Nokia Announces Multi-Platform Navigation Maps

Karachi Airpot: Here MAPs

Nokia today announced its Map application, called HERE. Thanks to acquisition of NAVTEQ and other mapping industry players, Nokia is able to bring this Navigational mapping application for Windows that will run on iOS, Firefox and Android too.

Nokia’s HERE maps are straight away available for windows phones, while iOS users will be given access to HERE pretty soon. Nokia also announced the Android API for HERE, through which developers will be able to develop android apps using HERE maps.

HERE maps offer navigation, directions, 3D maps and more. It will allow community input for mapping, just like Google Map Maker.

HERE Maps will be community driven but Nokia says it’s efforts are to bring the most accurate data for mapping in the world, as it will send out teams to exact locations to cross-verify the community inputs.

Map Creator, or editing facility of maps, isn’t available at all locations, including Pakistan, yet, but Nokia says that it will allow wider number of audience to edit and verify maps.

You can go to this link to start exploring HERE Maps: