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most-popular-iphone-gamesBy Umair Maqsood

The reason why iPhone has always been a ‘big thing’ is because of the applications it can cater. IPhone games have always been exhilarating options for game lovers.

The type of games that are promoted as trail version games in Android, iPhone’s Apple Store gives the full version to its users. There are hundreds and thousands of elating games that you can choose from the App Store. These games allow you to feast upon them for days, without choking your entertainment.

Going for the best and latest games are always the best option that you can confide in. Following is the list of the current top iPhone games that can hook you up for days!

1. Crazy Taxi:

Sega has exposed their thrilling driving game known as Crazy Taxi to the iOS market. Founded as the Dreamcast version, this game is a package of marvelous driving show, along with Offspring soundtracks. Same as before, Crazy Taxi implicates rolling around the city by leaping off various hurdles and hills and collecting and dropping off the passengers. This game includes 16 mini-games that are in for a decent measure.

2. Wild Blood:

Gameloft is back with its first-ever unreal-powered action game in Arthurian category. The game rolls as you take charge as Lancelot to rule-out the insane King Arthur. The game takes a lot space; 2GB free space is required. Regardless of the fact that it takes huge memory, the extravagant graphics are worth looking at! Capture-the-flag and Online Deathmatching modes are also present in this game.

3. Real Football 2013:

Hot to deal by FIFA 2013, Gameloft comes with Real Football 2013 with its very own FIFPRO license. The game includes all the names of the big players, modes to develop your very own club, commercial business and stadium and play mode through which you can make your team win the leagues. These features are included in the freemium game.

4. World Series of Yahtzee:

Another renovation of the ancient dice’n’paper game and made by EA games is the World Series of Yahtzee. Coming in the App Store for free, the game is pretty fun to play to by the combos and power-ups it has. The start-up game is ad-supported. However, you can pay £1.49 to enjoy the full version of it.

5. Girls Like Robots:

"Girls like robots. And robots like girls. Just don’t surround robots with girls; it makes them freak out," as quoted by App Store’s listing for the Popcannibal and Adult Swim’s new game Girls Like Robots. Filled with lasers, pies and moustaches, this gameplay has tile-based puzzler that comprises of levels of girlie action in robotic style.

6. Ben 10 Game Generator 3:

Ben 10 has remained and still remains to be a popular attractive among children. As concluded by the last 2 game generator games, Ben 10 has boomed their gaming image quite well in their audience. This 3rd version continues their original formula; 50 ups and downs levels that are filled with obstacles, enemies and traps. Making the game different and interesting, here’s the twist- you can now be the level editor and make up your own levels. Yes, you got it right! Make the new levels, fill them with your own downloaded creations (that’s also a new innovation) and share them with other players as well.

7. Grumble and Piccolo’s Fishing Trip:

We’ve all heard and played gem-swapping games on our tablets and smartphones, but have you ever heard of starfish-swapping games? If not, then here’s the new catch. Grumble and Piccolo’s Fishing Trip is the type of new game that comprises on a pair of Chinstrap Penguins that are catching fishes other sea-life creatures for their own purposes. The game is boosted up with power-ups and great graphics.

8. Angry Birds :

Angry Birds is indeed one of the most famous and most-played games ever in the history of games. Ever since the day it was released, Angry Birds has been ‘flying’ around everybody’s smartphones, PCs, laptops and tablets. Be the best scorer by beating the pigs through your variety of super-power birds.

9. Call of Duty- Zombies:

Here is another FPS big hit that you will love to play on your iPhone. You can fill your time by playing 2 gaming options present; either be the hero alone by playing 1-player mode, or team up with your mate in the co-op play. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to enjoy the thrilling action

10. Nin Jump:

A fast-running jumper that has the ability to give loads of fun-filled action is known as Nin Jump. This simple and addictive game comprises of action that includes dodging of bombs, enemies and projectiles in order to stay alive in this game.

All these and many more games are ruling the App Store weekly. You sure don’t want to miss the action the above mentioned top 10 games are providing.

Umair Maqsood is a Financial Analyst and a writer. He writes for Click here to see more details about financial solutions globally.

  • Huzefa

    please write about the top 10 games for windows 7 phones please

    • For sure We’ll look into that.

  • Maxi

    My recommendations for iPhone, Modern Combat, Street Fighter, NFS series, Real Racing 2, Fifa 13, King of Fighters, Spiderman Total Mayhem, Rayman Jungle Run, Batman Arkham City, Skyriders, Jet Dudes, Ninja One Shot, Furmins, Doodle Jump, Cut the rope, Assassin’s Creed, Sonic Jump, Go penguin go, He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe :D

    • Rehman

      Thanks Maxi, i’ll try those and i guess you got a down vote on your comment by an Android bot :D

  • ye mazay dar post hay. Aisi mazid posts honi chahiyain jin main free, stable aur widely supported apps/games ka zikar kea jayay. Android/Windows/Windows phone/IOS sab kay baray main.

  • Zeeshan

    “The type of games that are promoted as trail version games in Android, iPhone’s Apple Store gives the full version to its users”, May be my knowledge is limited … But one thing for sure dude.. Apple store must have some price tag attached with full versions… same does the android.. but there is more count in Google’s Play Store available free than the apple store. e.g. Angry Birds…. is this game freely available on Apple store ( including the new versions) ? If NO than amend your article and stop misguiding the public in favor of APPLE… Because its available for free, the full version in ANDROID..

    • Faisal


    • Zeeshan

      Faisal Sb left a comment here stating some fact about latest angry birds but later i think he got his facts straight n it was deleted :P :P

      • Faisal

        Yes sorry for that, i thought AngyBirds Space is the latest one :D but latest is Angry Birds Star Wars, yeah its free on android.. but not the full version, that free version is based on advertisements still if you really want the iPhone like ads free experience of Full Version AngryBirds Star Wars on android then you have to pay $1 on android also. Its not free on Apple App Store just because Apple doesn’t allow those kinda annoying ads based Apps in their App store to keep it more secure and spam free as much as possible . Rovio said that it sold more Angry Birds Star Wars on Apple Appstore than Google Play, but that would be because of availability of free version on android, hope i explained enough those straight facts to you :) its all about money making, whether its by ads or if no ads then directly from the customer purchasing that app.

        • Zeeshan

          I hope its not an apple android fight … And yup there are Ads .. But hey who forced u to try free … buy the ones from the play store if u want ad free. I love to get stuff free on price of little ad show … and that too is not a problem if i turn off the wifi and intenet on my device. and i agree its all about money making for the companies .. but for the customers like us .. its all about spending .. and i wanna spend sensibly to a sense device :P :P :P

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  • Rashid

    “The reason why iPhone has always been a ‘big thing’ is because” it had no competitor OS until recently.