which are already covered under different present legislations in the country and only remaining areas would be covered in this legislation.

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