Nokia Pakistan Becomes the Top Brand on Facebook with 1 million fans



I-am-one-In-A-Million2Having been launched in February this year, Nokia Pakistan Facebook page beats all the other brands on Facebook to become the most liked brand in Pakistan with 1 million fans.

This record achievement became possible in only a short span of 9 months.

Nokia says that it entered the Facebook with a clear strategy to share interesting information, engage consumers with the latest Nokia devices and to make Nokia experience more fun for everyone.

Soon after Nokia Facebook page was launched, it became the fastest growing brand on the social network. More than 6 million Pakistanis are currently using Facebook and one can safely infer that majority of them are Nokia users and fans.

With its Facebook page, Nokia Pakistan aims to connect with its millions of fans in Pakistan on a more personal level. Nokia Pakistan has today become the most happening Facebook page with exciting games and activities that give everyone a chance to win

and stay updated with the latest that Nokia has to offer on:


“We are thoroughly pleased with the growing excitement around Nokia Pakistan on Facebook. For us, achieving 1 million fans of our Facebook page is a proof that Nokia continues to deliver an exceptional communications experience to consumers. It also reflects the fact that Nokia has been able to successfully connect with Nokia fans across Pakistan on a personal level,” said Haseeb Ihtisham, head of marketing, Nokia Near East.

He further added, “We all have a fundamental need to connect with the people and things that matter to us. People want to reach out to each other: talk, share, laugh, cry, gossip, anything. Information is shared, greetings are exchanged, messages of love are sent – but regardless of the content, connecting with other people is one of the key things that make us what we are. Nokia Pakistan has successfully translated the same level of connection on its Facebook page and developed a deeper bond with its valued fans in Pakistan.”


  • Only in Pakistan.. because now people moving for Android and there is no 3G in Pakistan so people of Pakistan still like Nokia but other countries Nokia goes down

    • 3G or no 3G people are still buying smart phones (used/refurbished HTC sets are on the rise) and Nokia sales has gone down in Pakistan too, piece of page on F**kbook doesnt prove they r doing good business in Pakistan

  • ya ya that’s good but in the rest of the world Nokia fails to deliver in smartphone race but here they are successful because we are a third world country and people are buying feature phones only, let see what will happen after 3G when the smartphone era begins in Pakistan…

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