Mubasher Lucman Gets Hacked

Official website of famous TV Anchor, Mubasher Lucman, was hacked and defaced again today. This is not the first time that the website is hacked, earlier the same hacker, called Jr. r00t, had defaced Mr. Lucman’s website.

mubasher lucman

Upon previous defacements, Lucman had claimed that he had used his power to take back the control of his website and deleted hackers’ account. He went further to claim that his website can’t be hacked again.

Check below Mubasher Lucman’s statement he published on Facebook then:


Seemingly Mubasher Lucman will have to give up against the hacker, or probably he needs to befriend him to secure his website.

Mubasher Lucman’s Status Update via PteTech

  • Sorry Hackers Bhai, but Asad Suphi deserve a thumb up for his comment “Muchan Vaikh Apni Te Galan Vaikh”

  • You will get surprised to know that he has given up hopes on getting his website released as he looks forward to get a new one.

    It feels strange as mentioned on ProPakistani that his website has been hacked and defaced again today, I think he might have tried to get it restored even after telling us that he is not looking to get it released from hackers.


  • Found 155 domains hosted on the same web server, dear mubashar sahab can’t you buy a dedicated server for your website? and lol to this hacker who hacked this web on shared hosting which costs 2000 per year :P if u are really a hacker, then hack google bro :) nobody can’t be zombie_ksa :D

  • Mr. Mobi, get yourself an educated web developer. An illiterate can definitely be a TV show host but never a webmaster. Enjoy the sarcasm :D

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